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Diligent, passionate and creative strategist are three words that are highly powerful in describing the working structure of IBT Overseas. Being the best Canada study visa consultants in Jalandhar, IBT is a true believer in imparting quality education to students. IBT Overseas helps students to convert their dreams into reality.

Nowadays, most budding youths aim to attain education from the best universities and colleges on an international level. However, lack of guidance became the main reason behind their unsuccessful dream. IBT Overseas is No.1 Canada visa consultant that came into existence to suggest you the right path for getting Canadian visa. We are that one sufficient platform that is efficient in solving all the queries that are becoming the huddle behind the completion of your dream. 

Study in Canada

Why We are Best Canada Study Visa Consultants in Jalandhar ?

Below listed are some reasons why you should consider IBT as your visa guide among other Canada Study Visa consultants in Jalandhar:

  • Free Counselling: IBT Overseas believes in providing proper counseling sessions to all the study abroad aiming students so that they can firmly take their decision with an air filled with positivity. 

  • Punctual: IBT Overseas consider time as the crucial factor in making the reputation of any firm. So, here we work with great punctuality to deliver optimistic outputs to every student.

  • Privacy & Safety: IBT Overseas is known as a dynamic visa consulting firm that has been assisting students and also keeping their information private and safe without any glitch.

  • Remarkable Consultation: Our team is efficient enough in providing all the required information and also helps in choosing the right university with the right college.

  • Well-experienced staff: As the best Canada Visa Consultants in Jalandhar, IBT Overseas is equipped with highly talented professionals who have a positive background in visa filing and processing.

  • Integrity: As IBT overseas is known for its reliability and transparent work. We inform our clients about the whole visa processing code and conduct so that they can be aware of every step of the international visa. 

Success Stories

Canada sucess stories

Want to be the part of these success stories?

Canada Study Visa 

Canada is one of the widely picked destinations among all international students and has much to boast of. International students from every country flock to Canada's reputed colleges and universities to pursue courses in every discipline. A cutting-edge curriculum, sprawling courses, and captivating infrastructure are few specialties of Canadian institutions. IBT overseas is considered as the best Canada study visa consultants in Jalandhar and works devotedly to help students increase their chances of selecting the desired course in Canada. We not only assist the students in achieving the right college but also help them to become eligible for it. If you also dream to study your desired courses in Canada then IBT Overseas is your one-stop destination. 

Why Study in Canada?

Canada is marked as a country with a remarkable reputation in the whole world. Canada is playing a great role and always remains at the forefront of technology trends. Without a doubt, it has consistently been an apprised and leading ruler in the information and technology department. We all are vigilant that Canada is becoming the largest student hub as students from all around the world seek to study in their prestigious international universities and colleges. When it comes to their culls, Canada is at the top of every student’s list. This country has many worth exploring features that will majorly help you to study comfortably in it.

Why Canada?

  • World-known courses: This country provides courses that are not only recognized by the whole world but also enhance the value of the availed course. Any type of degree, diploma, and certificate from Canada can give you a big boost and be taken as major esteem from major job houses. Students who aim to have a great career in the coming future can choose any course from Canada. 

  • Not much expensive: Even though Canada has a prominent quality of education, the cost of studying and living is quite affordable as compared to the U.K and U.S.A. Students can easily afford education in Canada by doing a small part-time job after classes. Most of the Canada study visa consultants in Jalandhar can help you to arrange the required funds. 

  • Safe and high-quality life: According to the survey conducted by Global News, Canada is ranked one of the safest countries in the World with comparatively low criminal rates. This allows students to be more independent and less fearful. One also enjoys a high-quality life with ease of accessibility. Without a doubt, the way of living in Canada can easily suit your personality because it has a very calm and composed environment.

  • Personal and professional growth: The development of the personality majorly depends on the atmosphere of the environment. If the overall environment is productive then the individual can experience both professional and personal growth on every grounds. After studying in Canada you can easily uncover all kinds of strong points and weak points you never knew you had in your life. 

