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IBT: Best New Zealand Study Visa Consultant in Jalandhar

Nowadays, most of the budding youth aim to attain education from the best universities and colleges on an international level. However, lack of guidance becomes the main reason behind their unsuccessful dream so to eradicate such situations IBT Overseas came into existence. We are that one sufficient platform that is efficient in solving all the queries that are becoming the huddle behind the completion of your dream. Being one of the dominant platforms, we are truly devoted to building a relationship of mutual trust and bonding with all our New Zealand study aiming students. IBT overseas provides passionate, timely, and strong immigration solutions to all our students. Moreover, we have an experienced, energetic, and skilled group of professionals buckled up with straightforwardness and honesty to fulfill the dream of our students.

Why choose IBT overseas? 

Here we have all the relevant reasons that can insist you choose IBT overseas for New Zealand Study Visa services: 

  • Government Approved: IBT overseas is approved by the state government for running visa services, that is how you can trust IBT overseas with immigration services. 

  • Stamped visas: IBT overseas has successfully achieved the milestone of stamping over 1000 visas in the past 10 years. This clearly shows the efficiency and skill of IBT staff.

  • Direct tie-ups: IBT overseas represent more than 100 colleges of New Zealand, students can fulfill their dream of pursuing higher education in any college of their choice. 

  • Market presence: IBT Overseas has spread its wings over 100+ cities in different states of India. Thus, IBT overseas is one of the most famous immigration consultants having experienced and efficient employees.

  • Honest and Reliable Service: We aim at providing accurate guidance to our clients. Our staff members are efficient in solving every query and doubt of clients. IBT overseas makes sure that their clients need not struggle with the visa approvals. 

New Zealand Study Visa 

New Zealand is renowned for its marvelous education system and expert teaching faculties. This makes lakhs of international students choose New Zealand for pursuing higher studies. New Zealand resides with people from all backgrounds and a wide variety of ethnic communities. There are thousands of Indian students who prefer to study in such a cosmopolitan country but lack of guidance makes them huddle to accomplish their goals. This is how IBT overseas came into existence with the responsibility of providing appropriate assistance and high-quality services to students willing to move to New Zealand for higher education. The staff of IBT overseas is well versed with the documentation & visa laws and they can clear the queries and doubts of their clients in no time. 

Why Study in New Zealand?

The embassy of New Zealand follows a simple and clear visa policy that makes the application process easy and fast. The tuition fee is paid after study visa approval and that makes the best part of pursuing higher education in New Zealand. The other significant reasons to study in New Zealand are mentioned below:

Why Newzealand?

  • Excellent Andragogy: 

New Zealand is influenced by the education system of the UK that is based on research-based teaching and that is how you will learn to deal with uncertain situations in an organized manner. Moreover, you will learn to work in a team as well as independently. Students will get benefit from teacher-student interaction as this will encourage critical thinking while studying. In addition to this, you will learn how to implement the concepts practically after learning them in class.

  • Research and innovation:

International students are avail of several opportunities to research and learn from it. New Zealand is blessed with well-equipped laboratories, highly experienced faculty, and the latest technology equipment. Moreover, this country has Nobel prizes in its kitty for showing excellent research and innovation in various fields such as geology, astronomy, agriculture, engineering, healthcare, physics, computer science etc.

  • Peaceful and safe:

New Zealand is ranked first or second on the Global Peace Index every year, this clearly states the political stability and tolerance power of the country. The students are not discriminated on the basis of caste, creed, and religion so the international students are also given the same rights as their Kiwi counterparts. 

  • Supreme-quality life:

International students get a chance to relish the natural beauty of the country and the opportunity to grow and learn from its diverse culture. The peace and beauty of the country attract a lot of Indian students to pursue higher education.  

  • Ph.D. students enjoy additional privileges:

Every Ph.D. student enjoys the same opportunities as a research student. They are eligible to pay the same tuition fee as local students. Just like other degree students they can work full-time during studies. 

Requirements for New Zealand Study Visa

Students who are applying for New Zealand Study Visa should possess the following documents:

  • A medical certificate from state hospitals authorized by NZQA(New Zealand Qualification Authority)

  • Detailed mark sheet of 12th class.

  • Detailed mark sheet of graduation degree.

  • Passport size photographs.

  • Proof of English proficiency i.e. ( IELTS/PTE/TOEFL)

  • A written document from a person or an institution that a student has suitable accommodation arranged with New Zealand. 

  • An offer letter from NZQA( New Zealand Qualification Authority).

FTS (Funds Transfer Scheme)

The FTS(Funds Transfer Scheme) is the most secure way for transferring funds to New Zealand. This facility is available to students from countries: India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, and China. 

The Bank of New Zealand(ANZ) operates the FTS:

  • It shows that students have genuine access to money to support themselves while studying in New Zealand.

  • It is the most secure way to transfer funds to New Zealand and then students can withdraw a set amount every month to maintain a comfortable life. 

 The FTS(Funds transfer Scheme) does not guarantee student visa approval. 

