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Which Documents are Required for a Canada Study Visa?

There are many students who are looking for Canada study visa and don't know which documents required for Canada study visa?

Without wasting any time, let's start the discussion about documents which you required for getting study visa for Canada. 

Table of Contents

  1. Documents Required

  2. Detailed Information About Documents

    2.1 Letter of Acceptance from College

    2.2 Valid Passport

    2.3 Reliable Financial Resources

    2.4 Bank Statements

    2.5 Document Confirming Successful Medical Exam

    2.6 English Language Proficiency

    2.7 Valid Statement of Purpose

    2.8 Canadian Student Visa Application Form

  3. Wrap Up

Documents Required for Canada Study Visa

Student visa documents required for Indians studying in Canada are as follows:

  • A passport that is valid and up-to-date

  • Copy certificates for 10th, 12th, and degree levels.

  • SOP (standard operating procedure) (Statement of Purpose)

  • Certificates of success for extracurricular activities.

  • An official letter of admission from your university or college.

  • A receipt for a transaction

  • Evidence of financial resources

  • Requirement of the Passport-sized photos

  • Knowledge of the English Language

  • Prior to submitting your application, you will get information from your school about any extra needs.

Detailed Information About Documents Which Required for Canada Study Visa 

When applying for a study permit, applicants are required to have a few key papers in their possession. The following are the specific documents:

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A Letter of Acceptance from the University or College

It is very important to have proof that the college or university to which you applied has accepted you. It is very important to have proof that the college or university to which you applied has accepted you. 

Valid Passport

The passport must be in good standing and cannot have an expiration date that is earlier than the amount of time that the traveller plans to spend in Canada. For instance, applicants who want to go to Canada during the month of September are required to have a passport that is valid until the month of September. If you really want to know more about this whole topic, then connect with the right study visa consultant.

Documentation demonstrating that you possess the necessary financial resources.

Candidates must show proof that they can pay for all of the costs of the program they want to do. In addition, the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board requires  candidates to pay for all of the costs of the program they are applying for. How is proof that they can pay for all of the costs of the program they want to do? 

Bank Statements

The supporting paperwork for the student loan official achievement is a passport-sized document from the organization stating that you will be receiving funds. Documentary evidence of academic achievement is photographs in the appropriate dimensions for passports. In order to submit an application offline, candidates should provide two passport-sized pictures. In addition, in order to submit an application online, you should have an electronic copy of the picture that is passport size, and it cannot be more than 4 megabytes. The photo should not be older than a few months, and applicants should have facial movements and a white backdrop in their pictures.

Documentation Confirming Successful Completion of a Medical Exam

According to the rules set by Canada Immigration, the candidates should get a medical exam.

English Language Proficiency 

Candidates should have taken either the IELTS or the TOEFL, or both, in order to demonstrate their ability to communicate effectively in English. It is essential for the professionals that students submit their applications for the exam and get their scores before beginning the application process for their visa.

Submit the valid statement of purpose

It is essential to hand in a statement of purpose (SOP) that provides an explanation of why the individual chose the particular programme and school.


Canadian Student Visa Application Form

Maintaining quick access to vital information is critical, though. When applying for it, they must adhere to the advice given here. Set up an account on the Government of Canada's website, and then go to step one! Because one may monitor the progress of their application via the account, it will be a benefit.

  • Describe the course and organization to which you're applying.

  • Fill out your username and password.

  • Pay the visa cost of CAD 150 or Rs 7,800 when you've submitted all of your necessary papers.

  • You'll submit your passport application and keep tabs on its progress.

  • As we've seen in the preceding sections, the IELTS is a crucial tool for international students looking to study in Canada. Immigration to Canada provides several advantages and chances. Furthermore, the procedure of applying for a student visa, the need for a student permit, and the IELTS requirement for Canadian universities are here in great depth.

Wrapping Up 

Your true aspiration of studying in Canada can only become a reality if you made up your mind to collect quality information about all the documents which required for getting Canada study visa. IBT Overseas consulants help you for processing documents according to the university standards. At IBT Overseas, we have an experienced team of Canada study visa consultants that will help you in your study visa process.

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