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Education System in Canada : A Detailed Guide

Everyone is curious to study in Canada but only a few are aware of the education system in Canada. Canada has a very strong and well-funded education system. Let us tell you that knowledge of the education system is highly important before making a decision of studying in Canada. 

Before going into deep details, it is important to know that who operates the education system in Canada. Let us tell you that the education system in Canada is operated by federal, provincial and municipal governments. Now, let’s dive deep into the blog and know the information about the education system in Canada. 

Table of Contents

  1. Education System in Canada

    1.1 Pre-Elementry Level

    1.2 Primary Level

    1.3 Secondary Level

    1.4 Post-secondary Level

  2. Age for compulsory education

  3. Wrap Up

Overview of Education System in Canada

Let’s first check different levels of the education system in Canada. The system is mainly divided into four categories that are given below: 

  • Pre-elementry

  • Primary

  • Secondary

  • Post secondary

1. Pre-Elementry Level

This level includes children between 4-5 years of age who go to kindergarten. This is the first education level in Canada. Pre-elementry level of education is option in many provinces in Canada, while it is mandatory in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. This level of education is provided free of cost for 1st year in many regions while some provinces also offer free education for extra years as well. However, students who belong to lower-income backgrounds get free of csot education. Pre-elementry level is important to build a trong foundation and learn some basic habits such as greeting, eating, sharing, thanking, etc. In addition, it also boosts children’s interest in arts, reading, music, games and so on. 

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2. Primary Level

This level includes education from grade 1 to grade 1. Primary level is compulsory for every student in Canada with an age of 6-12 years. At this level, only one tutor teach all the subjects to the students. For example, one teacher is allocated to garde 1, another is allocated to grade 2 and so on. At primary level, children get to learn subjects such as Science, Mathematics, Science, History, English, Social Stduies, Arts and Physical Education. In Quebec, teachers also teach French to the students. 

3. Secondary Level

Secondary level education is divided into two categories. The first category is junior high school which includes grade 7 and grade 8. At this level, students are allocated different teachers for different subjects, They also need to change their classrooms to attend lectures for different subjects. The second category is high school which includes students from grade 9 to grade 12. The age requirement to attain secondary level education is 13-16 years. In some provinces the upper age exceeds to 18. For example , in Ontario and New Brunswick, a student must be 18 years old to acquire a high school diploma. On the contrary, students in Quebec attend high schools till 16 years of age. 

4. Post-secondary Level

After completion of secondary level education, students can apply for various colleges and universities in Canada to attain post-sceondary level education. The unkverfsities and colleges in Canada offer a wide range of courses that suit students’ interest and help them build their careers. At this level, students first need to complete a UG program, then PG followed by PhD qualification. Students can also skip their studies after UG or PG, but the rest depends on their interest. Degrees acquired from well-recognized Canadain universities provide students with numerous job opportunities in future. 

Age for Compulsory Education in Canada 

From compulsory education, we mean education from grade 1 to grade 12. In different provinces in Canada, the age for compulsory education varies. So, have a look at the table given below to know the required age for education in Canada: 


Age for compulsory education


6 to16

British Columbia

6 to 16


7 to 18

New Brunswick

5 to 18


6 to 16

Northwest Territories

5 to 18

Nova Scotia

5 to 16


6 to 18

Prince Edward Island

5 to 16


6 to 16


7 to 16


6 to 16

Wrapping Up

To wrap up, this was all about the education system in Canada. We hope you are now aware of the age requirements and compulsory education in Canada. This article will surely help you choose the education level as per your age. IBT Overseas is a leading team of Canada student visa consultants, help students in filing visa applications.

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