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MD in USA for Indian Students - Complete Details

Are you done with your MBBS and now thinking of going for the MD degree from the USA? If yes, this blog will help you clear all your preset doubts without much hassle. 

You may now participate in highly regarded Doctor of Medicine degree programs in the United States at a price that is within their financial means. 

There is no denying the fact that a medical degree from the USA is becoming one of the widely picked options among international students. You can easily surpass every type of huddle if you are backed up with the right information. To become a helping hand for your case we have crafted this blog. 

Table of Contents

  1. What is MD?

  2. Why MD in the USA?

  3. How to avail of MD

  4. Top Universities

  5. Eligibility

  6. Exams Required

  7. Scholarships

  8. Cost of MD 

  9. Jobs & Salary

  10. FAQ

  11. Conclusion

What is MD?

The word MD basically decodes itself as the Doctor of Medicine. This is a postgraduate certification where all the aspiration-filled graduates study medicine in proper detail. The basic duration of this course is of two years which trains all the medical graduates in the field of prevention, treatments, adult diseases, and diagnosis. The students can easily consider opting for their MD certification after the completion of the MBBS certification. MD will surely help in taking up great expertise in the field of medicine.

Why Study MD in the USA?

There are a few reasons that are fully responsible for attracting lots of students to pursue an MD in the USA after MBBS. We have laid out some of the best ones for you: 

  • The major factor of fast growth and aging

  • Rise of patients 

  • Innovation in healing science and technology

  • The rise of health insurance coverage

  • The rise of medical tourism 

  • The medical students who are now enrolled in post-graduate medical education programs in the United States constitute the backbone of the labor necessary to keep this business afloat.

Kindly note that you have the incredible chance to pursue medical school in the United States. Why don't you take action to make your goal a reality? You have to note that the USA is having some programs that are quite demanding.

In addition, the vast majority of medical schools in the United States have ties to some of the most prestigious educational institutions in the country. As a result, these schools promote the adoption of cutting-edge technology and engage in intellectual collaboration with renowned educational institutions located all over the world.                                                       

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How to avail of MD in the United States?

The twenty-first century has seen a meteoric rise in the number of people entering the field of medicine. Because of this rise, there has been a significant increase in the number of people looking for high-caliber medical education.

The study of medicine has the aim of fostering excellence by expanding students' access to prestigious educational opportunities. Before you are eligible to practice as a doctor in the United States, you will need to get this post-graduate degree by ascending the subsequent degrees of the ladder. 

You have to note that the healthcare industry in the United States is one of the biggest healthcare systems in the world and has a significant amount of room for expansion. 

Their highly developed medical infrastructure is among the very finest available anywhere in the world. In the United States, prestigious educational institutions often launch new MD degree programs that meet rigorous academic standards. 

Top Universities offering MS Programs in the USA

Are you currently majoring in science and planning to work in the medical field when you graduate? We compiled a comprehensive list of all of the MD programs with universities in the United States. On the list are programs leading to a Doctor of Medicine degree that is given in prestigious public and private universities, as well as other four-year medical degree programs. This is an exhaustive list of all of the top MD programs currently available. You have the opportunity to take part and get a head start on your path to becoming a physician!

Program Name

Undergrad State


Augusta University/Medical College of Georgia



Baylor University/Baylor College of Medicine



Boston University/Boston University School of Medicine



Brooklyn College/SUNY Downstate College of Medicine



Brown University/Warren Alpert Medical School



Caldwell University/Rutgers New Jersey Medical School



California North State University/CNU College of Medicine



Case Western/Case Western Reserve University of Medicine



The College of New Jersey/Rutgers New Jersey Medical School



Drexel University/Drexel University College of Medicine



Eligibility to study MD in the USA for Indian Students

There are a few types of eligibility criteria that you really have to fulfill so that you can easily be able to study MD without any type of hindrance. If you want to practice the medicine you really need to get a license from the well-known state medical board. The students have to apply for fellowships so that they can practice medicine. 

You have to note that for studying for a medical degree in the U.S you really need to meet the following pointers: 

  • The applicant should have completed the 10th and the 12th standard.

  • Do a proper type of pre-medical course with biology, chemistry, and other types of important medical subjects.

  • The student should have quality MCAT, NEET, and IELTS test scores. 

   Get Consulants

Want to do MD in USA?


