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Complete Details To Know Before Study in Canada after 12th

Are you among those students who answer to receive International education when the future counselor asks it in the school counseling session? If yes, then this blog can seriously help you in understanding every major and minor concept of studying in Canada after the 12th in the right way. Before performing the due diligence to study in Canada after the 12th standard. You really have to select the right college and university with the right course. Canada is one such country that is ranked among the top 10 places to live in the whole world. Canada has become the major hub for all the students who tend to study in Canada without any hassle. 

Why Study in Canada After 12th?

There are a wide range of reasons that could easily be able to show why you should consider studying in Canada after completing the 12th standard. This is one such nation which has a great number of prominent universities. Their institutions are McGill University,  University of British Columbia and University of Toronto and more. These three universities are always considered the top best institution present in Canada. If you are seriously on the lookout for research-based study. Then don’t worry there are some of the best institutions in Canada which can clearly provide you with great leverage. Moreover, they should also help you to study in  Canada without any extra effort. 

Education System in Canada

For all the folks who truly aim to study in Canada should keep in mind the basic education system of Canada. Without a doubt, this nation is basically considered as one of the biggest leaders in terms of research and educational framework. We would like to inform you that all types of degree programs provided in the entire country are way more flexible as compared to higher education. The universities and colleges of Canada usually work with the vision to provide real-world education to all students. After completing the degree or program from Canada you just need to keep in mind that your certification will surely be kept above all.

Expenses for Study in Canada

Money is always that one thing that basically stops most of the students from pursuing their dream of studying on an international level. The basic expenses of Canada are far less as compared to any other type of country. Surviving in Canada can easily cost you around C$400–C$800 per month. If you are a person who aims to stay lavishly in Canada then your expenses will surely be more as compared to the normal individual. You need to keep expenses in mind such as 

Accommodation Expenses

Selecting suitable accommodation is one of the biggest steps after you land up in Canada. There is a wide range of accommodation options but you really need to pick the right one that can easily help you stay in Canada comfortably at a minimal cost. If the student is looking for on-campus accommodation then they really have to apply for it before their arrival. Since most of the students who basically aim to live near to their institution so it becomes highly important to apply before the basic time. 

Travelling and Transportation Expenses

One of the most common things which will increase your expenses is travelling from one place to another. Most of their students who basically reside in large cities opt for public transportation. According to the student, it is one of the cheapest forms to travel from a larger distance. The government of Canada also put some of the basic discounts on public transportation and this would surely cost around 80–110 C$ per month

Going for the Health Insurance

This is one such thing that basically varies from one state to the other. It is quite mandatory for international student to without thinking further invest in health insurance for their basic medical coverage. There are many types of provinces such as  New Brunswick, Newfoundland, British Columbia, Alberta and Labrador. You can easily be able to cover the medical care of international students under the basic provincial health care plan. The back coverage usually depends on the length of the student's stay in the Canadian nation. 

GIC and Tuition Fee

This is one guaranteed investment certificate is basically a deposit investment sold by banks and trusted companies of Canada. Students are required to pay the GIC fee because it serves as a symbol of a guarantee to the government of Canada that they have sufficient funds to manage their living expenses during their stay in Canada.  It is required for easy and quick Canadian visa application and further processing. To avail Canadian visa or permit students are required to submit authentic proof of their sufficient funds.  The Guaranteed investment certificate of $10,000 from an approved Canadian bank always acts as evidence of funds for students' Canadian study permit/visa.

Documents Required to Study in Canada

Here comes the basic question of all the students who really aim to study in Canada. They really want to know what all documents are required for getting the study visa to Canada. For every type of university admission, you really need to present certain types of documents for the entire application process. For all types of undergraduate courses you really need to have quality documents that can easily be able to make you eligible to study in Canada. 

  • You need to have passport, test scores, transcripts, English proficiency certification 

  • Submission of the gap explanation and experience letter. 

  • You have to submit the LOR, CV, SOP or any type of essay demanded by the specific type of college.

  • After that you are required to attach the transfer certification as asked by the college and university.

  • Submit the documentation of loan and financials demanded by the college.

  • Need to submit all types of visa documents. 

Top Universities and Colleges in Canada to Start Studying After 12th

Without a doubt, Canada has a list of magnificent colleges and universities which will help in illuminating your career path. If you are one of those students who want to pursue their education in Canada then the universities mentioned below can help you shape your career in the best possible way.   

  • Acadia University

  • Alexander College

  • Algonquin College

  • Brock University

  • Canadian Flyers International

  • Cambrian College

  • Camosun College

  • Canadore College

  • Cape Breton University

  • Capilano University

  • Centennial College

  • College of New Caledonia

  • College of The Rockies

  • Concordia University – John Molson School Of Business

  • Concordia University of Edmonton

  • Conestoga College

Wrapping Up 

We truly think that this whole blog can give you a major idea about how you can easily be able to study in Canada after the completion of the 12th class. This whole blog can majorly provide you with quality information that can work wonders for your case.


Ques 1) Which course is best after 12th in Canada? 

Ans) Canadian institutions offer an ample number of courses but the rest depend upon your interest and most importantly your educational background. 

Ques 2) Is studying in Canada after 12th a good option? 

Ans) Yes, Canadian universities and colleges are ranked in the QS World Ranking for providing quality education. You can get top-notch education and develop your career after studying in Canada after 12th. 

Ques 3) What percentage is required to study in Canada after 12th? 

Ans) The minimum percentage required to study in a Canadian institution is 65% but the rest depends upon the stream in which you have studied and the institution you choose to study in Canada.