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All Job Opportunities In Canada For Indian Students

Are you an Indian? and just completed your studies in Canada. Then, you need to think about getting a good job in Canada. Getting a great job in Canada is not easy as it sounds to you.

Don't worry!!

Understanding this problem, IBT Overseas research & development team prepared the list of all job opportunities in Canada for Indian students.

Let's, discuss them one by one below.

Table of Contents

  1. Part Time Job Opportunities

  2. Full Time Job Opportunities

  3. Cash Based Job opportunities

  4. How To Apply for Full Time Jobs?

  5. FAQ

  6. Conclusion

Part Time Job Opportunities in Canada

Let's check out some of the magnificent part time jobs in Canada for international students. These jobs are basically estimated to get good salary: 

Part-Time Job Opportunities 

Salary in CAD (per hour)


25 CAD

Sales Assistant

12 CAD

Customer Service Assistant

11 CAD

Office Assistant

13-15 CAD


13 CAD

Programme Facilitator

13 CAD

Uber Driver

14-25 CAD


14 CAD


74 CAD

Dog Walker

14 CAD


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Full Time Job Opportunities in Canada

Let's checkout the full-time jobs opportunities in Canada. These full-time jobs help you to get good salary.

Job Field

Average Pay per Hour


27 CAD 


18 CAD


23 CAD


19 CAD

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Cash Based Job Opportunities in Canada

If you are not able to devote more than 20 hours at the workplace. In that case a cash based job in Canada can help you earn a penny and works as a great improvement for you. Below crafted is the table that you can consider for getting the full information about the cash based job in the Canada:

Full Time Job Position

Salary in CAD (per hour)

Financial Assistant


HR recruiter

12 CAD


14 CAD

Online tutor

16 CAD

Graphic Designer


Business development manager

12 CAD


16 CAD

How Should You Apply for Jobs in Canada?

Before you start looking for work opportunities for international students in Canada, you should first compile a detailed curriculum vitae that contains your educational qualifications, abilities and experiences, achievements, and any other pertinent facts. You may find employment in Canada:

  • You may choose the right employment for you by using online tools that let you look for jobs based on your preferences for location as well as the kind of work that interests you. You may find these choices on several internet job search platforms.

  • The most common and convenient approach to learn about employment openings that are situated on campus is to peruse the bulletin boards.

  • Universities in Canada typically provide a specialized career team made of specialists who are glad to help you in finding an acceptable part-time job and present all of the needed data. These professionals can be found in the career centers of these universities.

  • If you talk to the people around you and keep an eye out for openings that are listed around campus, you may find something that is a good match for you if you do both of these things.

  • When it comes to the quest for career prospects off campus, the role that local newspapers play is analogous to that of bulletin boards. If you subscribe to a local newspaper, you will be able to be informed about job openings in your community at all times.


Ques 1) What is the basic pay of the part time jobs in Canada?

Ans) The basic salary for any type of the part time jobs is CAD $133 150 per year. There are many individuals who actually pay $ 17 per hour to the working students. 

Ques 2) Will I get a part time job in Canada?

Ans) Yes, you will surely be able to get a great part time job in Canada without any type of hindrance. 

Ques 3) Will Indians get jobs in India in the limited duration?

Ans) Yes, all the Indians can easily work in Canada. Moreover, the students will also get the work permits. Get the right jobs as these are the right things that can easily be beneficial for the students. 


We all know that finding a right job in Canada is quite hard in every case. But, read the entire blog as it can soulfully help you in a magnificent manner. The more you attain the full information the more you will be able to walk in the right direction without any type of further hindrance. We truly think that this blog can enlighten your mind and motivate you to get the right job in specific hindrance in the limited duration of time. At IBT Overseas, we have an experienced team of Canada study visa consultants that will help you in your study visa process.

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