Exams Required to Become a Doctor in the United States

Both the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) and the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) are prerequisites for admission to medical school in the United States. Your knowledge of both natural and human topics will be evaluated using this standardized test. After then, the results of these examinations may be sent to medical schools and residency programs, where they can be considered during the admissions process. This is one such exam that can help you attain great skills.

The United States Medical Licensing Exam consists of both written and practical components.


The Medical College Admission Test is a standardized examination that determines whether or not a student is qualified to attend medical school. Students who have successfully completed a four-year bachelor's degree program, often known as a preparation course, are eligible to take this multiple-choice, computer-based exam.

The Medical College Admission Exam, sometimes known as the MCAT, is a standardized test that consists of multiple-choice questions and is meant to help applicants gain entry into medical school. Your ability to think critically and solve problems, as well as your understanding of the fundamentals of the biological, behavioral, and social sciences that are essential for medical school, will all be evaluated during this test.


The United States Medical Licensure Exam, often known as the USMLE, is a screening exam comprising three parts that decide whether or not you are qualified to use your license in a medical facility. The United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) evaluates candidates more on their ability to learn, adapt, and develop their clinical skills than on their general knowledge.

In the United States, candidates for medical licenses must pass all three parts of the United States Medical Licensure Examination (USMLE). The first section evaluates the candidate's understanding of fundamental scientific principles; the second section evaluates the candidate's knowledge of clinical science, and the third section establishes the standards for the care of patients in simulated environments.

Scholarships for MD Courses in the USA

Want to know the scholarship options to study for an MD after getting USA Study Visa?

If yes, we have gathered the quality information that you can consider studying for attaining the best information about the scholarships. You can easily achieve all your goals if you make up your mind to become eligible for an MD scholarship. 



BoardVitals Medical School Scholarship

Tuition fees + Living cost

Tylenol Future Care Scholarship


White Coat Investor Scholarship


Physicians of Tomorrow Awards

Full funding

Herbert W. Nickens Medical Student Scholarship

Tuition fee wavier

USA Medical and Surgical Scholarship Program

Tuition fees

National Health Service Corps Scholarship Program

Tuition fees + Living cost

National Medical Fellowships’ Scholarships


James “Rhio” O’Connor Mesothelioma Scholarship Fund

Full funding

Merit-Based School Scholarships


Cost of MD in the USA

The basic cost of studying in the USA might be huge for you. However, we have gathered the right information so that you will surely stay well informed. Carefully have a quick glance over the below-mentioned table to get a brief idea: 

Medical School in the USA

Tuition Fee


Harvard University

64,984 USD per year

[47,52,312 INR]

5 years

Stanford University

20,731 USD per quarter [15,16,068 INR]

6 years

John Hopkins University

56,500 USD per year

[41,31,873 INR]

4 years

University of Pennsylvania

59,910 USD per year

[43,81,248 INR]

4 years

New York University

57,476 USD per year

[42,03,248 INR]

4 years

Yale University

61,140 USD per year

[44,71,198 INR]

4 years

Jobs & Salary of MD Doctor in the USA

You must be thinking that after finishing the MD in the USA what type of job or work opportunity you will get? We have burned the midnight oil for your betterment. The table crafted below will definitely present an estimated salary that a person can get after the completion of an MD in the USA.


Median Salary

Family Physician

$192,000 (143,77,000 INR approx.)


$248,000 (185,70,000 INR approx.)


$247,000 (184,95,000 INR approx.)


$183,000 (137,03,000 INR approx.)


Ques 1) What is the full form of the MD certification?

Ans) The basic full form of the MD certification is Doctor of Medicine. 

Ques 2) Will my MD from India be valid in the USA?

Ans) Yes, The MD from India will only be valid if the person clears the United States Medical License examination. 

Ques 3) How much time will it take to complete MD in the USA?

Ans) The MD degree from the USA will be around 4 years and the duration might vary according to the specialization. 


All the meticulous information cited above will surely help you have a profound understanding of the MD program and its benefits. In simple words, if you want to flourish your career as a family Physician, Anesthesiologist, Surgeon, or Pediatrician then, polish your skills by enrolling yourself in an eminent institute in the USA that is specialized in offering MD program. We are pretty sure that this incredible course will make you gain expertise in your chosen field. At IBT Overseas, we have an experienced team of USA student visa consultants that will help you in your study visa process.

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