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PhD in USA for Indian Students - A Definitive Guide

Are you from India? Have you completed your master in USA? and Now, looking for study PHD in USA. Then, don't worry! you have landed at the right place.

IBT Overseas research and development team compiled this step by step guide to study PHD in USA. 

Here in this article, you will get complete information before joining PhD degree in USA. 

Let's dive in...

Table of Contents

  1. Why PhD in USA?

  2. Basic Cost

  3. Universities & Courses

  4. Course Duration

  5. Basic Expenses

  6. Age Limit

  7. Requirements

  8. Conclusion

  9. FAQs

Why Choose USA for PhD?

Here below are some reasons why you should consider USA for studying PhD. Consider reading the below listed pointers: 

  • If you go for a PhD in USA then it will surely take a longer duration. This can take place between four to six years. In this case, you will definitely get more time for the study purpose rather than performing your dissertation part. 

  • You have to note that the colleges and universities present in the USA are one of the greatest that have the capability to change the career of every student. 

  • One of the greatest things about studying in the USA is that it will provide students with a wide number of career opportunities.

  • Keep in mind that after Germany, the USA is one such nation that is known for its versatile PhD courses. 

  • Whatever course you choose for the PhD, you will surely be able to get the USA Study Visa. The institutions present in the USA have great course structures for the betterment of international students. 

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Average Cost for PhD in USA

The annual cost of pursuing a doctoral degree in the United States may run anywhere from $28,000 to $40,000 (INR 20,97,999 to INR 29,97,142) for a student from India. However, if a student can demonstrate financial need, they may be exempt from paying a significant amount of tuition cost.                  

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Universities and Courses

Check out the below-mentioned table as here you will definitely get the clear cut idea about the best universities and programs for PhD in USA. 

PhD Universities in USA

Best PhD Courses in USA

Harvard University

Stanford University

The University of California Berkeley

The University of Chicago 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The University of Columbia

The University of Wisconsin

Yale University

Georgia Institute of Technology

California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

Princeton University

PhD in Physical Therapy

PhD in Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology

PhD in Education in Health Professions

PhD in Health Policy, Management, and Evaluation

Doctor of Medicine

PhD in Environmental Science & Engineering

PhD in Community Health Sciences – Medical Education

PhD in Medical Science – Critical Care Medicine

PhD in Bioengineering

PhD in Astrophysics

PhD in Materials Science & Mechanical Engineering

PhD in Microsystems Engineering

Doctor of Philosophy – Law

PhD in Law and Criminology

PhD in Law / MPhil / MJur

PhD in Theory and Research – Journalism, Media, and Culture

Duration of PhD in USA

In USA, students typically spend between 4 to 6 years to complete degrees. However, for some students, the curriculum might take up to around eight years to finish. The coursework stage of the programme may last anywhere from one to four years, and working on the dissertation programme can take anywhere from two to four years. 

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Want to pursue PhD in USA?


Basic Living Expenses in USA

Kind of Expenses

Amount in USD 







International Calling Cards


Home Internet


Cell Phone


Restaurant Meals




Car Insurance


Petrol for Car


Weekend Activities





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Age Limit for Pursuing PhD in USA

We would like to inform you that the medium age limit for the specific type of PhD program was 31 years. However, the maximum number was 43 years and in that case, the age group will be around 31 to 13 years. Specifically, there is no preset age limit for doing the PhD program. It is perfectly true that the earlier the better. According to one data produced by NSF that further reveals that if you are able to complete your PhD program in 30 years then you are open to a wider range of job opportunities. 

PhD Requirements to Study in USA

  • Showcase of free receipt

  • Go for the application form for the PhD

  • Pass the minimum of 2 to 3 letters of recommendation

  • Write the Statement of Purpose 

  • Proper proofs of all the degree completed

  • Copy of the passport

  • Showcase the proof of the scholarship funding

  • Mark the presence in the personal interview 


With that said, we truly think that this is one such blog that will definitely provide you with wholesome information about Phd in USA for Indian students on a limited budget. At IBT Overseas, we have an experienced team of USA student visa consultants that will help you in your study visa process.


Ques 1) Is it really hard to get a PhD program in the USA?

Ans) You really have to note that the PhD is quite challenging with all the large scale projects and drastically approaching deadlines. 

Ques 2) How much time will it take to complete the PhD from the USA?

Ans) We would like to inform you that the PhD in the United States usually takes 4 to 6 years. The academic years of the PhD program are basically divided into two years. 

Ques 3) What will be the age barrier for the PhD program in the United States? 

Ans) The age will not become any type of restriction to starting the PhD program. Some individuals go for the PhD program in their 40’s. It is totally normally possible to pursue a PhD at any age. 

Ques 4) Can I go for the PhD program without going for the Master's degree?

Ans) You have to note that a Master's degree is not at all necessary for the entrance to most of the PhD programs in the United States. 

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