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IBT Overseas is an adept immigration platform that is in existence to offer a helping hand to all the students who aspire to study internationally. We are extremely passionate about making the whole procedure of studying abroad fun, easy and hassle-free. We are professionally skilled in sending students to various countries such as Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand and the UK. Based in India, IBT Overseas was founded in 2016 to help students choose the right college and university without any huddle. We have successfully achieved the milestone of successfully stamping 1000+ visas in the past ten years. We have achieved encouraging results every year in the field of visa filling and documentation. IBT Overseas has successfully spread its wings over 100+ cities in different states of India. We not only assist you in getting your visa to your desired country but also help you in settling down after reaching your destination. IBT handels study visas, visitor visas and permanent residency related queries. Connect with us to get detailed information about our services.