Requirements for Canada Study Visa

All the students who aim to study in Canada need to meet several sets of requirements for getting admission to their desired college and universities. Students must have a proper offer letter from a recognized university before applying for a study permit. Also, a student is applicable when he/she has an IELTS scorecard with a minimum of 6 bands in each successive module. If you also aspire to take your career on to another level then you are required to connect with the best Canada visa consultants in Jalandhar. 

Canada Study Visa Requirements

Check out the below-given list of documents that are required for a Canadian Study Visa:

  • Passport: This is one of the essential things required for any kind of visa. Before applying for any visa one should have a proper passport to become eligible for applying for any type of visa. 

  • Proofs: At the time of study visa application the individual is required to show proofs of funds. These funds are to prove that the students have an adequate amount of funds to make the payment of tuition fees for the selected university and college. 

  • Photographs: Study abroad aiming students require two passport-sized photos of the provided standards. 

  • Immigration Medical Examination (IME): Study abroad aiming students have to give and pass through a compulsory immigration medical examination. 

Here are the list of few documents that may be requested by the interviewer including:

  • Scholarship letter (if applicable)

  • Academic Documents

  • Score Card of Language Proficiency Test

Fee & GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate)

A guaranteed investment certificate is basically a deposit investment sold by banks and trusted companies of Canada. Students are required to pay the GIC fee because it serves as a symbol of a guarantee to the government of Canada that they have sufficient funds to manage their living expenses during their stay in Canada. It is required for easy and quick Canadian visa application and further processing. To avail Canadian visa or permit students are required to submit authentic proof of their sufficient funds.  The Guaranteed investment certificate of $10,000 from an approved Canadian bank always acts as evidence of funds for students' Canadian study permit/visa. IBT Overseas, a Canada study visa consultant in Jalandhar, also help their students to arrange sufficient funds.

Apply for Canada Study Visa

How to apply for a Canada Study Visa (Process)

The student who aims to study in Canada should have a Canadian study permit. Students have the full opportunity to apply online or through a paper application. The application can be procured from the CIC (citizenship and immigration Canada). However, it is highly recommendable to check the overall processing time as the paper application takes lots of time to process. 

Canada Study Visa Process

Check the below-given process for obtaining a Canada Student Visa:

1. Keep checking the overall processing time: The process of visa application generally takes four to five weeks. Accordingly, students are required to go through the Canadian consulate website for getting knowledge about the approximate time needed to complete the student visa process. Always keep in mind that the time displayed on the website is just an estimate, not a guarantee. Link with the reliable Canada visa consultants in Jalandhar to start your study visa process. 

2. Select your method for application: There is a total of two methods for applying for a student visa:

  • Online Mode: Canada aiming students need to have access to a scanner or camera to obtain a copy of their original documents for uploading and they are also required to have a valid credit card for fee payments for applying for the online visa. 

  • Personally: Students need to download the application form after reading the entire instructions thoroughly. They are required to complete their application form with the help of the instructions. After that, they need to fill a consent form to get the proper help in the visa filing process.

3. Pay Processing Fee: Students are required to pay the visa filing fee, in addition to embassy charges for completing the application process. The processing fee for a Canadian student visa is non-refundable.    

4. Submit your Canada visa application: After paying the processing fee, the student needs to submit the entire application form. In the end, the student will receive a receipt containing a unique type of tracking number. 

After the approval of the visa application, students will surely receive a notification requesting a suitable passport by the Canadian government. Moreover, students are not required to worry about their visa application process. IBT Overseas is here to provide proper guidance regarding whole visa processing and documentation. As the best Canada study visa consultants in Jalandhar, we assure you that your future is in safe hands.

Education System of Canada

Canada has both a public and private education system. The government of Canada subsidizes education from kindergarten to the post-secondary level and forks out almost 6% of its GDP on education. 

The Canadian education system provides degrees at three progressive dimensions — bachelor's, master's, and Ph.D./doctoral. The completion of a degree from the lower level is very essential for admission to the next level. Canada is one of the most preferred studies abroad destinations in the whole world. Plus, almost every program is taught in the English language, which presents a variety of choices for native speakers and the opportunity to practice for non-native speakers who want to perfect their particular type of skill set.

Primary Education

This level of education runs from kindergarten or Grade 1 to Grade 8. It is also named an elementary school. The school year normally runs from September through to the following June. 

