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How Much Does it Cost to Study in USA for Indian Students?

Out of many prominent countries, why did you pick the USA as your sole study destination? The prime reason for this is that the USA has a country that will surely have the power to change the entire look and feel of your career. For so many years, this country provided quality education and provided magnificent scientists, engineers, and doctors and still lies on the same platter to do the good work. Availing the education in the USA is somewhat easier than you ever think. 

Yes, it is absolutely possible for Indian students to go out and consider taking assistance from the USA. To support your study in the USA there is a wide range of financial aid and scholarships available.  If you are among those students who are constantly searching for the right answer to the cost of study in the USA for Indian students. In that case, this whole blog can majorly help you to get quality information without any type of hassle. 

How much does it cost for an Indian student to study in the United States?

Nowadays, there are mostly students basically aim to study in the best universities in the USA. There are thousands of Indian students who go from their homeland each year to study in the USA. For Indian students, the expense of studying in the United States might seem to be too high. As a consequence, some people end up changing their emphasis to the United States in order to fund the costs of their education, which is a major problem for them. Course prices, the best American universities, and more are all discussed on this site for Indian students. Consider working really hard on this specific type of aspect so that you can easily collect all types of information about this whole topic.  

What does it cost to study in the US on a student visa from India?

To get a visa, you must have obtained the Form I-20 from your institution in the United States certifying that your enrollment has been approved. To study in the United States, most Indian students seek an F-1 or J-1 visa. Another 25,000 INR (360 USD) is added to the cost of traveling to the United States because of SEVIS costs (or F1 visa fees). This is one such cost that a person should not avoid at any cost. 
Students who want to study in the United States must submit a visa application and pay an application fee in addition to meeting a lengthy list of conditions. To apply for a J-1 student visa, the SEVIS cost is 16,720 Indian rupees. We've already gathered 80,000 people, and we have 't even flown to the United States yet. Flight prices are another key factor in Indian students' MS expenditures in the United States. If you have the aspiration to study in the USA in the limited time frame. In that case, consider reaching out to the IBT overseas as it is the only source that can actually work wonders for your case.

Application Fees for Indian students to study in the United States

An application processing fee is required of all students applying to study at the United States of America's institutions. Non-refundable application fees may vary from 3,700 INR (50 USD) up to 12,000 INR (150 USD) or more in most circumstances. While applying to graduate school, most students apply to at least three or four universities. Moreover, the foolproof cost of entry might be in the neighborhood of 22,000 INR. In the United States, several colleges also demand that applicants provide a paper copy of their materials. Any extra costs incurred by the courier will be your responsibility in this situation. Postal parcels have a maximum weight limit of 10,000 INR.

If you're interested in pursuing a master's degree in architecture, fine arts, or another related field, you may want to consider adding an additional fee to your application. This is the price you'll pay if you use Slideroom to submit your portfolios. The limit might be anywhere between 5,000 and 10,000 INR, depending on the number of portfolios involved.

Costs of flying from India to the United States

According to your departure and arrival location, how close to your trip date you are purchasing the ticket and which airlines you are traveling with will affect the price of your flight ticket. Flight tickets to the United States might cost anything from 50,000 INR to 1,00,000 INR for a single trip, on average. Follow the right procedure so that you don’t have to struggle in the coming time. 

To round things up, let's say it's 75,000 INR. Even before a student leaves India for the United States, we already know that they will spend 1,55,000 Indian rupees. Students from India should expect to pay significantly more or less for the same degree in the United States. When it comes to application fees and travel, the number of institutions you apply to has a significant impact on your entire expenditures. The rest of the costs will not change. When you do it all yourself, you get all of this. If you decide to enlist the assistance of a counselor in your quest to pursue an education overseas. Your present budget will need to be higher by 10,000 to 50,000 INR.

US Universities Course Wise Cost in 2022

Here in the below-mentioned table, you will definitely go to get quality information about the fee structure of the average and best universities in the USA:


Type of University

Highest Annual Tuition Fee 

Average Annual Tuition Fee

Lowest Annual Tuition Fee 

4-years or above


INR 17,96,909

INR 6,40,000

INR 36,504

Private, not-for-profit

INR 46,98,977

INR 21,74,801 

INR 1,71,112

Private, for-profit

INR 31,86,495

INR 12,71,784 

INR 2,98,116



INR 9,13,056

INR 2,85,948

INR 70,878

Private, not-for-profit

INR 40,91,794

INR 11,55,579

INR 2,56,288

Private, for-profit

INR 25,52,314

INR 11,36,795

INR 5,06,493

Less than 2 years


INR 14,26,317

INR 6,78,366

INR 1,76,892

Private, not-for-profit

INR 16,27,470

INR 12,80,834

INR 8,11,833

Private, for-profit

INR 23,04,315

INR 11,49,647

INR 4,86,491

Post-arrival MS Fees for Indian Students in the U.S.

The cost of MS in the United States for Indian students includes tuition, housing, and living costs. The cost of living in major cities like New York City, California, Chicago, and so on is substantially more than in smaller towns. Aside from your academic pursuits, your way of living will have an impact on the amount of money you have to spend while studying in the United States.

What are the general entrance examination costs for USA institutions?

Are you also planning to study in the USA? You have to note that it has more important tasks to complete other than basic visa processing and full admission procedure. After visiting the USA you will get the chance to understand the lectures, socialize with the right ones, consider making friends, and enhance your whole career. The procedure of applying for a USA study visa always needs certain types of criteria such as good scores in various types of exams such as  MCAT, PTE, IELTS, ACT, SAT, GMAT, and more. 

Bonus Read: Which Exam Is Required For Study In USA?

Check out the underneath table to attain detailed information about the cost of the exams that you need to study in the USA:

Exam Expense

Cost in INR


INR 14500

GRE Fees

INR 14600


INR 14700


INR 6200 - INR 7000 /INR 7700









How can IBT Overseas help you?

As we all know, the whole procedure of studying in USA without IELTS is quite daunting. IBT Overseas will surely be by your side and help you rise out better from all types of situations. The expert councilors present at IBT Overseas are well versed in understanding the hardship of the USA student visa. Here you will get assistance with all the pointers mentioned below: 

  • Craft your application package

  • Preparation of interview

  • Basic updates and follow-ups

  • Help in filling up the various forms in the right way

  • Complete the whole visa documents checklist

  • Proper checking and collection of all the documents

Summing Up

With that said, we truly think that this is one such blog that will definitely provide you with wholesome information about the cost of study in the USA for Indian students on a limited budget. Just take out some time to read this whole crafted piece so that you don’t have to struggle in the coming time.

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