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How to Get a Scholarship to Sudy in USA after 12th?

Are you looking to studying in USA? But, due to less budget you're looking for scholarships to study in USA.


Well, same as yours, there are many people in India who are searching for scholaships but don't know how to get these scholarships.

Don't worry!!

By understanding this problem, IBT Overseas research & development team has created this blog, for giving you useful tips to get scholarships in USA.

Table of Contents

  1. List of Scholarships

  2. Tips to Get Scholarship

  3. Steps to Apply for Scholarship

  4. FAQ

  5. Conclusion

List of Scholarships to Study in USA 

In the United States, receiving a degree from college comes at a significant financial investment. There may not be any financial assistance programmes in the United States that are open to the foreign student, but there are a lot of options for Indian high school graduates to study in the United States due to international scholarships.

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To be more specific, a number of educational institutions in the United States provide financial assistance programmes that are geared specifically at students from the Indian subcontinent. Let's take a look at some of the most coveted forms of financial assistance that are available to Indian students studying in the United States.

Name of the scholarship


Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program (Government-funded)

This is only for the study abroad students studying the non-degree graduate program related to the basic practical experience. 

AAUW International Fellowships

(Non-Government scholarship)

In this section the scholarship basically includes ?13,15,071 – ?21,91,485. The international women enrolled in this program should be post graduate and graduate. 

#YouAreWelcomeHere Scholarship

(Non-Government scholarship)

It is a social media campaign designed to captivate the minds of the students studying in the USA. As their education system is one of the prominent ones in the constructive manner.

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7 Tips to Get Scholarship to Study in USA

In this section you will definitely get some of the effective tips that can help you get the scholarship in a constructive way. Consider reading all the tips mentioned below: 

1. Never restrict your scholarship 

The fact that the requirements for winning one of these scholarships may be somewhat stringent is one of the possible drawbacks. The sheer number of applicants makes what were already very remote chances of winning a scholarship much less likely. Because doing so will significantly increase the likelihood of you getting selected for the scholarship in question, it is in your best interest to apply for each and every one of them. This includes submitting applications for scholarships with lesser prize amounts; these types of scholarships tend not to have as much competition, which significantly increases your chances of being given one.

2. Achieve good scores in academics

The most prestigious educational institutions in the United States will take notice of your application if you obtain a high score on a standardised test such as the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT), the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). On the other hand, achieving a high grade point average in college is far more beneficial than doing well on standardized tests. 

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3. Send in your application in advance

Even if the deadlines for admissions come first, the applications for certain scholarships have earlier due dates than others do. However, a common mistake that a lot of students make is that they submit their scholarship applications together with their university applications. If you make that error, you won't have time to apply for the scholarship before it's too late and you won't be eligible for it. If you are a student studying abroad, you may increase your chances of being awarded a scholarship by submitting your application early and developing a plan that has been given careful consideration.

4. Make a great letter of recommendation

There is a lot of competition for scholarships to study in the United States, and sometimes a student's chances of being awarded one are determined by the strength of the letters of recommendation they get. When compared to a letter written by a family member or close friend, a letter written by a professional or academic expert carries a great deal more weight.

As a result of this, it is strongly suggested that you get in touch with a teacher or an educator who has acted as a guide or advisor to you and inquire about obtaining a reference for the scholarship application you will be submitting. In addition to pointing you in the correct way academically and professionally, a mentor may also be able to supply you with a glowing reference.

5. Showcase of the right values

Volunteering is an excellent way to increase your chances of being awarded a scholarship from a college or university in the United States. If a student candidate to an educational institution in the United States can show both a desire to help other people and the ability to successfully manage both people and situations, they have a good chance of being accepted for scholarship support. Highlighting your relevant experience and achievements, such as those you have obtained via leadership roles or involvement in extracurricular activities, can help your scholarship application stand out from the crowd. A greater amount of credibility is accorded to allegations that are backed by certifications and many other forms of recorded evidence.

