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GAP Certificate : Know What, Why, Format and More

Many people resume their studies in abroad after a long gap. But, most of foreign universities dosen't accept application due to the long gap. Hence, before restarting the studies in abroad, you might have to submit a valid GAP certificate. 

Now, many of you will be thinking, What is a Gap certificate? and what information does it contain? Don't worry!!

In this article, we are going to cover each and every point in this. Without wasting any time, Let's begin...

Table of Contents

  1. What is GAP certificate?

  2. What information Does Gap Certificate contain?

  3. Documents Required 

  4. How to make GAP certificate?

  5. Cost to make a certificate

  6. Benefits of GAP certificate

  7. FAQs

  8. Conclusion

What is Gap Certificate?

A gap certificate is a document that shows the reason for the break you have taken during your study program and the duration of the break.

Moreover, you have to give evidence that you were not involved in any criminal or illegal activity during that period. If you provide any wrong information in this certificate, it will directly lead to your admission cancellation.

What Information Does Gap Certificate Contain?

  • Personal details: In this particular section, a student’s full name, mother/father/guardian name along with the exact resident address are mentioned.

  • Educational details: This is the second section which includes the information about the qualification you have done, the year of the qualification and the name of the school/college or institute. 

  • Valid reason: In this section, the reason for your gap is explained. In simple terms, you need to state why there is a study gap along with the reason such as financial issues, health issues, internship, etc. 

  • Gap duration: This section comes after the one in which your reason is given. In this part, you have to mention the starting date of the gap and the ending date of the gap. 

  • Signature of student: Here, a student needs to read the form carefully in order to sign it. 

  • Application date: The date of the application needed to be mentioned in this section. 

  • Signature of Advocate: Here, the advocate needs to sign the certificate by verifying that the statements given are true. No material information has been concealed. If at any time in the future, the facts stated are not found to be true, your advocate will take full responsibility for the cancellation of your admission. 

Documents Required to Get Gap Certificate 

Those who want to apply for a gap certificate need to submit some essential documents first. Don’t make the mistake of submitting original documents to an unreliable source because a copy of documents is required to apply for a gap certificate along with the application form. Here are some documents required for a gap certificate: 

  • Proof of your identity such as PAN card, Voter card, Adhaar card, etc. 

  • Transfer certificate/ School leaving certificate from a school or college. 

  • Valid residency proof

  • A letter or declaration from a previous institution. 

  • Academic certificate and marks of the exam you appeared for the last year. 

  • Evidence of citizenship

  • Written documentation that states the reason for your study gap.                                            

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Steps to Make a Gap certificate 

To make a Gap certificate, you need to approach a lawyer. Well, you can also move to the district court. The court will issue a legit certificate which is evidence of the student’s reason for the gap during the academic course. After receiving this gap certificate, the student needs to submit it to the institution he/she is applying along with the documents mentioned below: 

  • Transfer certificate/ School leaving certificate from a school or college. 

  • Marksheet 

  • Certificate of the degree that is completed by the candidate previously.

  • ID proof

  • Birth certificate 

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Cost to make a gap certificate 

You first have to take a stamp paper from the lawyer or the court. So, It will take somewhere around 100-400 INR to get a stamp paper. In this paper, you can give the reason for your study gap. However, if you want to apply for a gap certificate only, it will cost around 70 -150 INR. 

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Benefits of a Gap certificate 

Why must you make a gap certificate for studying abroad? What are its benefits? If these questions also pop up in your mind, have a look at the below-mentioned steps to know its benefits: 

  • It states the reason for your education loss.

  • It will cover your study gap and help you get admission to the desired institution. 

  • It helps in crisis management.

  • Students don’t need to worry about their gap and they can pause their studies due to some serious issues. 

  • Leads a good impact on the recruiters. 

  • It will be really helpful in employment interviews. 


Ques 1) Which documents are required to make a GAP certificate? 

Ans) Transfer certificate, mark sheet, certificate of your previous degree, ID proof and birth certificate are required to make a GAP certificate. 

Ques 2) How much it costs to make a GAP certificate? 

Ans) It will cost somewhere around 100-400 to make a GAP certificate. 

Ques 3) What is required to mention on a stamp sheet to make a GAP certificate? 

Ans) You need to mention the reason for your study gap on a stamp sheet to make a GAP certificate. 

Ques 4) Can a GAP certificate help you apply for a study visa abroad? 

Ans) Yes, if you mention a genuine reason for your study gap along with the proofs, you can easily apply for a study visa abroad.


To deduce, there is no need to worry if you have a long-term or short-term study gap, Gap certificate is here to secure you. We hope this complete guide will help you get your Gap certificate efficiently without any confusion or chaos. At IBT Overseas, we have an experienced team of student visa consultants that will help you in your study visa process.

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