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Accommodation in USA for Indian Students - Complete Details

Does finding the right accommodation in USA looking tough? Don’t worry! We are here to help you and provide you with accommodation related information. 

After getting the USA study visa, your next step will obviously be to find the right accommodation. 

IBT Overseas assist you in getting visa and picking most affordable accommodation in USA. Let's read word by word to get detailed information about accommodation available for Indian students in USA. 

Table of Contents

  1. On Campus Accommodation

  2. Off Campus Accommodation

  3. Homestays

  4. Shared Apartments

  5. Residence Halls

  6. Rental Accommodation

  7. Luxury Accommodation

  8. Top Students Hostels

  9. Basic Things To Consider

  10. FAQ

  11. Wrapping Up


It is often noticed that the on-campus accommodation is generally very expensive for the student who aims to live inside the campus. 

One of the biggest benefits of picking up this type of accommodation is that you will not at all have to pay any type of water, electricity, or other utility costs. Moreover, the student will get the food in between the whole payment. They don’t have to struggle much for any type of other expense. 

We would like to inform you that the on-campus accommodation for students in the United States of America will amount to between USD 11,000 and USD 15,000. 

University/College (academic year)

On Campus fee/year (inclusive of meals)

Harvard University


Stanford University


Massachusetts Institute of Technology


University Of California



Princeton University


University Of California (UCB)


Yale University


Columbia University

$12,000- 21,000

New York University (NYU)


University of Pennsylvania


Cornell University


Duke University


Brown University

$14,000 (approx)


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We would like to inform you that the off-campus accommodation in the USA is way cheaper compared to the on-campus accommodation in the USA. 

However, in the first year, the students are not required to live outside the campus. They can easily live inside and then continue exploring the great options in the USA. 

The basic cost of the off-campus accommodation basically depends on the city you live in. We can not define the fixed price as it will vary according to the requirements and place. 

With the basic cost of housing, students who live off campus will also be responsible for figuring out how much they will spend on food and other expenditures.

The cost of off-campus housing for students in the United States is anywhere from $6,000 to $9,000 each academic year on average. Off-campus housing provides students with a wide variety of alternatives from which to choose. 

For instance, individuals have the option of renting a private apartment by themselves or flat sharing with several people. Because of this, a significant number of students from India end up relocating to the United States with their families or other relatives.

Student Cities

The average cost of rented apartments/month

Universities near the place



MIT, Harvard, Boston

New York


NYU, Cornell, Columbia

San Francisco


Stanford, UCB, University of San Francisco



University of Chicago, Illinois Institute of Technology, Roosevelt University

Los Angeles


UCLA, University of South California, California State University Northridge

Washington DC


Georgetown University, George Washington University, American University Washington DC



University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, Drexel University


The students should note the other most popular accommodation in the United States of America. This is one of the most beneficial types of accommodation for the girl student. 

We would like to inform you that this type of accommodation is an arrangement between American families and international students. This type of living situation is quite beneficial as it provides quality of life to the students. 

This is a fantastic opportunity for international students to get more familiar with the local population as well as the culture of the area in which they are studying.  If you are planning to study abroad, it is possible that living with a host family at the beginning of your experience can help you assimilate more easily into the local culture.

Homestays normally have nightly rates that range anywhere from $600 to $900 (44,526 to 66,789), with the exact amount being determined by the quality of the accommodations as well as the size of the private property.  You will have to fill out a questionnaire before you can contact your host family or sign the homestay agreement. You will also have to do this before you can bring a passport with you. The vast majority of the time, they will concentrate on matters that are connected to your health and safety.

When filling out these survey forms, being honest is always appreciated. Users who have registered with the American Homestay Network are granted access to a database that contains certified homestays located throughout the United States. In these homestays, users have the opportunity to stay with a local family that has been prepared to host international students.

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Shared Apartments 

Students have the option of living in private rentals throughout their time in the United States. Prospective students should be aware, however, that not all colleges are located in or near large metropolitan centers, and as a result, there are fewer accommodation options available off campus for them to choose from. If a university is situated within the confines of a particular real estate market, then students attending that university are required to adhere to the regulations governing student housing that have been set up by that state and agency. These regulations have been established to ensure that students have a safe and secure place to live while they are attending that university. On the other hand, rentals have a tendency to be much higher in cities where there are few vacancies. 

Residence Halls 

There is no denying the fact that the rooms in the resident halls are typically on the more compact side, but each one has its own private bathroom. The standard tables, chairs, and bunk beds may be found in the common sleeping and working rooms of the facility. If the students are obliged to make alternate arrangements, it is the responsibility of the students to do so on their own. In the vast majority of the residence halls, there is a cafeteria on-site where students have access to food. The prices of meals at these cafeterias do not fluctuate too much at all. The food served in these dining halls can seem unusual to international students, but eating there is a fantastic way for them to learn about American culture and have firsthand experience with it. 