Secondary Education

Also known as high school, this level runs from Grade 9 to Grade 12. Ontario has a Grade 12+. In Quebec, students attend high school until the age of 16. They may then proceed to the CEGEP, a publicly-funded two-year college where students may pursue either a specific university preparation diploma or a vocational diploma. To get other meticulous details regarding education system, approach a reliable Canada study visa consultants in Jalandhar. 

Post-Secondary Education

Canada is having a wide range of institutes that offer some of the best post-secondary education on the globe. Canada has many universities that are recognized internationally. 

Education in English and French

Canada has two official languages that are English and french. International students have a choice to study in either one of two languages. There are some institutions that offer instructions in both languages but students need not to be fluent in both languages to attend school at any level in Canada. To get meticulous details regarding education system of Canada, approach the reputed Canada Visa Consultants in Jalandhar.

However, French language education is widely adopted throughout the country but the main language of school-level education is English. French or English language is taught to students from an early age to cope up with the education system in Canada.

In Quebec, it is compulsory for students to attend school in french until the end of high school. Though, there are some exceptions to this where a child may obtain a certificate of eligibility for receiving instructions in the English language:

  • If a child’s mother or father acquired primary education in English in Canada;

  • If a child or a child’s brother/sister has got the major part of their elementary or high school instruction in English in Canada (if the child’s mother or father is a Canadian citizen);

  • If a child’s mother or father had received schooling in Québec after August 26, 1977, and were allowed to receive instruction in English at that time (if the child’s mother or father is a Canadian citizen). 

Along with this, if a child’s parents reside in Quebec temporarily (for work or study permit), may receive schooling in the English language. Most of the newcomers choose Quebec for settlement, their children get public schooling in french only. In private school, they may get the option to study in the English language. If you think you qualify the eligibility section then you can connect with Canada Study Visa Consultants in Jalandhar for further processing. 

Universities & Colleges in Canada 

Canada is having a list of prestigious universities which will help in illuminating your career path. If you are one of those students who want to pursue their education in Canada then the universities mentioned below can help you shape your career in the best possible way.   

  • Acadia University

  • Alexander College

  • Algonquin College

  • Brock University

  • Canadian Flyers International

  • Cambrian College

  • Camosun College

  • Canadore College

  • Cape Breton University

  • Capilano University

  • Centennial College

  • College of New Caledonia

  • College of The Rockies

  • Concordia University – John Molson School Of Business

  • Concordia University of Edmonton

  • Conestoga College

Study Abroad

Interview Process to Study in Canada

In the recent time when the student will arrive in Canada, they have to go through the two screening interview procedures. If all the documents of the students are available then they really need to move for the process of the interview. 

1st Interview Round: Submission Of Official Documents 

You have to note that for the first interview round, one office from the CBSA will greet you in the starting, ask you to have a look at your visa and travel documentations, check whether you are traveling with a family member with the right travel documents or not. Moreover, he/she will ask you about your health status. He will then proceed further by asking certain types of questions related to your profile. Below mentioned are the few examples of such questions: 

  • Are you properly healthy?

  • Have you visited Canada before? What is the reason for leaving?

  • How long do you plan to reside in Canada?

  • Are you traveling to Canada with your family members?

  • Do you have any type of criminal record?

After passing the first interview you will surely be asked to meet another CBSA officer. This interviewer will check all your items that you are bringing with you. The most important thing that you have to keep in mind is that you are not supposed to pass any type of fake information to the CBSA officer. 

2nd Interview Round: Personal Goods

In this round the CBSA officer will ask you questions related to the things that you're bringing with you to Canada. He/She will surely ask you to showcase your declaration card. At this time the best answer that you can easily give is that you have arrived in Canada to immigrate. You need to give the officer the list of goods you are bringing with you with the list of essential goods that will arrive later. Keep in mind that the offer will go through with both lists. There are high chances that the officer might go further to investigate your luggage. You really need to be prepared for answering all types of questions that the CBSA officer will ask: 

  • Do you have any meat or dairy products with you?

  • Do you have any firearms, ammunition or fireworks with you?

