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How to Cover the Gap for USA Study Visa?

Getting a USA study visa is a constant uphill battle for all international students. Nowadays, most students are so worried about their study gap. 

Are you also one of them who has a gap in studies and still wants to study in USA?? Then, this blog will act as a boon for you.

Here, IBT Overseas research & development team has pen downed tips and tricks to cover the gap for a student visa. 

 Let's know the tips to cover your study gap one-by-one without wasting much time. 

Table of Contents

  1. Is the gap acceptable for USA

  2. Acceptable study gap

  3. Tips to Cover the Gap

    3.1 Medical Certificate

    3.2 Experience Certificates 

    3.3 Proof of Participation 

    3.4 Certificate of Courses 

  4. Why choose IBT Overseas? 

  5. FAQs

Is Study Gap Acceptable for United States?

Yes, a gap of 1 year is acceptable for the USA study visa but there must be some valid reason for your gap. However, if there is a long gap, you've to give authentic gap certificate with accurate justification.

Because nowadays, the US education system is very stringent to the study gap. Without showing valid proof of your study gap, you may not be accepted by good universities. 

A long gap is only acceptable if the university feels that you have utilized your time in the right manner such as for developing skills and so on.

Moreover, if you are suitable fit for the university such as if you have a good academic background and good scores in the entrance exams and language proficiency tests, your gap might be acceptable by the university.                                                        

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Acceptable Study Gap Duration for USA study visa 

Some students want to pursue a diploma course in the USA, some want to pursue an undergraduate course while some opt for a postgraduate course. However, there is a condition for the gap. A long study gap isn't acceptable whether you opt for any type of course until and unless you have proper evidence. So, let’s have a look at the underneath table to know the acceptable gap for the USA student visa: 


Acceptable Gap 


1 year


2 year for Entrance exam prepration


1 year 


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Tips to Cover the Gap for USA Study Visa

If you want that study gap would not create any problem while applying for USA study visa, here are some tips to cover the gap. 

1. Medical Certificate

If the reason for your study gap is some medical conditions, you can easily cover this gap by providing a valid proof in the form of medical certificates and doctor’s reports. If you are giving evidence of your health issues, even a gap of 2-3 years will be accepted and you can move abroad to pursue higher studies without any hassle. 

2. Experience Certificates 

A number of students usually skip their studies because of some financial problems and they start earning to manage finances for a living. On the other side, some join a company to get some kind of work experience. Whatever the reason is, if you want to cover this gap, you have to provide your experience certificate along with the salary slips to prove that you have been working with a particular company during the period of your study gap. 

3. Proof of Participation 

If you have done any kind of social work or voluntary, and that is the primary reason or your study gap, don’t need to bother about it.  You can provide proof of participation and show a particular enhancement in your skills to cover the study visa gap. 

4. Certificate of Courses 

If you were involved in any part-time or full-time courses, you can give an official certificate of the course stating that you have done a particular course for a certain period of time to cover your study gap efficiently. 

Why Choose IBT Overseas? 

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Ques 1) How much gap is acceptable for the USA study visa? 

Ans) I year of a gap is acceptable for the USA study visa but you need to give proper clarification and proof for your study gap. 

Ques 2) Is a long study gap accepted for the USA study visa? 

Ans) Yes, a long study gap is accepted for the USA study visa but only if you have a genuine reason and proof evidence for your study gap. 

Ques 3) Which proof is required to cover the gap due to medical conditions? 

Ans) You can provide medical certificates and doctor’s reports to cover the gap because of certain health conditions. 

Ques 4) Can experience certificates help to cover the gap for the USA study visa? 

Ans) Yes, you can provide experience certificates if you have worked with a certain company during the study gap period. 

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