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Canada is at the top of every student’s list and has many worth exploring features that will majorly help you to study comfortably in it. Some of its remarkable features are affordable education and living, Job opportunities, Scholarship, ample research opportunities, govt. Funded healthcare etc. If you want to study in Canada then consider taking assistance from the student visa consultant - IBT Overseas.
There are thirteen provinces present in Canada. They are Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan and Yukon.
The candidate can get a PhD degree commonly 2 to 3 years in duration. It is always considered above all and it is separately funded in most of the cases.
The cost of studying in Canada depends on the institution. You are required to contact the administrative department where you plan to study. Get meticulous information about the cost with the soulful guidance of the best study visa consultant.
Check out the below given steps for applying for Canada study visa:
1) Application
2) Letter of Acceptance
3) Fee & GIC
4) Medical
5)File submission
6)Visa Approval
Check out the list of few documents requested by the interviewer: Scholarship letter (if applicable) Academic Documents Score Card of Language Proficiency Test
According to Canada code and conducts, all the students are required to have a proper health insurance proof before entering Canada. Attain brief information about the cost with the assistance of the right student visa consultants.
Canada is widely known for its unimaginable work opportunities. If you are a devoted student and aim to earn some money after your class then Canada offers few small job opportunities which you can enjoy without having a work permit.
The basic eligibility criteria for securing a seat in Canadian universities and colleges are listed below:
Undergraduate: The candidate should have a minimum 10+ 2 with any percentage. After this candidate should have IELTS Overall 6 bands and 50 scores in PTE.
Postgraduate: The candidate should have minimum graduation with any percentage. The candidate should have IELTS Overall 6.5 bands and 55 scores in PTE.
Check out the below mentioned checklist of Canada student visa:
1) Passport 2 Photographs( White background)
2) All Academic Documents IELTS Certificate
3) Proof of Funds
4) Medium of Instruction
5) 2 Letter of Recommendation
6) Statement of Purpose
7) Updated Resume
8) Work Experience


It is crystal clear that Australia is the third most popular international student destination in the entire world. There are overall 1,100 institutions present in this extraordinary country. Australia is not only the best country to experience cultural diversity but it has an astonishing lifestyle. Sit on the prominent seat of the Australian university with the soulful guidance of the best study visa consultant .
Yes, without much stress Australian government accepts this education system for masters programs.
The funds requirements may change from time to time. So, the candidate is required to be updated with the new funds scheme. Here is the list of funds that you need to show for getting an Australian study visa: 3 Months old saving account balance 3 Months old fixed deposit MIS/ PPF/PF Balance Education loan
The documents required for getting Australia study visa are: Application form Education Documents Degree Certificate IELTS Score list Resume Statement of Purpose Work experience letter Recommendation Letter
There are a total of 8 steps that a candidate has to follow when decided to visit Australia for study purposes.
Step 1: Application for Admission
Step 2: Send documents to the institute
Step 3: Arrange Finance
Step 4: Get offer letter
Step 5: Pay Tuition fees for ELICOS/ First stream
Step 6: Receive COE
Step 7: Submit visa file
Step 8: Final visa grant notice
There is no age limit for Australia student visas. You can apply for this visa at any age as long as you are above 18. If you are eighteen years old then you are required to have a chaperone for going to Australia for studies.
Without a doubt, you can study more than one course in Australia. This term is known as package and it's quite common in foreign nations. If you are not native and before commencing with your main you aim to join English course to learn fluency then you can package both the courses on the same visa. You can take the help of the right student visa consultants.
No, study Australia aiming students are required to enrol into the course before applying for a study visa to Australia.
If a student wishes to change the institution, then he/she needs to have a letter of release. After this students are required to complete at least six months of their primary course before requesting for another institution.