Rental Property 

Leasing a private apartment is one of the most common and well-liked housing options among students from other countries. It is a fantastic opportunity to save costs on lodging while still being able to take pleasure in the company of close friends. After that comes the whole ordeal of being proficient at managing a home, which includes knowing how to buy food, manage money, examine plumbing issues, and pay the bills. The use of the house's shared or private kitchen and bathroom, as well as the use of any other common rooms that may be present, such as the living room, is often included in the cost of renting a private room in a home. 

Luxury Appartments

You may have feelings of being overwhelmed by the sheer number of possibilities available to you if this is your first time searching for housing for foreign students in the United States. As an alternative to the conventional college dormitories, private apartment complexes of a high standard can be found in many locations throughout the United States. These complexes are catered specifically to the housing needs of college students. In addition to standard flats, there are also studio apartments and apartments with full kitchens available. In most cases, they come fully equipped with all of the necessary fittings, appliances, and accessories, all of which have been professionally fitted and are ready to use.


We all know that the student hostel is temporary accommodation for those who tend to live for a longer duration of time. As we all know that there is a floating population of students. 

The student will surely come for different types of work and their family also ensures great safety and security of the students. In the hostel, the students will get different types of facilities such as security details, dining facilities, laundry, cleaning, and dining facility.  

In the below-mentioned table, you will definitely be going to get the wholesome data of the hostels across a wide range of cities in the United States of America: 

Student Hostel Name


Cost of Dorms

Cost of Private Dorms

Banana Bungalow

Los Angeles

USD 30

USD 119


Los Angeles

USD 49

USD 218


San Francisco

USD 35

USD 130

The Local

New York

USD 44

USD 165

Ocean Beach

San Diego

USD 25

USD 115

Firehouse Hostel


USD 31

USD 99


Santa Monica

USD 36


The Bivvi


USD 31

USD 149

NY Moore Hostel

New York

USD 37.92




USD 26


Tips to Consider Before Seeking Accomodation in USA

There are many professionals who will definitely assist students from other countries in locating suitable housing in United States. Consider noting the below-mentioned points for getting the right homestay accommodation: 

  • You will have the opportunity to network with current students at the institution that you are considering attending thanks to our numerous former students. 

  • A pleasant surprise for students is that they will be able to find the list of local housing options. 

  • The local representatives in every nation (via firms like Amber, GoLiving, and Castia) will provide a helping hand and discuss options that are suitable for both your financial plan and the area in which you live. 

  • In addition to that, if you need assistance booking a bed in a hostel, you will get the right assistance from the right professionals. If you are searching for a student housing guide in the United States, feel free to give a call to one of the most expert ones. 

  • Your first consideration should be the level of safety and protection offered by the house you end up selecting as your new home. Students should have the greatest sense of safety if they live in on-campus accommodation. 

  • Students who wish to live off campus in order to save money should make certain that their housing arrangements are secure and that they are living in a safe neighborhood.

  • Figuring out what kind of student accommodation would be most suitable is not as straightforward as it would first seem. When deciding where to live, students should take into consideration how essential privacy is to them, whether or not they want easy access to school resources, whether or not they will need to depend on public transportation and other similar considerations.

  • After students have narrowed their options down, they should consider the benefits and downsides associated with each prospective housing decision. Students might benefit from spending more time on this topic in order to have a better understanding of costs and make more informed choices about their finances.

  • If a student spends time learning about numerous other possibilities for places to stay, they will be more prepared in the event that their first preference is not available. It's always smart to have a contingency plan ready in case anything unexpected happens.

  • Students who are able to successfully navigate the housing market using the information that they get from this article will have a much simpler time locating houses in the United States that are within their price range.


Ques 1) What are the best cities to find the right accommodation in the USA?

Ans: The top cities are San Diego, Baltimore, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Houston, Chicago, and Dallas.

Ques 2) What are the best universities to reside in the USA?

Ans: The list of top universities includes the University of Chicago, Illinois Institute of Technology, Roosevelt University, University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, Drexel University, Georgetown University, George Washington University, and American University Washington DC.

Ques 3) What is the campus stay fee of Duke University? 

Ans: The campus stay fee of Duke University is around $50.45/day.

Summing Up

You may contact the leading source who will lead you through a streamlined process of choosing the appropriate accommodation in the United States if you would like additional information about student housing in the United States of America. You may begin the process of making arrangements for higher education in full force now that finding housing for your studies abroad is as simple as clicking a few buttons on your computer. At IBT Overseas, we have an experienced team of USA student visa consultants that will help you in your study visa process.

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