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How to Cover the Gap for a Canada Study Visa?

There are many international students looking for Study in Canada. But, due to gap in studies, they're worried about getting study visa.

However, Getting Canada study visa is not only SOP, funds, and immigration process. It requires academic certificates as well. 

If you have'e genuine reason for gap in studies, you can provide gap certificate.

On the whole, it depends on visa officer, he/she will accept your visa application or not. Here IBT Overseas research & development team giving some tips to cover the gap for Canada study visa.

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Table of Contents

  1. Tips & Tricks to Cover the Gap

     1.1 Add Educational Certificates

     1.2 Attach Medical Certificates

     1.3 Add Family-related Documents

     1.4 Connect Internship or Job Certificates

     1.5 Add Competitive Examination Admit Card

  4. Why Choose IBT Overseas?

  5. Wrapping Up 

  6. FAQ

Tips to Cover the Gap for Canada Study Visa

Here below is the tips to cover the Gap for Canada study visa. Without wasting anytime let's discuss them one by one.

Add Educational Certificates

Most students tend to make up their minds that they really want to improve their Academic scores. Yes, it is truly possible. 

The students get involved in a wide range of studies, which have the caliber to change the entire look and feel of the student's career. 

This becomes the great reason to cover the gap for Canada study visa.

"Hii Manbir Singh Here founder & CEO of IBT Overseas, Holds 10+ years of immigration experience. We are an emerging team of immigration consultants sucessfully stamped 1000+ Canada Visa. IBT Overseas recently bagged the “Best in the market” award in the immigration  field by the leading national media."



Attach Medical Certificates

If you are pursuing a degree, then there might be chances that an unforeseen health condition might upset you to the core. This further results in the gap. It has been observed that there is no specific motive for entertaining the gap by most of the students.

Some lack in many ways, so that becomes the main reason for their gap in their studies. Going for the studies again after having two to three years of the gap is not at all a bad thing.

You just have to showcase some kind of authentic medical proof of why you have so much of a gap between your studies. 

Add Family-related Documents

Issues related to the family are something that can easily have a great impact on the lives of most individuals. There are some kinds of issues that can easily hamper your entire study routine in a remarkable manner.

Here are some of the issues which you can get proof:

  • Death Certifcate in blood relation
  • Born new baby in family
  • Marriage certificate 

However, you should have all types of proof so that you will surely be able to present your case without much struggle. 

Connect Internship or Job Certificates

The gap because of job is something that will surely be appreciated in every part of Canada. The immigration authorities will surely appreciate you and help you justify your gap.

You have the chance to add the following documents as your proof:

  • Salary slips
  • Experience letters
  • Work experience letters

Add Competitive Examination Admit Card

It is the basic tendency of Indian students that they often take their time off to prepare for certain types of exams. There is nothing wrong with the preparation for the government exam.

There is a wide range of scope related to the government exam. But if you are attending coaching classes, then in that case, you really have to find a satisfactory way. to To answer your question.

You can easily come up with admit card of exam.

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Want to Cover Gap for Canada Study Visa?


Why Choose IBT Overseas?

The basic reason behind the incorporation of the IBT Overseas is to provide the following:

  • Get a free profile evaluation from study abroad experts
  • Option to choose a university based on your profile
  • If required, get gap certificates for you
  • Connect with university reps & clear your admission-related queries
  • Exclusive access to application fee waivers, discount vouchers and more!

Wrapping Up 

Constantly asking how to cover the gap for Canada study visa can be a pain. But getting better solution is a huge win for visa approval and career. We hope these tips definately help! Want to cover the gap? IBT Overseas is leading team of experienced Canada student visa consultants help you in your study visa process.


Ques.1) How much Gap is acceptable for an undergraduate study program in Canada?

Ans) A gap of two years is acceptable for an undergraduate study program in Canada.

Ques.2) If a job or an internship program is a reason for the study gap, how to cover it to study in Canada?

Ans) If the reason for your study gap is a job or internship, you need to submit salary slips, experience letters, appointment letters and work experience certificates to cover your gap.

Ques.3) What type of gaps are allowed to study in Canada with valid proof?

Ans) Job, internship programs,  medical issues, traveling, financial issues, preparation for competitive exams and reappearing for the exam are some kinds of gaps that are allowed to study in Canada if you have valid proof.

Ques.4) Can students with a gap of 4 years be able to do a post-graduation in Canada?

Ans.) Yes, students with a gap of 4 years are able to do a post-graduation in Canada because Canada accepts maximum gap of 5 years for postgraduation courses.

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