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Business Management Courses in USA after 12th : A List With Complete Details

Let a best business management course help you rise out as a competent professional in the nick of time. 

Discover how you can select the best one using this meticulously crafted blog. Here we will walk you through the top 10 basic business management courses in USA after 12th that you can consider for making your career bright. 

Still find yourself strangled on the course selection part? Let’s find out how it can be done. 

Table of Contents

  1. Top 10 Business Management Courses in USA

    1.1 Accounting

    1.2 Engineering Management

    1.3 Operations Management

    1.4 Management

    1.5 Entrepreneurship

    1.6 Supply Chain Management

    1.7 Human Resources (HR)

    1.8 Health Care Management

    1.9 Business Administration

    1.10 Economics

  2. FAQ

  3. Conclusion 

List of Top 10 Business Management Courses in USA after 12th

1. Accounting Courses

Earning a degree in accounting is an excellent method to learn about financial reporting, the fundamentals of accounting, and even auditing. Courses that are relevant to business are often required for undergraduate business degree programmes. Both earning a master's degree and achieving a passing score on the CPA test are prerequisites for a career in public accounting. If you will pick this course then you will be able to enhance your entire career in a structured way. 

University: Yale University

Course highlights: Advanced education system, research based teaching and quality courseware

Cost: $79,000

Contact Details

Address: New Haven, CT 06520, USA

Phone Number: +1 203-432-4771



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2. Engineering Management Courses

A Masters in Engineering Management (MEM) degree is a highly regarded professional degree in the engineering business. It is taught in a wide array of universities all around the United States due to the fact that it is so well-liked by students coming from other countries. Individuals who are able to analyze a problem from a variety of perspectives and develop solutions that make the most of available technology and management resources might consider pursuing this degree. Graduates with a master's degree in engineering management continue to be in high demand and have the opportunity to find employment in a wide number of sectors, including data analytics, product management, quality control, performance analytics, and many more.

University: Columbia University

Course highlights: 16 modules with 2 hours classes and smart class teaching 

Cost: $ 52478 - $ 74400

Contact Details

Address: New York, NY 10027, United States

Phone Number: +1 212-854-1754

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3. Operations Management Courses

The management of operations keeps a close check on everything that goes on behind the scenes at a business. Without proper administration of operations, day-to-day activities cannot be carried out without hiccups. The design, implementation, upkeep, and improvement of systems are all tasks that fall within the jurisdiction of operations management. When you acquire a Master's degree, you have the opportunity to either concentrate on a certain subject and enhance your understanding of it, or you may branch out in a whole new path by making use of the information and talents you earned while pursuing a Bachelor's degree.

University: George Mason University 

Course highlights: smart class teaching and great placement opportunities 

Cost: $36,579

Contact Details

Address: 4400 University Dr, Fairfax, VA 22030, USA

Phone Number: (703) 993-2000

4. Management Courses

The Bridgewater State University is best known for providing this course to all the aspiration filled students. Management of a company is focused on managing and monitoring corporate procedures and activities to ensure that they are running effectively. Students who have degrees in management are better prepared to work in management jobs, ranging from assistant managers all the way up to the top levels of executive management. Students have the opportunity to pick their area of concentration within the discipline of management, such as sales management or operations management. The title of the job, the location, and the firm all have a significant role in determining the salary. 

University: Bridgewater State University

Course highlights: great placement opportunities and 20 effective modules 

Cost: $1,369.50

Contact Details

Address: 131 Summer St, Bridgewater, MA 02324, USA

Phone: +1 508-531-1000

5. Entrepreneurship Courses

This is one of the widely-picked courses in business management. Entrepreneurship refers to the activity of conceptualizing, establishing, and operating a brand-new firm with the goal of making a profit despite the existence of potential losses. You may expect to learn how to build a business strategy, how to secure finance for your firm, how to plan for new business initiatives, and how to launch new items if you study entrepreneurship. After earning this degree, among other things, you may go on to start your own company or find employment in a company that deals with venture capital.