  • Do you have any fresh fruits or vegetables with you?

  • Do you have any live animals or plants with you?

  • What are you bringing with you to Canada?

  • Do you have any items from endangered species?

No need to give false answers 

The most important thing is that you really need to keep in mind that all your answers should be true. It’s the biggest crime to give false answers in an interview. This whole process will go beyond everything and you have to make clear cut ideas about what you should speak in the whole interview. 

FAQs - Canada Visa Consultants in Jalandhar 

Ques 1) Why should I choose Canada as my study destination?

Ans) Canada is at the top of every student’s list and has many worth exploring features that will majorly help you to study comfortably in it. Some of its remarkable features are affordable education and living, Job opportunities, Scholarship, ample research opportunities, govt. Funded healthcare etc. To seek honest opinion, contact reliable Canada visa consultants in Jalandhar. 

Ques 2) How many provinces are there in Canada?

Ans) There are thirteen provinces present in Canada. They are:

  • Alberta

  • British Columbia

  • Manitoba

  • New Brunswick

  • Newfoundland and Labrador

  • Northwest Territories

  • Nova Scotia

  • Nunavut

  • Ontario

  • Prince Edward Island

  • Quebec

  • Saskatchewan

  • Yukon

Ques 3) What will be the overall cost of studying in Canada?

Ans) The cost of studying in Canada depends on the institution.  You are required to contact the administrative department where you plan to study. You can contact a trustworthy Canada study visa consultants in Jalandhar for meticulous details. 

Ques 4) How much time do I have to invest in getting a Ph.D. degree in Canada?

Ans) The candidate can get a Ph.D. degree commonly  2 to 3 years in duration. It is always considered above all and it is separately funded in most cases.

Ques 5) What are the eligibility criteria for getting admission in Canada?

Ans) The basic eligibility criteria for securing the seat in Canadian universities and colleges are listed below: 

  • Undergraduate: The candidate should have a minimum of 10+ 2 with any percentage. After this candidate should have IELTS Overall 6 bands and 50 scores in PTE. 

  • Postgraduate: The candidate should have minimum graduation with any percentage. The candidate should have IELTS Overall 6.5 bands and 55 scores in PTE. 

Ques 6) What will be the checklist of Student visas to Canada?

Ans) Check out the below-mentioned checklist of Canada student visa

  • Passport

  • 2 Photographs( White background)

  • All-Academic Documents

  • IELTS Certificate

  • Proof of Funds

  • Medium of Instruction

  • 2 Letter of Recommendation

  • Statement of Purpose

  • Updated Resume

  • Work Experience

Ques 7) What type of documents the interviewer can ask for further processing?

Ans) Check out the list of  few documents requested by the interviewer:  

  • Scholarship letter (if applicable)

  • Academic Documents

  • Score Card of Language Proficiency Test

Ques 8) Will health insurance be much while applying for a Canada Study Visa?

Ans) According to the Canada code and conducts, all students are required to have proper health insurance proof before entering Canada. The best Canada study visa consultants in Jalandhar can provide all the necessary details regarding need of health insurance while applying for Canada Study Visa.

Ques 9) Which English language proficiency tests are accepted in Canada? 

Ans) IELTS, PTE, TOEFL and Duolingo are the English language proficiency tests that are accepted in Canada. 

Ques 10) Is TOEFL accepted in Canada? 

Ans) Yes, TOEFL is accepted in Canada. 

Ques 11) Is a 4.5 band score acceptable in Canada? 

Ans) No, a minimum 6-band score in IELTS is required to get accepted in Canada. 

Ques 12) Can lower IELTS scores affect the Canada study visa? 

Ans) Yes, lower IELTS scores can affect the Canada study visa. 

Ques 13) How long are IELTS scores valid in Canada? 

Ans) IELTS scores are valid for 2 years in Canada. 

Ques 14) Do universities and colleges in Canada offer fast-track programs? 

Ans) Yes, universities and colleges in Canada offer fast-track programs so that students can complete their study program in less time. 

Ques 15) How many intakes are available in Canada? 

Ans) Three intakes that are fall, winter and summer are available in Canada. 

Ques 16) Which intake is the best to study in Canada? 

