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1 Year Diploma Courses in USA for International Students

Studying in USA is not just about visa, University and addmission.

It requires a deep understanding of cost, embassy, how to apply for USA study visa. Know the process in detailed video below.

In this article, we will take a look at 1 year diploma courses in USA for International students to kick start career in abroad.

Are you ready? Let’s jump right into it.......

Table of Contents

  1. 1 Year Diploma Courses

  2. 1 Year Management Course  

  3. 1 Year Digital Marketing Course

  4. 1 Year Hospitality Course

  5. 1 Year Interior Design Course

  6. How IBT Overseas Helps?

  7. Wrap Up

  8. FAQ

1 Year PG Diploma Courses in USA

The USA's PG diploma course is a good option for making a good career in a short period of time. Well, PG diplomas take 1 year to complete, so you can do other certifications as well. Check out the list of PG Diploma courses below:

PG Diploma Course

  • Diploma in Carpentry

  • Diploma in Opticianry

  • Diploma in General Machinist

  • PG Diploma in Digital Marketing

  • Diploma in Electrical Control Technology

  • Certificate in Farm Business Management

  • Diploma in Golf Course Management

  • Diploma in Welding

  • Certificate in Web Application Design 

  • Certificate in Administrative Assistant

  • Diploma in Accounting

  • PG Diploma in Big Data Technologies

  • Certificate in Water Quality Technician

  • Diploma in Green Building Technology

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1 Year Management Courses in USA

The USA is a well-known destination for studying management courses. So, USA's 1-year management course is a good career option. Furthermore, choosing a 1-year diploma in the management field will save you time. Check out the list of management courses in the USA below:

Management Course

  • Graduate Certificate in Business Management-Human Resources

  • Business Management 

  • Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management - Global Logistics

  • Certificate in Canadian Payroll Manager

  • Diploma in Supply Chain and Operations - Business

  • Diploma in Marketing

  • Diploma in Business - Accounting

  • Graduate Certificate in Project Management

  • Post-Grad Diploma in Business

  • Graduate Diploma in Accounting

  • Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management - Logistics 

  • Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management

  • Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics (BAPG) 

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1 Year Digital Marketing Courses in USA

The USA  is one of the perfect destinations for 1-year digital marketing courses. This course helps businesses as well as individuals make a good career. Here below you will find the list of 1-year digital marketing courses:

Digital Marketing Course

  • Master of Digital Media

  • MA in Experimental Digital Media

  • MBA in Digital Marketing

  • MS in Digital Media

  • MS Comp Science with Specialization in Multimedia

  • MS in Digital Media

  • MS in Digital Experience Innovation

  • EMBA in Digital Transformation

  • MA in Digital Media

1 Year Hospitality Courses in USA

In the USA, there are great options for 1-year hospitality courses. This course helps you get a good certification in a limited amount of time. We compiled a full list of the hospitality courses that you can pick for your future:

Hospitality Course

  • Hospitality And Tourism Management

  • Hospitality Hotel Operations Management

  • Global Hospitality Operations Management

  • Diploma in Hospitality Management

  • Hospitality - Hotel and Restaurant Operations Management

  • Global Hospitality Management 

  • Hospitality and Tourism Operations Management

  • Global Hospitality Business Development

1 Year Interior Design Courses in USA

Pursuing for 1 year diploma courses in  interior designing can be a great decision in your career. 1 year interior design course in USA help you rise out better in limited duration of time. Check out the given list of 1 year interior designing courses below:

Interior Design Course

  • Post-Professional Master of Interior Design

  • Diploma in Interior Decorating

  • Post-Diploma Certificate in Kitchen and Bath Design

  • Diploma in Interior Decorating

  • Interior Decorating Diploma

  • Advanced Diploma in Interior Design

  • Diploma Interior Design

  • Post-Diploma Certificate in Kitchen and Bath Design

  • Ontario College Diploma in Interior Decorating

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How Does IBT Overseas Help You Choose 1 Year Diploma Courses?

IBT Overseas acts as a constructive platform that helps most of the students to realize their studies in the USA dream. Whether it's course selection or university selection, you will definitely get the true guidance that can easily help you clear every type of query without much hassle. If you are still wondering why you should choose IBT Overseas. Let’s have a look!

  • Free Consultation

  • Transparent visa filing

  • Pan India presence

  • 13+ years experience

  • Quality staff

  • Encouraging history

  • Magnificent infrastructure

  • Result-oriented approach

  • Post landing services

  • Presence of adroit professionals

Wrapping Up  

With that said, this blog will surely provide you with a full-fledged idea about how you can actually study in USA. Here we have presented quality information so that there were no struggling points in your life. At IBT Overseas, we have an experienced team of USA study visa consultants that will help you in your study visa process.


Ques 1) What are the names of scholarships for the 1-year diploma course in the USA?

Ans: The scholarships are MATC Promise for New High School Grads, President’s and Trustee’s Scholarship, and UCR University Extension Scholarship for Student Success.

Ques 2) What is the one-year cost of Oklahoma State University in the USA?

Ans: The students should note that the cost will be around 33,150 USD.

Ques 3) What are some of the popular diploma courses in the USA for the 1-year program? 

Ans: Some of the popular courses to study in the USA for the 1-year program are M.Sc in Marketing, M.A. in Psychological Science, M.Sc in International Affairs, M.Sc in Health Informatics, M.Sc in Patent Law, and MA in Policy Studies. 

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