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Part-time Jobs in Canada for International Students With Complete Details

Every year, a plethora of students want to study in Canada. Along with studies, they look for various job opportunities to manage their finances because living costs and education cost in Canada is very high. Moreover, a new law is introduced in Canada according to which students can now work for 40 hours a week instead of 20 hours.

Because of this law, the work which was previously done by two students is now handled by one student only. This way, there is a shortage of work there.

However, there are the top 10 part-time jobs in Canada for international students which can be done to earn more and manage your finances. This blog will illustrate all the details about the top 10 part-time jobs you can find in Canada. 

Table of Contents

  1. List of Top 10 Part-time Jobs in Canada

    1.1 Teacher’s Assistant 

    1.2 Language Translator 

    1.3 Barista 

    1.4 Babysitter

    1.5 Freelancer

    1.6 Tutor 

    1.7 Server

    1.8 Bookstore Assistant 

    1.9 Call Center 

    1.10 Uber Driver

  2. FAQ

  3. Summing Up 

List of Top 10 Part-time Jobs in Canada for International Students

Here is the list of the best part-time jobs in Canada which are easy and good for international students: 

1. Teacher’s Assistant 

Teachers in Canadian colleges and universities often look for assistants who can support them with different tasks. These tasks include teaching students, assisting them, crafting study plans, updating paperwork such as scores of the students in the exams and so on. If you have good teaching and organizational skills, you can apply for this job role. So, what are the benefits of taking this job role? The first advantage is that you will get an on-campus job and you don’t need to travel anywhere else. Moreover, by teaching and explaining concepts to other students, you can strengthen your concepts. 

Average pay per hour: CAD$15.65

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2. Language Translator 

If you know more than one language perfectly, you can apply for this job role. In Canada, there are many organizations that deal with clients from all over the world. They often look for a translator who can translate their thoughts and ideas to the clients and vice versa. To be a language translator, you must have a good command of the languages. You need to be fluent, your writing skills must be good and your reading skills must be on point. 

Average pay per hour: CAD$21.16

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3. Barista 

Although the job at a Barista is the less paying job in Canada, international students can still enjoy some perks and tips. During weekends, vacations and festive seasons, students can enjoy more tips. This is the best job for coffee lovers because they can enjoy free coffee every day. Moreover, the environment at the coffee shop is entertaining and enjoyable. The best part is that the students can choose flexible working hours as per their availability. This way, they can easily manage their studies and work perfectly. 

Average pay per hour: CAD$11.41

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4. Babysitter

If you are good at handling kids, love to play with kids and enjoy their company, this job role will suit you perfectly. In Canada, most parents are working. Therefore, they need someone who can look after their kids. So, if you can take proper care of babies, feed them on time, play with them and handle other job responsibilities, you can apply for the role of a babysitter. Many of your friends and neighbors and even your teachers will let you know about the requirement of a babysitter if you approach them and ask them for the same. There are chances that you may get more than the average pay for the role of babysitter. 

Average pay per hour: CAD$14

5. Freelancer

Freelancing jobs in Canada include content writing, web designing, graphic designing and so on. The list of freelancers is huge. In Canada, freelancers are required almost in every major organization. If you have good writing skills, editing skills or designing skills, you can be a freelancer. You will get high pay for this job role. The biggest advantage of this job role is that you don’t need to travel anywhere as you can do your work from your home. This way, you can easily manage your time for studies, assignments and work instead of wasting time on traveling. 

Average pay per hour: CAD$25.60

6. Tutor 

Do you have a vast knowledge of the subjects? Are you good at teaching? Then, this job responsibility will be the best fit for you. Being a tutor, you can teach students of the pre-elementary level, primary level, secondary level or post-secondary level depending on your knowledge and capability. You can either teach students independently or join tutoring programs at a school or college. For some crucial and deep subjects, you will be paid high or for basic subjects, the pay might be average. 

Average pay per hour: CAD$15.00 - CAD$20.00

7. Server

This is the most common job for international students in Canada which offers flexible working hours. However, working at night is a great option as students can enjoy a good amount of tips at night. However, during busy days and weekends as well, students can easily make $75 - $150 tips a night. To be perfect for this job role, you need to be polite and have good customer-handling tips. You need to be quick enough to serve orders on time. 

Average pay per hour: CAD$11.00 + Additional tips 

8. Bookstore Assistant 

The bookstore is available at every university, college or institution. This is a store where people come to buy books and stationery. The job role of bookstore assistant is to manage books, notebooks and stationery in the store and to organize them. You may also be asked to print documents, but it is not in every case. The biggest benefit of becoming a bookstore assistant is that you can get discounts on books and stationery. To apply for this job role, you need to send your resume to your university and other institutions as well and wait for the response. It is better to apply to your university because this way, you can work on campus. 

Average pay per hour: CAD$16.25

9. Call Center 

If you are a person with excellent communication skills and are fluent in the language, this job role is waiting for you. Although the job postitions in the call center require candidates with prior experince, freshers can also apply. This is the best way to magnify your network. Moreover, call center jobs also have an option for work from home. So, you can save the traveling cost and also your precious time and work by sitting at your comfort zone. Hence, you can easily focus on your academic studies and earn wel to support yourself. 

Average pay per hour: CAD$15.35

10. Uber Driver

If you have good driving skills, are 21 years old and have your own car, smartphone and driving license, you can apply for the job role of Uber Driver. If you are thinking why smartphone is required. So let us tell you that your smartphone will help you connect you with riders in your locality.  This job postition is also common and high paying for international students in Canada. The best workings hours are early morning, evening and full day during weekends. However, the rest depnds on your availability and class timings. 

Average pay per hour: CAD$15.00 - CAD$25.58


Ques 1) What is the minimum age required to be an Uber Driver? 

Ans) The minimum age required to be an Uber Driver is 21. 

Ques 2) What are the on-campus part time jobs in Canada for international students? 

Ans) Teacher’s assistant, bookstore assistant, tutor and campus’s barista are some on-campus part time jobs in Canada for international students. 

Ques 3) What are the off-campus part time jobs in Canada for international students? 

Ans) Server, freelancer, uber driver, babysitter, language translator and call center jobs are the off-campus part-time jobs in Canada for international students. 

Ques 4) What is the highest paying part time job in Canada for international students? 

Ans) Content writing freelancing job is the highest paying part time job in Canada for international students. 

Summing Up

To sum up, getting a part-time job in Canada in not difficult if you have good skills and dedication. As per your interest and skills, you can apply for any of the job roles mentioned above to earn well and manage your finances. IBT Overseas is a leading team of Canada student visa consultants, helping stduents in visa filing process.

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