6. Create a workable essay

If you seize this opportunity, your skills will be on display, and you will be distinguished from the other applicants in a way that was not possible before. When applying to universities, a scholarship essay that is well-written and compelling might tilt the scales in your favour. In addition to ensuring that your grammar is correct throughout the whole of your essay, you should also make an effort to establish an emotional connection with the person who is reading it. The ideal language would be one that is easy to read, has a natural flow to it, and unambiguously delivers the message that its speakers seek to express.

7. Apply without making any blunders

It is imperative that you check the accuracy of the information that you have supplied on any forms that you fill out. Before submitting your application, it is recommended that you have your information checked over by a third party to ensure that it is error-free and accurate. This may contribute to the preservation of neutrality. The majority of the time, students studying abroad do not complete out the additional parts that are required to be considered for a scholarship. Because these are the ports of entry via which the school may learn more about you, both in terms of your interests and your past, omitting them might be detrimental to your application.

How to Apply for Scholarships to Study in USA?

Here are a few steps applying for the scholarship to study in best universities of USA:

Step1: Ensure that your scholarship application are received by the specified deadline

Do not put off filling out applications for colleges or scholarship paperwork because you do not want to risk missing out on possibilities to get financial help. Make sure that you have everything you need to apply to the schools that are at the top of your list before the application and scholarship deadlines pass at the last minute.

Step2: Be certain that you can fulfil all of the conditions necessary to get the scholarship.

Numerous organisations in the United States offer financial assistance in the form of scholarships to students of Indian ancestry who are currently enrolled in an educational programme. The qualifications necessary to apply for these scholarships as well as the dates by which they must be submitted vary Because of this, it is quite important to do research on the financial aid chances offered by potential institutions and evaluate whether or not we are eligible for any of the awards that are now available.

Step3: Maintain easy access to the documents that are most essential to you

The academic histories of scholarship candidates are taken into consideration when international institutions provide financial aid. Even though the majority of schools and educational facilities only need your transcript from the twelfth grade, there are a few that may need you to provide transcripts from the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades of your high school.

Step4: Be careful not to ruin your academic record

If you intend to get your master's degree from a school in another country, you may increase your chances of receiving financial aid by doing well on standardised language exams (such as the TOEFL or the IELTS) and on the Graduate Record Examinations.

Step5: Volunteer work

It is possible that you may be eligible for financial help if you participated in any volunteer activities when you were attending your previous institution. When assessing your profile, universities pay attention to the amount of time you provide as a volunteer to participating in cultural activities or events. Participating in activities both on campus and in the surrounding community may be beneficial to one's academic and personal development.

Step6: Recognition and Commendation

Because of your prior achievements and recognition, you have positioned yourself as a strong candidate for a scholarship. These may contain things like honours you've won, published research papers, certificates for involvement in extracurricular activities, or even merit badges you've achieved.

Step7: Scholarship Essay 

In your Scholarship Essay, you may differentiate yourself from the other applicants by demonstrating an interest in the programme and providing an explanation for why you should be awarded scholarship cash.

Step8: Letters of Recommendation 

Attempt to Acquire Your chances of earning the scholarship might be significantly increased by obtaining LORs from previous instructors. Even if a professor in your programme only taught you one or two courses, you have the option of requesting a letter of recommendation (LOR) from them. You may approach your manager and request that they write a letter of reference (LOR) on your behalf if you are already working and are interested in attending graduate school in another nation.

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Simply said, the purpose of this site is to provide you with an efficient means by which to acquire the scholarship in question. The more accurate information about the scholarship you are able to get, the more easily you will be able to continue in the appropriate way without encountering many obstacles. Try to read this blog without much hindrance. At IBT Overseas, we have an experienced team of student visa consultants that will help you in your study visa process.


Ques 1) How do you really need to get a free scholarship in the USA? 

Ans) Yes, you will definitely be able to get the free scholarship if you follow all the steps mentioned above. 

Ques 2) Will the process of getting the scholarship be really hard?

Ans) You just have to be eligible for attaining the scholarship in the specific university and college of the United States of America.

Ques 3) What will be the scholarship amount of the specific type of university?

Ans) The basic amount of the scholarship is around INR 13,15,071 – INR 21,91,485. 

Yes! i'm intersted.