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Cash Jobs in Canada for International Students With Complete Details

As we all know, Most of the international students want to study in Canada. Because Education system of Canada is one of the attracting reason to choose Canada.

However, students look for job opportunities in Canada to manage their finances. 

But, according to govt rules, students can work limited hours daily.

So, for working more than that, you need to work on cash based jobs outside the institution. What are these jobs? What are the job roles? What do students have to do? 

Let’s discover answers in this blog. Leave all your tasks aside, grab a coffee mug to keep yourself awake and read this blog carefully to know the information. 

Table of Contents

  1. Top 6 Cash Jobs in Canada

    1.1 Snow plow driver

    1.2 Student photographer

    1.3 Dog Walker 

    1.4 Home Tutor 

    1.5 Ride-sharing driver 

    1.6 Household helper

  2. FAQ

  3. Summing Up 

Top 6 Cash Jobs in Canada for International Students

Here is the list of your jobs which are cash-based and international students can do in Canada:

1. Snow plow driver

This is the job of removing snow from the front of houses, streets and roads. This job requires a person who has enough strength to work in cool weather. Moreover, a person must be able to plow the snow quickly and neatly. However, while working on a road, you need to be careful. Otherwise, you might meet with an accident. Snow plow driver is a job that will help you earn more as a student because you can easily make $400 - $500 dollars a day. 

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2. Student photographer

If you have good photography skills, this job role will suit you perfectly. Some international students are very photogenic. They need someone who can click their pictures. Moreover, some are YouTubers and influencers. They need someone who can click their pictures and make their videos on a regular basis. So, you can ask them to do the job. This way, you can earn well and that too in a cash form. The best thing is that you can do this work at your flexible time. 

3. Dog Walker 

If you love to go out for a hangout and will get paid for it, how would you feel? It would be so exciting, right? So, here is one job role for you which is a dog walker. For this, you can contact the people who have pets because these people require someone who can take their pets for a walk. You will get to know about this job from your network. If someone calls you for this job, you can take out the dog along with you for a hangout. You can walk for half an hour or an hour and will be paid $15 per hour. You can do this job with different pet owners as many times a day as you want. 

4. Home Tutor 

You can become a Home Tutor in Canada if you have a vast knowledge of the subjects. This is a high-paying job in Canada and you can also get your pay in cash. To apply for this job, you need to search a lot and look for someone who needs a home tutor. After researching, you can contact the students or their parents who posted for the same. They may call you for an interview, but it is not necessary every time. After getting hired, you need to go to the student’s home at a given time to teach him/her for 2-3 hours. 

5. Ride-sharing driver 

If you have your own car or bike with a valid license, you can share your ride with others. You need to have great driving skills to be a ride-sharing driver. Moreover, you need to be careful while driving. The best thing about this job is that you can do this job whenever you want. There is no compulsion to do this job every day. The other plus point is that whenever you have to travel from one place to other, you can share your ride. This way, you don’t need to travel specially and can earn a good sum of money. 

6. Household helper

You can also be a household helper. What you have to do is take care of various things in the house such as cleaning, cooking, serving and so on. You may also need to take care of the kids and old aged people at home. You can ask your neighbors, friends, teachers and relatives and know about someone who is in need of a house helper. After that, you can directly approach the person and know about the per-hour pay. If suitable for you, you can take this job responsibility on yourself. 


Ques 1) Is it possible for international students to do a cash-based job in Canada? 

Ans) Yes, international students can do a cash-based job in Canada. 

Ques 2) Which skills are required for the job role of a student photographer? 

Ans) Amazing photography skills are required for the job role of a student photographer. 

Ques 3) Is a license required to be a ride-sharing driver? 

Ans) Yes, a license is required to be a ride-sharing driver. 

Ques 4) What is the average per-hour pay for a job position of a dog walker? 

Ans) The average per-hour salary for the job position of a dog walker is $15. 

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To conclude, even though many jobs don’t allow you to get your salary in cash, ether are some jobs through which you can earn money in cash. Moreover, jobs in the warehouse and Walmarts also have an option of getting your pay in cash. The salary for 20 hours will be paid through the account and for the extra working hours, you will be paid in cash. IBT Overseas is a leading team of Canada student visa consultants, help students in visa filing process.

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