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Part-time Jobs in UK for International Students With Details

Doing a part-time job while studying in UK is essential to manage your tuition fee, travel cost, accommodation cost, grocery cost, and other living costs perfectly.

Are you an international student and looking for part-time jobs in UK?

Do you want to know which types of part-time jobs you can do while studying in UK and what will be the per-hour wages for each of them?

If yes, then your search ends at this blog because we have listed the best part-time jobs for international students in UK. We hope that you will be able to find a perfect job from the below-mentioned list. 

Table of Contents

  1. Part-time jobs in UK for international students

     1.1 Server 

     1.2. Teaching Assistant

     1.3 Dog Walker 

     1.4 Translator 

     1.5 Hotel Receptionist

     1.6 Housekeeper 

     1.7 Private Tutor 

     1.8 Warehouse Operative 

     1.9 Call Center Agent 

    1.10 Office Administrator 

  2. FAQs

  3. Summing up

List of 10 Part-time Jobs in UK for International Students

1. Server 

This is the easiest part-time job for international students. Moreover, getting this job is also an easy task as the hiring procedure is not stringent. You just need to have good communication skills, listening skills and good serving skills. If you are able to handle customers perfectly, this job will suit you the best. What is special about this job is that you can also enjoy the tips. During weekends, festivals and vacations, you can enjoy tips more than your wage.

Average wage per hour: £9 per hour. 

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2. Teaching Assistant 

This is an amazing opportunity to gain some professional experience while studying in the UK which further will help you get a better high-paying job. Teachers often look for students who can help them with the student records and lectures. Moreover, a teaching assistant is also required to get feedback from the students. Don’t think only graduates and post-graduates can get this job. If you are an undergraduate, are able to manage all the records with honesty and can deliver the lectures, you can easily get this job. 

Average wage per hour: £9.85 per hour. 

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3. Dog Walker 

If you love to hang out and get paid for it, how would you feel? It would be so exciting. However, there is one twist. You don’t need to hang out with your friends, but with a dog. There are many people in the UK who want someone who can take their dogs out for a walk on a daily basis. If you love pets, this wouldn’t be a hard challenge for you. However, this job is for half an hour or an hour if you make a deal with just one dog owner. So, you need to talk with many to work for more time in order to get more pay. 

Average wage per hour: £11.03 per hour.

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4. Translator 

If you are proficient in more than one language, the translator is the job role that is waiting for you. Many organizations need translators to interact with people from different nations. A translator is also required to translate some documents, articles and reports. So, if you have a good command of various languages, you can apply for this job, earn well and sharpen your language skills. 

Average wage per hour: £12.58 per hour. 

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5. Hotel Receptionist 

If you are good at interacting with people and have good communication skills as well, you can do a part-time job as a hotel receptionist. The biggest benefit of becoming a hotel receptionist is that you will get a discount on hotel stays. Moreover, you can also get food for free which will help you save a huge sum of money on a monthly basis. The best part about free food is that you don’t need to cook at home after working for long hours which will save your efforts and time as well. 

Average wage per hour: £8.97 per hour. 

6. Housekeeper 

If sitting at a desk is not your kind of job and you want something else here you don’t need to sit in one place, then a housekeeper part-time job might suit you the best. This job includes various tasks such as sweeping, dusting, cleaning washrooms and rooms, washing clothes, ironing clothes and folding them. In addition, you also need to change bed sheets and sometimes take care of the kids as well. So, if you don’t have a dust allergy and are able to properly take care of the house, you can become a housekeeper in the UK. 

Average wage per hour: £9.42 per hour. 

7. Private Tutor 

If you have a vast knowledge of the subjects and concepts and you love to teach others, a private tutor is the best part-time job for you. It is a high-paying part-time job for international students in the UK. Well, the question is, what are the job responsibilities of a private tutor? Let us tell you that you need to keep a close check on students, teach concepts to them, enhance their skills, correct their homework and keep a progress report of each student. In addition, you also need to help students with their doubts so that they won’t get confused between the concepts. 

Average wage per hour: £ 21.28 per hour. 

8. Warehouse Operative 

This is one of the best part-time jobs for international students. Compared to the other jobs, this is a flexible and easier job for international students, although it involves some physical effort. So, you need to be active and physically fit to do this job and there is no requirement for academic excellence to do this job. Being a warehouse operative, you need to pick and pack the stock for delivery. After that, you need to load the stock onto the vehicles and keep the count of the stock. 

Average wage per hour: £ 10.08 per hour. 

9. Call Center Agent 

Do you have excellent customer service skills? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Apply for the job role of a part-time call center agent in the UK. being a call center agent, your main responsibility will be to handle inbound and outbound calls. You may receive calls regarding bill payments, problems or queries. So, you need to research solutions to solve the customers’ problems. It is better to process the applications or forms requested by the customers as early as possible. In addition, you also need to make a report of every complaint, problem, query, comment and action taken. 

Average wage per hour: £ 11.13 per hour.

10. Office Administrator 

If you prefer to work in an office environment, the job role of the office administrator will suit you the best. Being an office administrator, you need to greet visitors, handle calls, make reports and files, send emails and manage diaries. Well, to manage the job responsibility of an office administrator perfectly, you must have better time management skills and excellent written and verbal skills. Moreover, good listening skills are also essential to patiently listen to the queries and problems of the visitors and give relevant answers and solutions accordingly. 

Average wage per hour: £ 9.97 per hour. 

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Ques 1) How many hours a week can international students do a part-time job in the UK? 

Ans) International students can do a part-time job in the UK for 20 hours a week. 

Ques 2) What is the average per-hour wage of a part-time private tutor in the UK? 

Ans) The average per-hour wage of a part-time private tutor in the UK is £ 21.28. 

Ques 3) Which skills are required to become a part-time office administrator in the UK? 

Ans) Time management skills and excellent written and verbal skills are required to become a part-time office administrator in the UK. 

Ques 4) Which is a high-paying part-time job in the UK for international students? 

Ans) The private tutor is a high-paying part-time job in the UK for international students. 

Summing up

To sum up, it is just a myth that finding a part-time job in the UK while studying is very difficult. If you have the required skills and dedication to work honestly and perfectly, you can definitely get a suitable job in the UK. IBT Overseas is leading team of UK Study visa consultants, help students in visa filing process and getting part time job in UK.

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