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Why International Graduates are not Getting Jobs in UK?

Nowadays, newspapers, news channels and social media platforms are full of the news that international students are not getting jobs in UK. This news is spreading like wildfire and is impacting the psychology of other students and they are getting afraid of moving to UK.

People are believing it blindly.

Although it is true, well, not completely. We can say that there are some reasons which lead international graduates to get unemployed in UK.

If you understand the root cause and correct it, it will surely help you get a prolific job in UK. Well, here IBT Overseas research &development will let you know about the reasons.

Table of Contents

  1. Why international graduates are not getting jobs in UK? 

    1.1 No assistance at the university 

    1.2 Huge competition

    1.3 No prior work experience 

    1.4 No preparation for the interview 

    1.5 Improper CV

    1.6 Fewer opportunities 

    1.7 Poor English skills 

    1.8 Fear of low stability 

    1.9 Visa Related Problems

  2. Wrap Up

Why International Graduates are not Getting Jobs in UK? 

Here we have listed 9 reasons that will clarify why international graduates are not getting jobs in UK: 

1. No assistance at the university 

Students believe that they will get career opportunities after getting a graduation degree at a top university. However, universities nowadays are not giving career guidance and assistance to students. Even the universities that claim to have a 100% placement rate are not giving any opportunity to the students. The career services of the universities in the UK are getting poor day by day. According to a recent survey, it has been observed that around 2% of graduate degree holders got jobs using the universities’ career services while the rest remain unemployed. So, the lack of assistance at the university is the foremost reason why international students are not getting jobs in the UK. 

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2. Huge Competition 

Students from more than 130 countries move to the UK to get top-quality education. After completing their graduation, they decide to stay there and get a job there. That is why not only the population in the UK is rising but the competition is also rising. Because of high competition, it is becoming difficult for students to get a job and they are getting unemployed there.

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3. No prior work experience 

There is nothing to deny that most companies don’t accept freshers. The reason is they want to save training time. They need people who have prior work experience and can handle the job responsibilities perfectly. Many students only have academic experience and no prior work experience. So, they find difficulty in getting a job. Even though you don’t have any work experience, it is better to develop a skill because skilled workers are required in the UK. This way, you can easily get a job in the UK on the basis of skills even though you don’t have any work experience. 

4. No preparation for the interview 

Students usually need to appear for an interview before they get hired by the company. They take the interview lightly and don’t prepare for it. As a result, they get unable to tackle questions in the interview and even don’t know how to speak formally during the interview. Moreover, those with poor communication skills also can’t answer the questions properly. Therefore, it is better to practice well and see the interview videos as much as you can to prepare for the interview perfectly. 

5. Improper CV

Your CV will leave the first impression on the employer. However, many students don’t know how to make an appropriate CV. they just copy one another and don’t mention their actual skills. Because the content in the CV is copied, it doesn’t impress the employers as a result they don’t call some students for an interview. Therefore, you need to make a proper CV including all your qualifications, skills and proper work experience. 

6. Fewer opportunities 

As stated earlier that there are fewer opportunities for international graduates who don’t have any special skills. There is a high demand for skilled workers in the UK and not enough opportunities for those who are not skilled. So, fewer job opportunities are the other reason why international students are not getting jobs in the UK.

7. Poor English skills 

We all are well-acquainted with the fact that English is the official language in the UK. So, employers often look for people who have a good command of English. Some employees doubt that international students might not have good English language skills and they won’t be able to communicate with others fluently. This is also a reason why international students are not getting job opportunities in the UK. 

8. Fear of low stability 

Employers are always skeptical about international students’ stability. They fear that they will leave the job either 6 months or a year after the recruitment. This will consume a lot of time and effort in training the other employee. So, they need a stable person who can do the job for a long time. That is why they avoid hiring international students and prefer local candidates. 

9. Visa Related Problems

The UK government allows graduates to work for 2 years in the UK after the completion of graduation. Sometimes working visas are withdrawn due to the updations in the UK policy. The UK’s work policies for international students get changed when the economy gets weak. So, when the economy of the UK faces a downfall, it has a great impact on the job opportunities of the students. This results in a lack of employment opportunities for the students as they don’t get a job opportunity in UK on their student visa and work permit.

In addition, some employers are not aware of the graduate visa scheme and they don’t give an opportunity to the students thinking that international students are not allowed to work in the UK on a student visa. So, these kinds of problems are increasing the unemployment rate of international students in the UK. 

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Wrapping up

To wrap up, there are numerous jobs for graduates in the UK. However, students need to take care of a few things to get the desired job with a high pay scale. Don't let the above-mentioned reasons have a negative impact on your career and make sure to tackle these issues appropriately. IBT Overseas is aleading team of UK Student visa consultants, help students in visa filing process.

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