Ans) September or fall intake is the best to study in Canada. 

Ques 17) Can students move to Canada after completing postgraduation in India? 

Ans) Yes, students can move to Canada on express entry, work permit or study visa after completing postgraduation in India. 

Ques 18) What are the few steps to apply for a Canada Study Visa? 

Ans) Check out the below-given steps for applying for a Canada Study Visa:

  • Application

  • Letter of Acceptance

  • Fee & GIC 

  • Medical 

  • File submission

  • Visa Approval 

Ques 19) Do I need to submit my 10th class certificate to the interviewer?

Ans) Yes, the interviewer will need to check the official one to check your previous education records. For more information on these queries, it is good to connect with experienced Canada study visa consultant.

Ques 20) What is the minimum score requirement in 12th to get admission to a leading Canadian University?

Ans) At least 70% scores in the 12th class are required to get admission to a leading Canadian University. 

Ques 21) How much CGPA is required to get a study visa in Canada? 

Ans) A 3.0 out of 4.0 CGPA is required to get a study visa in Canada.

Ques 22) Do I need to appear for the interview to get a Canada study visa? 

Ans) Generally, no interview is conducted to get a Canada study visa. However, in some cases, you will be required to appear for the interview. 

Ques 23) How many rounds are there in the Canadian interview procedure?

Ans) There are two screening interview rounds that students have to go through to get the permission to study in Canada.  

Ques 24) How much GIC is required to study in Canada? 

Ans) A minimum GIC of CAD $10,000 is required to study in Canada. 

Ques 25) Which are the top 5 universities in Canada? 

Ans) The top 5 universities in Canada that have achieved a higher QS World Ranking are mentioned below: 

  1. University of Toronto 

  2. University of British Columbia 

  3. McGill University 

  4. University of Alberta 

  5. McMaster University 

Ques 26) Does Canada consider PTE scores to grant PR? 

Ans) Yes, Canada considers the PTE scores to grant PR. However, it is always wise to connect with experienced Canada study visa consultant.

Ques 27) How much is the application fee for universities in Toronto? 

Ans) The application fee for colleges and universities in Toronto varies. Usually, the minimum application fee is $100 and the maximum application fee is $180. 

Ques 28) Is there any dress code in Canadian universities and colleges for international students? 

Ans) No, there is no dress code in Canadian universities and colleges for international students. 

Ques 29) Which type of study is in high demand in Canada? 

Ans) Study programs such as Business Management, Hospitality Management, Engineering, Information Technology and Dentistry are in high demand in Canada.

Ques 30) Which are the easy degree programs in Canada? 

Ans) Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Mass Media and Communication, Bachelor of Education Arts and Bachelor of Public Relations are easy degree programs in Canada. 

Ques 31) Is student life easy in Canada? 

Ans) Yes, the safest and most peaceful environment and a welcoming community will help you make your living easy in Canada and won’t let you feel lonely and pressurized. 

Ques 32) How much is the cost of a PG Diploma in Canada? 

Ans) The cost for PG Diploma in Canada is somewhere around CAD$17,000 - CAD$ 25,000 per annum. 

Ques 33) How much is the duration of PGWP in Canada after a one-year diploma? 

Ans) The duration of the PGWP in Canada will be 1 year after a one-year diploma. 

Ques 34) How many semesters are there in 1 year PG diploma course? 

Ans) There are two semesters of 4-6 months in 1 year PG diploma course. 

Ques 35) Is it better to a private or public university in  Canada? 

Ans) Studying in a public university or college in Canada offers more advantages and opportunities to international students. Moreover, the fee structure of public institutions is also less when compared to private institutions. 

Ques 36) Which are the scholarship schemes in Canada for international students? 

Ans) The top 5 scholarship schemes in Canada for international students are given below: 

  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship 

  • York University International Student Scholarship

  • Educational Future International Scholarship

  • UBC International Students Scholarship

  • Lester B. Peterson Scholarship

Ques 37) Can students work in Canada while studying? 

Ans) Yes, students can do a part-time job for 20 hours a week while studying in Canada. 

Ques 38) Which English proficiency test is going to do wonders for me? 

