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IBT: Best Europe Study Visa Consultant in Jalandhar

Nowadays, most of the budding youth aim to attain education from the best universities and colleges on an international level. However, lack of guidance becomes the main reason behind their unsuccessful dream so to eradicate such situations IBT Overseas came into existence. We are that one sufficient platform that is efficient in solving all the queries that are becoming the huddle behind the completion of your dream. Being one of the dominant platforms, we are truly devoted to building a relationship of mutual trust and bonding with all our Europe study aiming students. IBT overseas provides passionate, timely, and strong immigration solutions to all our students. Moreover, we have an experienced, energetic, and skilled group of professionals buckled up with straightforwardness and honesty to fulfill the dream of our students.

Why Choose IBT Overseas?

Still, thinking why you should trust IBT Overseas for Europe visa filing and processing? Read the below-mentioned points to make yourself aware of IBT’s working mechanism and how they help myriads of students to achieve their pre-set goals?

  • Remarkable Consultation: Our team is efficient enough in providing all the required information and also helps in choosing the right university with the right college.

  • Government-approved: IBT Overseas is approved by the state government for converting students' study in the Europe dreams into reality. We hold full authentic legalization to deliver our services. 

  • Punctual: IBT Overseas consider time as the prime factor in making the reputation of any firm. So, here we work with great punctuality to deliver optimistic outputs to every student.

  • Market Presence: IBT Overseas has managed to spread its wings to 100+ cities to deliver remarkable services all over India. We believe that in every corner students aspire to visit the Europe to gain great knowledge. 

  • Integrity: As IBT overseas is known for its reliability and transparent work. We inform our clients about the whole visa processing code and conduct so that they can be aware of every step of the international visa.

  • Visas Stamped: Without a doubt, IBT Overseas has successfully achieved the milestone of stamping 1000+ visas in the past ten years.

  • Well-experienced staff: IBT Overseas is equipped with highly talented professionals who have a positive background in visa filing and processing.

  • Privacy & Safety: IBT Overseas is known as a dynamic visa consulting firm that has been assisting students and also keeping their information private and safe without any glitch.

  • Free Counselling: IBT Overseas believes in providing proper counseling sessions to all the study abroad aiming students so that they can firmly take their decision with an air-filled with positivity. 

Europe Study Visa 

Many researchers prove that European countries are one the most appropriate options for students who aim to get a high-quality education on an international level. These countries not only have well-structured educational systems but they also have some of the world's leading universities. A large number of students apply for study visas in European countries but only a few become successful in achieving the visa. Do you want to know why? The reasons can vary from one student file to another. So, if you are also facing such a problem then connecting with IBT Overseas can cut down all your worries. With 1000+ visas stamped, IBT successfully registered their name in one of the top leading immigration platforms in entire India. As we are well versed with the fact that our budding generation is a bit confused with their future goals. They require full guidance which can help them transform their pre-set goals into reality. Our professional experts not only become the right torchbearer for students but also help them lead their life without any hurdles. 

Why Study in Europe?

The growing importance of European universities makes entire Europe a very popular choice for postgraduate study. There are a wide variety of reasons why people opt for Europe to complete their master's degree. It’s just because European nations hold great recognition in terms of their high standard education system, way of living, culture and job opportunities. As we all are well aware that, Europe is a continent enriched with ancient history and mesmerizing tourist sights. Whether it's The Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Colosseum, and Big Ben, every tourist place holds its worth knowing history. You can easily admire their beauty when you avail a chance to study in Europe.

Why Europe?

Here are few reasons why you should choose Europe for your study destination: 

  • World-class education system: Most of the prominent universities and colleges are located in Europe. No doubt, Europe has shaped an unbreakable international academic community that is known for doing cutting-edge research. 

  • Low Tuition fees: If we compare the Europe tuition fee to countries like Australia, the US, and Canada then almost every prestigious university in Europe has a lower fee than them. In few European nations, there aren’t any tuition fees and studying in those universities is free of charge. 

  • Myriads of education option: There are a huge number of colleges in Europe, offering a huge number of study programs in English. You can discover programs in any discipline from Arts to Zoology; freshly built, close colleges or enormous global examination communities; cutting-edge scholastic exploration projects or practice-arranged instruction training. You can choose anything according to your desire.

  • Uplift your career: Worldwide experience has become vital for most students. Big and small organizations search for workers who have left their "comfort zone". By studying in Europe, you set the course for your professional achievement. Numerous European nations likewise convince their alumni to stay and work with them after college. It implies that if you choose to complete your education in Europe, the chances are acceptable that you will find a new line of work offer and can remain for the more extended term.