The UK is the famous country to get higher studies for Indian students. According to the World University Rankings, any course or degree you acquired from the UK will be recognized by popular employers, government bodies, and top industries. Study in the best universities of UK with the right guidance of the reliable study visa consultant.
Yes, a recent amendment in the post-study visa permits Indian students to work without getting sponsorship.
Yes, The University of St. Andrews gives a chance to Indian students to study free of cost in the UK by getting the benefit of a full scholarship offered by the University. It includes all undergraduate courses except medicines. Know more about the cost free study with the right guidance of the best study visa consultant.
The University of West London charges an average tuition fee from students. In the 2018/19 academic year, the tuition fee of the University of West London was £12,000 for graduate and post-graduate courses.
The University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, and Imperial College London are the three renowned universities of the UK. These universities are considered as the world's popular universities which have top scholars and students from different corners of the globe.
YesCertificate Course in Finance Accounting and Taxation, PG Certification in Data Science, PG Certification in Machine Learning and NLP, PG Certificate in Block chain Technology or PHP Certification are the few best short certified courses to study in the UK.
The UK post-study work visa permits Indian students to stay there in the search for work for almost 2 years after the completion of the course.
Indian becomes a permanent resident of the UK after completing 5 years of a graduate job by applying for the ILR. A full-time job with a suitable income, good moral values, and has no criminal records open the door to getting an ILR VISA. Grab a PR visa with the right guidance of the paramount student visa consultants.


The University of Oxford is one of the old and recognized universities in Europe. It provides top-class facilities for research and study to students. As per the Official International Ranking of Universities, The University of Oxford ranked first in terms of performance. If you want to study in Europe then consider taking assistance from the best study visa consultant- IBT Overseas.
If we talk about less expensive colleges then Sant'Anna, Scuola Normale Superiore, Free University of Berlin, University of Göttingen and RWTH Aachen University are the top five cheapest colleges to study in Europe.
Germany is considered best to study in Europe for Indians. The cost of living is a little higher but the tuition fee is affordable or almost zero.
You can apply for jobs in European countries like France, Sweden, Italy, Netherlands, etc once you get the EU blue card. Obtaining a second level degree from Germany is the suitable option for all the Indian students.To attain deep information about this link up with the right study visa consultant.
Germany is the top country to get job opportunities if you are working as a freelancer and have a great number of clients.
International students take the benefit of free health care treatment in Europe only if they have paid a basic health surcharge fee.
European VISA is commonly known as Schengen VISA. It allows foreign students to roam in 26 countries after study. Germany, the USA, Malaysia, Norway are the few names where IELTS is not required to get a study VISA.
Students can earn 8.80 Euros per hour in Europe as their minimum wage rate. Many big cities in Europe are paying a high wage rate but accommodation is also high in those locations.
Engineers, social workers, medicine specialists, chemists, lawyers, doctors are some of the reputable and highest paying professions in Europe. Know more about this whole term with the reliable student visa consultants.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a prominent place for the people searching to live, work, study or settle on an international level for the perfect lifestyle and opportunities. Without a doubt, it's emerging as one of the topmost preferences for all Indian students aiming to study abroad.The excellent education system, ample research opportunities, prominent way of living, are few parameters that make this country unique in its sense. New Zealand offers a welcoming and friendly atmosphere with the remarkable support of international students. Study in the best universities of New Zealand with the adequate guidance of the best study visa consultant.
We can easily state that New Zealand has a flexible education system that only allows you to select your desired institution but also helps you in settling in them. For detailed information check out the study option in New Zealand.
If you are planning to go for a strong research intensive curriculum then New Zealand is an appropriate option. Your PhD will have great value if you plan to complete it with a recognised institution present in NewZealand. Here, the international students need to pay the same fees as domestic students pay and they are also allowed to work side by side during this period as well.
If you plan to complete your education from New Zealand then you will be happy to know that your degree will be valued internationally. To know more about this you can easily consider linking up with the right student visa consultants.
For studying in New Zealand candidates need to pay the tuition which will vary from one institution to another. Approximately, you require $17,000- -$35,000 per year that will highly include the institutions and programs you pick.
New Zealand offers lots of scholarships for the international students who need support for their further studies. These scholarships are basically offered by educational institutions, New Zealand government and Philanthropists.
This particular country offers unimaginable opportunities to the abroad students to work 20 hours a week in their respective field. Students can also work part time on scheduled holidays to sustain themselves in New Zealand.