University: Henderson State University

Course highlights: 15 effective modules and resourceful teaching methodologies 

Cost: $11,550

Contact Details

Address: 1100 Henderson St, Arkadelphia, AR 71999, USA

Phone: 08-531-100090

6. Supply Chain Management Courses

Wages in the United States have grown as a direct result of an increase in the demand for qualified employees working in the area of supply chain management. In the topic of supply chain management, this location is home to a number of educational institutions that are widely considered to be among the most prominent in the world. Even if there is a possibility of success in supply chain management for certain people, this is not a sector that is best suited for everyone. The workdays of SCM professionals are often long and high-pressure affairs. Imagine attempting to solve a last-minute shipping issue on the other side of the earth in the middle of the night; this is the type of unexpected situation that requires an equally surprising remedy.

University: Southwest Minnesota State University

Course highlights: 10 modules and resourceful teaching methodologies 

Cost: 1,60,000 $to 1,80,000 $ per annum

Contact Details

Address: 1501 State St, Marshall, MN 56258, USA

Phone: 56258-3306

7. Human Resources (HR) Courses

Professionals with expertise in human resources are in charge of administering employee benefits and ensuring the health and safety of staff members. This degree programme covers a wide range of topics, some of which include the management of payroll and benefits, the training and development of employees, and the legal considerations that surround the employment relationship. Students who study in human resources have the opportunity to advance their careers into positions as specialists, managers, and directors by using the training they get throughout their studies.

University: Bemidji State University

Course highlights: Versatile teaching methodologies and advanced courseware 

Cost: $10,296

Contact Details

Address: 1500 Birchmont Dr NE, Bemidji, MN 56601, USA

Phone: 8796789543

8. Health Care Management Courses

The administration of healthcare services is the primary emphasis of the academic field of healthcare administration, which analyzes these topics in depth. Graduates may be qualified for roles that will enable them to make significant contributions to society and may be eligible for advancement opportunities. Professionals are in charge of administering all of the administrative functions at hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Do not make fun of this statement since, in today's world, working in healthcare administration is a highly desirable job. The cutting-edge medical technology and high-tech medical equipment in use in today's hospitals have resulted in the emergence of new challenges, the likes of which can only be addressed with the assistance of appropriately educated hospital managers.

University: Marywood University

Course highlights: Magnificent online library and smart board teaching 

Cost: $ 15493

Contact Details

Address: 2300 Adams Ave, Scranton, PA 18509, USA

Phone: 570-348-6216

9. Business Administration Courses

It is a prudent decision to pursue a degree in business administration given that it is now ranked first among the degrees that are in the most demand. The study of business administration at the university level has the ability to prepare you for a number of high-paying careers with above-average growth possibilities. Students require the specialized information and administrative skills that are given in business administration classes so that they may compete in today's global corporate world. The typical time commitment needed to achieve a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree is between three and four years of studies undertaken on a full-time basis. Choose a concentration from a wide range of available options, including accounting, global business, management, and many more.

University: University of Mississippi

Course highlights: smart board teaching and research based learnings

Cost: $ 24814

Contact Details

Address: University, MS 38677, USA

Phone: (789) 897654

10. Economics Courses

The study of economics entails doing research on the allocation and use of resources within the framework of businesses and the economy as a whole. Students who major in economics will study a wide variety of topics, including but not limited to microeconomics, macroeconomics, management economics, accounting, mathematics, operations research, and many more. The study of economics often focuses more on abstract concepts and mathematical models than it does on practical application over the course of a degree in economics, which is nonetheless regarded as a business degree. Those with a background in economics may choose from a diverse array of professional paths depending on their interests and skills. Alternatively, they might go on a professional path in the field of economics.

University: Nicholls State University

Course highlights: Advanced education system, research based teaching and quality

Cost: $182.20 

Contact Details

Address: 906 E 1st St, Thibodaux, LA 70301, USA

Phone: 985-448-4507


Ques 1) Will pursuing business management in the USA be best for my future?

Ans) Yes, USA is one of the most versatile platforms that can help you attain a global certification and become the owner of great skills. 

Ques 2) What is the cost of the Healthcare Management program in Marywood University?

Ans) The basic cost of Healthcare Management program in Marywood University is USD 15493.

Ques 3) What is the top university that provides Operations Management courses in the USA?

Ans) George Mason University usually provides best Operations Management course in USA


Now that you own the list of the top business management courses you really have the best choice to make for your career. We understand that business is one sector that interests you to the core. Have you ever thought about what kind of business management course you would prefer for your future? Depending on your answer, you can pick the best course and commence learning. IBT Overseas is a leading team of USA student visa consultants help students in filing the visa application.

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