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MS in USA : A Step By Step Guide With Complete Details

You might be flushed up with lots of questions related to the application procedure for MS in the United States of America from India. 

It is crystal clear that the admission requirements for MS in the USA might seem to be quite intimidating in the beginning. The whole procedure can become quite easy if you really follow the right planning without much hesitation. 

In this whole blog, we have truly explained the whole process of application in the right way. 

Table of Contents

  1. Why Choose MS in USA?

  2. Eligibility Criteria

  3. Admission Requirements

  4. Top Universities

  5. Fees of Universities

  6. Cost of MS

  7. Available Scholarships 

  8. Job Opportunities

  9. Wrapping Up

  10. FAQ

Why Choose MS in USA? 

Great choices for specialization: There is a wide range of MS degrees that are further fragmented into 781 specializations. 

Great eligibility criteria at the time of the pandemic:  Numerous universities offer courses that have certain types of eligibility requirements. 

Valuable learnings: We would like to enlighten you that this specific course structure provides amp-le industry experience in the form of an internship.

Get the chance to study from top universities:  According to the 2021 ranks, all the US universities are paramount in the entire ranking for education.

Eligibility Criteria Required for MS In USA

  • The candidate should have a four-year undergraduate program in their preferred academic discipline. 

  • The student needs to keep in mind that their average CPA should be around 3.0 equal to 65-70%

  • The requirement of the English proficiency test is quite important and the student should get quality marks in it. 

  • The student should also get the GRE score and it should be around 290 or more. 

Admission Requirements For MS in USA 

Once a student has determined that they meet the requirements for admission to a master's degree program in the United States of America, they must next produce a number of required papers in order to complete the application process. Take a look at the same thing from a more in-depth perspective here:

  • TRF for examinations of English language competence such as the TOEFL or the IELTS

  • The outcomes of standardized examinations such as the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) and (GMAT)

  • Two to three letters of recommendation (Letters of Recommendation)

  • Either a Statement of Purpose (SOP) or an Application Essay, depending on which is required.

  • If required, a resume or curriculum vitae

  • official copies of their academic results and mark sheets, including those for Classes X and XII as well as for their Bachelor's degree

  • Certificates and documentation of previous work experience, if required

  • copies of various ID documents and passports

  • photographs according to the required dimensions

  • Declaration for any additional curricular involvement, as well as any other information that was requested on the application form

  • WES Evaluation documents, in the event that they are required

  • The Microsoft Application Lifecycle

  • The application period for the Autumn/Fall Intake begins in late September or early October and continues all the way up to the second week of December.

If you really fulfill all the above-stated requirements then you will surely be able to apply for the MS in the USA. So stop yourself from any type of struggle and consider connecting the quality information. We are sure that if you hold the aspiration then it is not at all difficult for you to fulfill these requirements. 

Top Universities for MS in the USA

We would like to present all possible information about the universities that can easily help you achieve a great pathway to apply for the MS in the USA from India. Without deviating your mind carefully read the table given below:


Level Of Study

Application Start Date

Application End Date

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)





Early Action: 1st November

Regular Decision: 1st January

December- January (varies according to department)

Harvard University





Early Action: 1st November

Regular Decision: 1st January

December- January (varies according to department)

Stanford University





Early Action: 1st November

Regular Decision: 3rd January


California Institute of Technology





Early Action: 1st November

Regular Decision: 3rd January

December 15- January 01 (varies according to department)

Princeton University





Early Action: 1st November

Regular Decision: 1st January


Fees of Universities Offering MS in USA

Get clear-cut information about MS in USA by reviewing the underneath table in the right way: 



Average Annual Fees (USD)


Harvard University



Stanford University



Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)



UC Berkeley

26,000 to 72,000


University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)



Yale University

43,000 to 72,500


Princeton University



University of Pennsylvania

53,000 to 72,000

Cost of MS in the USA

You might be gathering wholesome knowledge about the basic cost of studying MS from the USA. We would like to make a statement that yes it does cost a lot. However, if you consider making the proper plan then you can easily be able to manage it without much hassle. Before walking on the path of assumption we would like you to read this blog. As here you will definitely get direct information about all the expenses of studying in the USA.

Cost Components 

Average Cost (USD)





Applications Fees






Tuition Fees


Living Expenses


Availability of Scholarship for MS 

If you find the whole expenses of studying and residing in India way more than there is the availability of scholarships. The US government also has options of scholarships that the students can easily avail themselves of so that they can study without much hindrance. 


Merit-based scholarship 

University Scholarship

Country-specific scholarship

Private Scholarship 

Government Scholarship 

Job Opportunities after Completing MS in USA

After completing the MS from the best universities present in the USA. You really need to collect quality information about job opportunities. Obviously, you must be working hard because you really want to attain the best job that can work wonders for your case. 

MS Specialization

Popular Job Roles

Average Annual Salary (USD)

MS in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineer, Project Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer


MS in Electrical Engineering

Radio Engineer, Systems Engineer, Electrical Design Engineer


MS in Marketing

Marketing Manager, Marketing Specialist, Marketing Director


MS in Engineering Management

Project Manager, Program Manager, Industrial Engineer


MS in Information Systems

Information Technology Manager, Systems Administrator, Software Developer


MS in Public Health

Healthcare Consultant, Research Associate, Health Educator



Ques 1) What is required to study in the universities of the USA for MS?

Ans: In addition, students who want to attend a university in the United States need to have completed 16 years of schooling and have a grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0 on a scale of 4.0. 

Ques 2) What will I learn in the MS from the USA?

Ans: A master's degree in the United States often consists of studies in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and management) fields and programs. Students majoring in STEM fields have the chance to take full advantage of the advantages that come with participating in an Optional Practical Training (OPT) program.

Ques 3) What will be the price of MS from the USA?

Ans: The price of tuition fee for a Master of Science degree varies from state to state in the United States since it is based not only on the institution but also on the number of credit hours required for the program. 

Wrapping Up

Applying for an MS from the USA is not as difficult as it may seem to you. Take out some quality time and read this blog as it may add great knowledge. Don't let anything bind you. We truly think that this whole blog can basically provide you with quality information that can help you achieve all your aspirations in just a few attempts. IBT Overseas is the leading team of student visa consultants that helps you in filing your Visa & assists you in the whole study visa process.

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