How to apply for New Zealand Study Visa(Process)

There are different kinds of student visas in New Zealand such as Exchange Student Visa, New Zealand aid student Visa, Dependent child student visa and Fee-paying student visa, etc. IBT overseas will provide top-grade guidance to choose appropriate colleges in New Zealand as per your eligibility criteria.  Students need to follow the steps mentioned below to apply for Study Visa at any New Zealand University/College:

  • Share university/college applications along with the academic documents to be shared.

  • Offer letter to be received from university/college.

  • Medical certificates and police clearance certificates are required.

  • Mandatory proof of financial requirement.

  • SOP(statement of purpose is required).

  • Telephonic or personal interview.

  • File lodging procedure.

  • The final result will be visa approval.

Education System of New Zealand

New Zealand provides qualifications that are globally recognized with its excellent teaching faculty and research opportunities. The stages of education in New Zealand are stated below:

  • Primary and intermediate school

There are mainly two categories of primary school i.e. contributing and full primary school. The contributing primary schools are preferred over primary schools. The full primary schools enroll children from the age of year 1 to year 8  whereas contributing primary schools enroll children from the age of year 1 to year 6. The children need to enroll themselves with the intermediate school to complete years 7 and 8 if they attend contributing primary school.

  • Secondary School

Secondary schools are also named as high school or college. Students of year 9 to year 13 attend secondary school. After completing intermediate or primary school students are enrolled in secondary school.

  • Higher education

There are a total of 8 funded universities that provide high degree-level education, 700+ PTEs(Private training Establishments) offering diplomas or certificates, around 16 ITPs (Institutes of technology and polytechnics) offering degrees for vocational courses. These qualifications are recognized all over the world. The degrees offered by various institutes are mentioned here under:

Institution Type

Degrees offered

PTEs(Private training Establishments) 

Diploma, Certificate

ITPs (Institutes of technology and polytechnics)

Certificates, graduate diploma, postgraduate diploma


Postgraduate degree/diploma, undergraduate degree, Ph.D. 


  • Financial Aid

Financial aids are offered by private as well as public institutes in form of grants, scholarships, fellowships, and bursaries. The facility of financial aid has attracted many international students to study in Newzealand. There are countless students who apply for these scholarships so we advise you to apply in advance to beat the competition. 

  • Classes in English language

It is compulsory for every student to have proficiency in the English language as every university/college of New Zealand provides instruction in english language. If anyone has poor command over the English language then they are suggested to get themselves enrolled for an english language program. These courses are provided by private universities and institutions.

Universities and Colleges in New Zealand

Here is a list of brilliant college and universities: 

  • International College of Linguistics

  • International College of Auckland

  • AGI Education Ltd., New Zealand

  • Eastern Institute of Technology

  • Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology

  • International Aviation Academy of New Zealand

  • Animation College, New Zealand

  • Bay of Plenty Polytechnic

  • CTC Aviation Training

  • Auckland University of Technology

  • International Pacific College

  • Avonmore Tertiary Institute

  • Auckland Institute of Studies At St Helen’s

  • Design & Arts College

  • Edenz College

  • Cornell Institute of Bus & Tech

  • Academic Colleges Group


Ques.1 Why should I pick New Zealand as my study destination?

Ans: New Zealand is a prominent place for people searching to live, work, study or settle on an international level for the perfect lifestyle and opportunities. Without a doubt, it's emerging as one of the topmost preferences for all Indian students aiming to study abroad. The excellent education system, ample research opportunities, prominent way of living, are few parameters that make this country unique in its sense. New Zealand offers a welcoming and friendly atmosphere with the remarkable support of international students.

Ques.2 What is the process of selecting colleges and universities in New Zealand?

Ans: We can easily state that New Zealand has a flexible education system that only allows you to select your desired institution but also helps you in settling in them. For detailed information check out the study option in New Zealand.

Ques.3 Am I allowed to go for a Ph.D. in New Zealand?

Ans: If you are planning to go for a strong research-intensive curriculum then New Zealand is an appropriate option.  Your Ph.D. will have great value if you plan to complete it with a recognized institution present in New Zealand. Here, the international students need to pay the same fees as domestic students pay and they are also allowed to work side by side during this period as well. 

Ques.4 What importance will my degree hold globally? 

Ans: If you plan to complete your education inNew Zealand then you will be happy to know that your degree will be valued internationally. 

Ques.5 What will be the overall cost to study in New Zealand?

Ans: For studying in New Zealand candidates need to pay the tuition which will vary from one institution to another. Approximately, you require $17,000- -$35,000 per year that will highly include the institutions and programs you pick.

Ques.6 Is scholarship an option for students studying in New Zealand?

Ans: New Zealand offers lots of scholarships for international students who need support for their further studies. These scholarships are basically offered by educational institutions, the New Zealand government, and Philanthropists. 

Ques.7 Will I get the opportunity to work while studying in New Zealand?

Ans: This particular country offers unimaginable opportunities to the abroad students to work 20 hours a week in their respective field. Students can also work part-time on scheduled holidays to sustain themselves in New Zealand. 

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