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GRE Exam: A Step-By-Step Definitive Guide

While checking the admission requirements, you might have observed that the universities require good scores in GRE exam.

What is GRE exam? What is its eligibility procedure? How to apply got the GRE exam? What is the registration fee? What is the GRE exam syllabus and pattern?

There are many questions that hit your mind.

Don’t worry!

IBT Overseas research & development team will cover all these questions in this blog and provide you with accurate answers to all your questions.

Table of Contents

  1. What is GRE Exam? 

  2. Exam Highlights  

  3. Types of GRE Exam

  4. Score Validity

  5. Exam Eligibility 

  6. Exam Fee

  7. Additional Exam Fee

  8. Exam Format

  9. How to register for the exam? 

  10. How to check scores? 

  11. FAQs

  12. Summing Up

What is the GRE Exam? 

GRE is a standardized computer-based exam that is taken by students who want to pursue an MBA or other related graduate-level program. That is why its full form is Graduate Record Exam,  which means that students aiming to pursue a graduate course in a leading institution need to take this exam. What does this exam evaluate? Well, the GRE exam usually analyzes the overall academic readiness of the candidates. In addition, the skills tested by the GRE exam are Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA), Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning.

Highlights of the GRE Exam? 

Do you want to get an overview of the GRE exam? If yes, then you can check the table given below: 

Exam Name 


GRE Exam full form 

Graduate Record Examinations 

Exam conducting body 

ETS(Educational Testing Service)

Mode of Exam 

Computer-delivered test, paper-delivered test, GRE at home 

GRE exam fee 

US $228

GRE Validity 

5 years 


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Types of GRE Exam

There are mainly three types of GRE exams which are mentioned below: 

  • GRE Computer-based test: As the name indicates, this exam is taken on the computer. Although this is a computer-based exam, you cannot take it at home. You need to appear in the examination center on the exam date to take the GRE computer-based test. 

  • GRE Paper-based test: It is also clear from the name that this test is conducted in an offline mode and is taken on paper. Students can take this test in the examination center with a prior booking. However, GRE paper-based test is not available in India. So, Indian students can only appear for the GRE computer-based test. 

  • GRE at Home: This type of GRE exam was introduced during the coronavirus pandemic. GRE at Home test can be taken by the students by sitting in their comfort zone. However, students must fulfill the system requirements to take the test at home. 

GRE Score Validity

For how long you can use the GRE exam scores? Will the GRE scores expire after a month or a year? Fortunately, no! You can use the GRE scores for a period of five years which is the biggest reason why a plethora of students takes the GRE exam every year. 

GRE Exam Eligibility 

Eligibility is the major concern while applying for any exam. Are you eligible to appear for the GRE exam? Let’s find out: 

  • Age: The Exam conducting body has not put any restriction on the age of the candidates. So, even though your age is more than 20 or 30, you can apply for the GRE exam. 

  • Educational Qualification: ETS has not restricted the educational qualification to be eligible for the GRE exam. 

  • Nationality: Whether you are Indian or Iranian, you can take the GRE exam without any worries because there is no restriction on it. 

  • Attempts: Don’t think that you are not eligible to take the GRE test more than once. You can easily take the GRE exam four times a year. However, the gap between the two attempts must be 21 days. 

  • Identity Proof: Your Adhar card or other identity proof is required to apply for the GRE exam. 

GRE Exam Fee

Well, the GRE Subject Test Fee in all the locations of the world is $150. However, The GRE General test fee is different for different countries. The chart of the GRE exam fee for various countries is given below: 


GRE Exam Fee 











Additional GRE Exam Fee

The additional fee for the GRE exam for different services is given below: 



GRE Late Registration Fee


GRE Changing the test center Fee


GRE Rescheduling fee


GRE Subject Change Fee


GRE Exam Format

Students are always eager to know the exam pattern of the GRE exam. The apt knowledge of the exam pattern helps students prepare their study plan accordingly and get ready for each section perfectly. Well, there are three sections in the GRE as per the latest pattern of 2023. The detailed exam pattern is given below: 


Total Questions 

Types of Questions 

Time Duration 

GRE Verbal Reasoning

20+20= 40

Reading Comprehension

Text Completion

Sentence Equivalence

60 minutes (30 minutes per section)

GRE Quantitative Reasoning

20+20= 40

Quantitative Comparison Questions

Numeric Entry Questions

70 (35 minutes per section)

GRE Analytical Reasoning Questions

1+1= 2

Analyzing an Issue

Analyzing an Argument

30 minutes for each task


80 MCQs and 2 descriptive type questions 


3 hours and 10 minutes 

How to register for the GRE exam? 

Do you want to register for the GRE exam but don’t know the exact procedure? Just follow the steps given below: 

Step 1: Visit the official website of the exam conducting body which is https://www.ets.org/mygre. 

Step 2: After that, create an ETS account. 

Step 3: Select the category of the exam such as the GRE General Test or GRE Subject Test.

Step 4: Choose whether you want to appear at the examination center to take the exam or want to give it at your home. 

Step 5: Select the date of the exam. 

Step 6: Choose the center. It is better to choose the nearby center. 

Step 7: Fill in all the required information. 

Step 8: Pay the fee to register for the exam. 

How to check the GRE scores? 

After taking the GRE exam, your scores will be available 10-15 days after the test date. You will get a notification in the email from ETS regarding the declaration of the result. Well, you can also check your GRE scores by logging into the ETS account. 


Ques 1) How many sections are there in the GRE exam? 

Ans) There are three sections in the GRE exam. 

Ques 2) How much is the GRE exam fee in India? 

Ans) The GRE exam fee in India is $228.

Ques 3) What is the maximum age limit for the GRE exam? 

Ans) There is no restriction on the maximum age limit for the GRE exam. 

Ques 4) Is identity proof required for the GRE exam? 

Ans) Yes, identity proof is required for the GRE exam. 

Ques 5) What is the full form of the GRE exam? 

Ans) The full form of the GRE is Graduate Record Exam.

Ques 6) How many attempts are allowed for the GRE exam? 

Ans) Candidates can take the GRE exam up to 5 times a year. 

Wrapping up

To wrap up, as the popularity of the GRE exam is rising and a lot of students are curious to know about the full-fledged details of the exam, we decided to provide you with a complete guide to the exam. We hope you have got valuable information through this guide and it might have cleared all your doubts regarding the GRE exam.

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