Requirements for Europe Study Visa

European countries present a wide variety of study-based opportunities that not only construct the future of students but also help them to lead a productive life. If you aspire to pick the best academic program in one of the European nations then applying for a European student visa is the right option. Check out the below-mentioned requirements to avail a European student visa: 

  • Students need to have the proper visa application form for the selected country

  • They should have proof of meeting basic age requirements for a specific country

  • Students should have a valid passport for a specific nation

  • Have valid documentation from a European university

  • Students should have documents and evidence of proper finances

  • Students should have flights tickets

  • They should hold proof of meeting the language 

How to apply for a Europe Study Visa(Process)

Students are required to follow a few steps for converting their dream of studying in European countries into reality. Without these steps the student can not avail a position in any of the European universities: 

Step 1: Firstly, students are required to check whether they qualify for all the visa requirements or not. They should hold every important requirement to book their seat in the prestigious university. 

Step 2: Students should keep the documents ready.

Step 3: After that, they are required to fill the online application form. All the budding students are required to create an account on the official website of European countries. After filling the online form the students are required to take a printout of the form and then sign it. 

Step 4:  After that student should pay the entire application fee. They can pay their fees according to the given payment method. 

Step 5: All the students are required to visit the visa center on the appointment date. Before visiting the visa center students are required to review the application again so that it will not contain any objectionable point. Moreover, submit it with proper photographs and fingerprints. 

Education System of Europe 

The education system of Europe has a mixture of a wide range of universities. There are so many countries in Europe that not only hold much importance but have an adept educational system. These countries provide great scope to boost up critical and advanced levels of thinking of any individual. Europe is an ideal option for students who aim to reach the top sky in their coming future. 

The prominent education option present in Europe are given below: 

  • Bachelor’s degree- Most of the full-time bachelor programs in European countries last three to four years. For any type of Bachelor's degree, you for the most part need some school capabilities first – this varies so check the entry prerequisites for your picked study program. It is often noticed that the bachelor's degree from European universities is often considered above every other country. After getting an education from Europe a student will surely remarkably excel in every field.

  • Master’s degree- Most of the Master's programs in Europe last for only two years and it can become longer if the students decide to do research. For booking a master's course candidate is required to go for a Bachelor's degree first. Most of the candidates go for a master's degree because it is considered high in the eyes of employers. In particular, this may also help in gaining professional status and also help in getting a great salary with full recognition. 

  • Ph.D./ Doctorate- Mostly the full-time Ph.D. lasts for four and five years because this particular level requires lots of multilocus information. For doing a Ph.D. the student needs to have a valid degree of Bachelor’s and Master’s first. This level is basically ideal for those who have a great passion for research and discovery. European universities not only prove themselves a suitable option for Ph.D. but they also hold great importance in the eyes of employers. To apply for a doctorate the student is required to submit a research proposal with all the required information.

Universities and Colleges in Europe 

European universities are equipped with a wide range of prestigious institutions which will not only help students build their career but also help them attain great jobs in prominent organizations. Check out the below mentioned universities and pick your desired one among them:

  • Karolinska Institute

  • University of Cambridge

  • Paris Sciences et Lettres – PSL Research University Paris

  • Technical University of Munich

  • ETH Zurich

  • UCL

  • KU Leuven

  • London School of Economics and Political Science

  • University of Manchester

  • University of Edinburgh

  • Delft University of Technology

  • LMU Munich

  • Wageningen University & Research

  • École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

  • University of Amsterdam

  • King’s College London

  • Humboldt University of Berlin

  • University of Oxford

  • Imperial College London

  • Heidelberg University


Ques.1 Which is the best university in Europe?

Ans: The University of Oxford is one of the old and recognized universities in Europe. It provides top-class facilities for research and study to students. As per the Official International Ranking of Universities, The University of Oxford ranked first in terms of performance. 

Ques.2 What are the top 5 cheapest colleges to study in Europe?

Ans: If we talk about less expensive colleges then Sant'Anna, Scuola Normale Superiore, Free University of Berlin, University of Göttingen and RWTH Aachen University are the top five cheapest colleges to study in Europe.

Ques.3 Which country is best to study in Europe for Indian students?

Ans: Germany is considered best to study in Europe for Indians. The cost of living is a little higher but the tuition fee is affordable or almost zero. 

Ques.4 What are the job opportunities after study in Europe?

Ans: You can apply for jobs in European countries like France, Sweden, Italy, Netherlands, etc once you get the EU blue card. Obtaining a second-level degree from Germany is a suitable option for all Indian students.

Ques.5 Which European country is best to acquire a job for Indians?

Ans: Germany is the top country to get job opportunities if you are working as a freelancer and have a great number of clients. 

Ques.6 Can I get free health care services in Europe?

Ans: International students take the benefit of free health care treatment in Europe only if they have paid a basic health surcharge fee.

Ques.7 Can I study without IELTS in Europe?

Ans: European VISA is commonly known as Schengen VISA. It allows foreign students to roam in 26 countries after study. Germany, the USA, Malaysia, Norway are the few names where IELTS is not required to get a study VISA.

Ques.8 What is the minimum wage rate in Europe?

Ans: Students can earn 8.80 Euros per hour in Europe as their minimum wage rate. Many big cities in Europe are paying a high wage rate but accommodation is also high in those locations.

Ques.9 What are the higher paying professions in Europe?

Ans: Engineers, social workers, medicine specialists, chemists, lawyers, doctors are some of the reputable and highest paying professions in Europe.

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