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How to Get Admission in Foreign Universities after 12th?

Hey!! have you completed 12th? and looking to study abroad. But, don't know how to get admisson in foreign universities? Right?

Think about it, how much your money involved in visa process and you don't know the right process to get admission in foreign universities.

Don't worry! Here, IBT Overseas reaserch & development team has explained step-by-step how to get admission in foreign universities? So, let’s begin... 

Table of Contents

  1. Steps to Get Admission

    1.1 Choose Country

    1.2 Choose Program & University

    1.3 Get Transcripts Evaluated

    1.4 Submit application form

    1.5 Take Entrance Exam

    1.6 Apply for Scholarship

    1.7 Wait For Acceptance Letter 

    1.8 Pay Fees

  2. FAQs

  3. Conclusion

8 Easy Steps to Get Admission in Foreign Universities after 12th

Let's checkout the 8 easy steps to get admision in foreign universities. These steps help you to get admission in foreign universities after 12th: 

Step 1: Choose the Country 

Where do you want to study? Is it Australia, Germany Canada, UK or USA? You have to do a lot of research to find a suitable destination where you can easily survive without any ado. Here are some parameters you should check before selecting any country:

  • Top-quality education

  • Within your budget

  • Reasearch based education system

  • Get advice from consultant                                                       

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Step 2: Choose a University & Course

Now, it's time to pick a university that will help you make a flourishing career. Here are some pointers that will help you to choose the best university& course for you.

  • Clear tuition fees & degree cost

  • Batch size

  • Accurate financial permission

  • Credentials

  • Work opportunities with study

  • Support for international students

Make sure to choose a course that suits your interest and most importantly, your educational background. After choosing a particular course, look for a university that is apt at offering quality education in that field. 

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Step 3: Get your Transcripts Evaluated 

Foreign universities will ask you for your academic transcripts. After submitting these transcripts, they may want them to be evaluated. So, you must approach an authorized organization to evaluate your transcripts. In some cases, the university may ask you to evaluate your academic transcripts from an international organization. Here below are some of the international organization which can easily evaluate your transcripts.

  • World Education Services, Inc.

  • International Education Research Foundation, Inc.

  • Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc.

  • SpanTran: The Evaluation Company

Step 4: Submit an application form

You have to submit an application to the university within a given time period. It is better to apply to 3-4 different universities to enhance your chances of getting accepted by the university. Here are some essential documents you must have while applying for a foreign university: 

  • Transcripts

  • Scores in the language proficiency test

  • Proof of financial funds

  • Statement of purpose

  • Letter of recommendation

  • Application essays 

       Get Consultation

 Confused in Admission process?

Step 5: Take the entrance exam

To get admission to a foreign university after the 12th, you have to appear for the language proficiency test to prove that you are able to listen, understand, speak and write in the country’s language you are moving to. You need to appear for one of the below-mentioned language proficiency test: 

  • PTE
  • Duolingo

Apart from it, there are other entrance tests for different countries. For instance, french, german, Chinese etc. In some cases, universities demand students to appear for the SAT, GMAT, GRE, LSAR and ACT exams to test their verbal, quantitative, reasoning or subject skills. 

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Step 6: Apply for Scholarships

Let us tell you that plenty of scholarship schemes are available for students to help them with their finances. The cost of the scholarship depends upon the countries and universities you are opting for along with the course program you have chosen. Here are some of the scholarships that are available world wide.

  • QS Scholarship for Academic Excellence
  • Fullbright Foreign Student Program
  • QS Leadership Scholarship
  • Great Wall Program
  • Westminster Full International Scholarship

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Step 7: Wait for the acceptance letter 

The university will consider whether you are perfect to study in their institution or not. They will review every piece of information about you and especially your academic background and scores in the language proficiency test. After that, they will take a final decision. You will get a notification on your phone or email regarding the approval or disapproval of the acceptance letter. 

Step 8: Pay your Fees

After receiving the acceptance letter, now it's time to pay fees to the college. You can ask your consultant to submit your fee in order to avoid any complications or errors. After following all these steps, you will be called for medical and biometrics. After that, you have to wait until you receive your student visa.


Ques 1) Which English language proficiency tests are accepted by English-speaking countries? 

Ans) IELTS, PTE, TOEFL and Duolingo are English language proficiency tests that are accepted by English-speaking countries. 

Ques 2) What should be the age to study in a foreign country after the 12th? 

Ans) Your age must be 18 or above to study in a foreign country after the 12th. However, if you are less than 18, then parental consent is required. 

Ques 3) What is the cost of studying an undergraduate course after the 12th in a foreign nation? 

Ans) An average course of studying an undergraduate course after the 12th in a foreign nation is somewhere between 15 lakh-20 lakh per year. 

Ques 4) Is proof of financial funds required to apply for a student visa after the 12th? 

Ans) Yes, proof of financial funds is extremely required to apply for a student visa after the 12th. If the authorities find out that you don’t have adequate funds to survive abroad, they can reject your visa. 

Final words

In the end, this is all the information you must know before getting admission to a foreign country after the 12th. We hope this blog will help you begin your admission process easily and smoothly and you won’t get any difficulty in between. At IBT Overseas, we have an experienced team of  study visa consultants that will help you in your study visa process.

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