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Is GRE Tough : 7 Easiest Tips to Crack GRE Exam

Many people think GRE exam is one of the tough exam to crack? Are you also one of them who think GRE exam is actually tough, Right?

Dont worry! It's time to decrease the toughness of GRE exam. IBT Overseas research & development team compiled 7 easiest tips to crack the GRE exam.

Without wasting any time, let's read all the below mentioned tips one-by-one.

Table of Contents

  1. Is GRE Tough

  2. Easiest Tips to Crack Exam

    2.1 Know the Details

    2.2 Start Early

    2.3 Choose best Study Material

    2.4 Focus More on Vocabulary

    2.5 Practice Mock Tests

    2.6 Time Management

    2.7 Seek Help

  3. FAQ

  4. Conclusion 

Is GRE Really Tough?

Tough word is not in our dictionary. However, it totally depend on you, GRE exam is tough or not. That’s the main reason why it seems hard but can be easily cracked by following tips below. 

7 Easiest Tips to Crack the GRE Exam 

Let's check out the 7 easiest tips to crack the GRE exam. These tips help you to make up your mind for cracking the GRE exam.

1. Know the details 

If you have not taken the GRE exam before, you must follow this step to become familiar with the imperative details of the exam. You can gather all the information about the exam pattern, exam syllabus, time duration, marking criteria and different sections from a reliable website. Beware of websites that misguide students with false information as it can impact your performance. 

2. Start Early 

After knowing all the details, now it’s time to make a proper timetable to start your exam preparation as early as possible. Make sure to start your exam reparation at least 4-5 months prior to the exam so that you can easily tackle the difficult level of the exam and perform excellently. The other reason for starting your exam preparation early is that you don’t need to rush and can prepare peacefully for the exam. Moreover, you will have enough time to manage some other ongoing activities.

3. Choose the best study material 

Although the market is full of books that claim to be best for the GRE exam, not every book is relevant. You have to do a complete analysis of different books in order to choose the best one. Make sure to choose a book that is compiled as per the latest pattern and syllabus. Besides this, observe whether every concept is explained in a simple manner or in a complicated way. If everything seems perfect, you can rely on that particular book to prepare for the GRE exam. 

4. Focus more on vocabulary 

Vocabulary is the most imperative part of the overall GRE exam preparation. A good range of vocabulary words will help you in verbal and analytical writing. With a good word bank, you can understand the words effortlessly and can appropriately use them in the analytical section to deliver your thoughts and ideas impressively. So, start reading novels, books and blogs from today to build your vocabulary. 

5. Practice mock tests 

How can you know whether you are enough prepared for the exam or not? How can you track the complexity level and pattern of the exam? Simply, by solving mock tests and evaluating your performance. Therefore, start solving mock tests on a regular basis and keep a check on your weaker and stronger areas. Make sure to strengthen your stronger areas and put in efforts into your weaker areas to make enhancements. 

6. Time management

As there is a fixed time duration to complete the test, you have to manage your time wisely to avoid any chaos later. Develop a strategy to solve questions rapidly and perfectly. If there is no penalty for the wrong questions in the GRE exam, it does not mean that you will start wasting your time solving the questions you are unsure about. It is good to solve the easiest questions first in order to acquire a decent score on the GRE exam. Well, time management skills can be built up with rigorous and constant practice, so start practicing today. 

7. Seek help whenever required 

It might be a bit hard for you to prepare for the GRE exam all alone without anybody’s help. Some situations might arise where it will be imperative for you to approach an apt source to resolve your doubts. Therefore, always seek help from a reliable source whenever you are unable to grasp any concept on your own. Getting help from a mentor will not only resolve your doubts but also save time which can be utilized to grasp other concepts. 


Ques 1) Is the GRE exam tough than SAT and ACT exams? 

Ans) Yes, the GRE exam is actually complex and hard when compared to the SAT and ACT exams. 

Ques 2) What makes the GRE exam hard? 

Ans) The exam requires critical thinking, analytical ability and solid maths knowledge, which makes it hard than other exams. 

Ques 3) Are there any tips that can help to crack the GRE exam? 

Ans) Yes, you can follow some easy and advanced tips mentioned above to crack the GRE exam. 

Ques 4) When should one start the GRE exam preparation? 

Ans) One should start the GRE exam preparation at least 4-5 months prior to the exam. 

Ques 5) How much time should I devote every day to preparing for the GRE exam?

Ans) You can devote at least 5-6 hours every day to prepare for the GRE exam but make sure to pay complete attention while studying. 


In the end, even though the GRE exam is difficult, one could easily crack it with regular practice and exceptional preparation. We hope the tips mentioned above will help you prepare excellently for the exam and makes you able to crack it in one fell swoop. IBT Overseas is a leading team of study visa consultants, who help studnts in visa filing process.

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