Ans) Well, IELTS and PTE are some of the best English proficiency assessment tests. To discover the best one that suits your preferences, you should ask the best Canada study visa consultant.

Ques 39) Can students on a work permit work full-time in Canada? 

Ans) Yes, after completing the study program, students can work full-time in Canada i.e 40 hours a week. 

Ques 40) Can I get on-campus jobs in Canada? 

Ans) Yes, you can get a suitable on-campus job in Canada such as a barista, teaching assistant, university tour guide and so on. You can know about the on-campus vacancies by checking the college/university website or by connecting with the administrative department. 

Ques 41) How much is the minimum average per-hour wage in Canada? 

Ans) The minimum average per-hour wage in Canada is $15.55. 

Ques 42) How much is the average cost of rent in Canada? 

Ans) The average cost of rent in Canada is $560-$600. 

Ques 43) Is Quebec the least expensive province to live in Canada? 

Ans) Yes, Quebec is the least expensive province to live in Canada because the tuition fee and other living costs are lesser as compared to other provinces.

Ques 44) Is Toronto, Canada cheap to live in? 

Ans) Well, living in Toronto, Canada could be quite expensive because of the high living and transportation cost. In addition, the tuition fee of the colleges and universities in Toronto is more expensive than others. 

Ques 45) Which provinces in Canada have the highest crime rate?

Ans) Saskatchewan and Manitoba are the two provinces in Canada that have the highest crime rate. 

Ques 46) What is the visa rejection rate for a Canada study visa? 

Ans) As of 2023, the visa rejection rate of a Canada study visa is 30-40%. 

Ques 47) What are the reasons for Canada student visa rejection? 

Ans) There are a number of reasons for the Canada student visa rejection which are mentioned below: 

  1. Lower scores in English language proficiency test. 

  2. Insufficient finances. 

  3. Poor choice of the study program. 

  4. Poor education profile. 

  5. Improper documents. 

Ques 48) Can I settle in Canada permanently after completion of the study program? 

Ans) Yes, you can settle in Canada permanently after completing your study program if you fulfill the eligibility criteria and basic requirements.

Ques 49) Is IELTS mandatory to obtain PR in Canada? 

Ans) No, IELTS is not mandatory to obtain PR in Canada. 

Ques 50) Can I take the IELTS exam after the visa interview? 

Ans) No, not at all. You have to appear for the visa interview with a valid English proficiency score. To know the step-wise procedure, it is wise to connect with the best Canada study visa consultant.

Ques 51) Is it difficult to get a Canada PR? 

Ans) Although it would be challenging to get a Canada PR and you need to face a lot of obstacles, it is not at all an impossible task. 

Ques 52) Is it easy to get a PR in Toronto? 

Ans) As compared to other provinces  Ontario PNP offers bright opportunities to international students and makes the PR process quick and easy for them. 

Ques 53) How long is the work permit after 2 years of study program in Canada? 

 Ans) The duration of the work permit after 2 years of study program will be 3 years. 

Ques 54) Is PR easy in Alberta? 

Ans) Yes, getting a PR in Alberta is quite easy than in many other provinces. 

Ques 55) Who can sponsor me to move to Canada? 

Ans) Your spouse, common-law partner, son, daughter, parent, grandparent, Orphaned brother or sister or orphaned niece or nephew can sponsor you to move to Canada.

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      Please call our counselors on 8677812345 to get right consultation on Canadian study visa process.

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    Hi, I got a 5.5 band in one module and 6 each in others can I get a Canadian visa?

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      As per current Student Visa requirement, 6 bands in each module is compulsory to apply for Canadian Visa.

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    I want to study in Canada. Where and how do I start?

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      Kindly call our counselor on 8677812345 to get detailed information about the same.

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    Is it a good idea to immigrate to Canada?

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      The job prospects, quality of life, diversity and inclusiveness are a few of the reasons which make Canada a favorable place for starting a new and comfortable life for people from different parts of the world.

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    Is it easy to get Canadian Visa?

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      Yes, if your academic profile is excellent, and your language proficiency scores are good, moreover, if your choice of a consultant is good, getting a Canadian Visa will be easy for you.

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