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MBA in Australia Without Work Experience : A Simple Guide

Did you know almost 23.4% of international students study MBA in Australia? But then being a international student it's not all about studying in Australia. You need to be cost effective!

MBA scholarships in Australia can help you manage your study cost in Australia.

Here in this blog, IBT Overseas research & development team give full fledged information about MBA in Asutralia without work experience. 

Table of Contents

  1. How to study MBA without experience

  2. Eligibility Requirements

  3. Affordable MBA Options

  4. Best MBA Universities

  5. Benefits of studying MBA in Australia

  6. Scholarships/Financial Aid

  7. FAQ

  8. Summing Up

Overview of MBA Without Work Experience 

The most important thing is that you really need to keep in mind that for getting the admission you have to have a high GPA from a paramount institution. The universities accepting students without experience will insist on high GMAT or GRE scores. 

We would like to inform you that the average GMAT scores are 550-590 and if you have this many scores then you will be able to study in Australia without facing any type of problem. 

To get the admission the student needs to submit a statement of purpose  as it is one of the most crucial documents that allow a student to study in Australia. If you do not have any type of work experience still your application should make the evaluator feel that your profile is really strong and you should get the chance to study MBA in Australia. In your SOP you have to clearly mention your passion for MBA and why you have picked Australia from any other types of nations. 

The more you link your motive of picking the specific course and getting admission in universities

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Eligibility Requirements

Grabbing the chance to study internationally is not as easy as it might sound to you. You really need to take a lot of pressure so that you will be able to study without wasting so much time. 

The more you invest the quality time in becoming eligible the more you will be able to progress in the correct way. In order to file the application to study in Australia you need to qualify the certain type of eligibility requirements. 

However, the eligibility criterias basically different from one university and college to another.  Here are some of the eligibility requirements that you should fulfill so that you can study in Australia effortlessly: 

  • Availability of the bachelors certification in any field from a well known university with minimum marks.

  • Most of the Australian universities usually require the students to provide authentic competitive GMAT scores. 

  • The student should have great marks in specific types of English proficiency tests such as IELTS, PTE and TOEFL. 

  • Work experience is not necessary if your marks are really good in the previous study.

Affordable MBA Universities in Australia 

If you have the mindset that studying MBA in Australia might make a big hole in your pocket. 

There are some affordable options to study MBA in Australia. We have enlisted some of the top universities that can actually provide you quality education in a budget friendly manner.  


Average 1-year Tuition Fee in AUD 

Average 1-year Tuition Fee in INR (approx.)

Kaplan Business School


8.62 lakhs 

Holmes Institute


9.86 lakhs 

Charles Darwin University


11.5 lakhs 

Edith Cowan University


11.5 lakhs 

Victoria University


11.7 lakhs 

Central Queensland University


11.9 lakhs 

Federation University


11.9 lakhs 

University of Southern Queensland


12 lakhs 

Southern Cross University


12.2 lakhs 

James Cook University


12.6 lakhs

Best Universities in Australia for MBA Without Work Experience 

Here is the list of some of the best universities that you can consider opting to study MBA in Australia without having any type of experience. 

After reading all the universities mentioned below you will surely be able to make a firm decision. 

Name of the Institution

THE Ranking 2022

Approx Tuition Fee

University of Tasmania


AUD$ 71,123

James Cook University


AUD 32.72 K – 33.68 K per annum

RMIT University


AU$ 38,400

Charles Stuart University


AUD 30.74 K

Southern Cross University


AUD $34,400

Benefits of studying MBA in Australia 

All the students aiming to study MBA in Australia without work experience should know that there are anonymous types of benefits. 

Moreover, you can  easily be able to avail these benefits if you consider walking in the right direction. 

Here in this section we will make you aware about certain types of benefits that you can consider reading for getting a sheer idea about why you should study MBA in Australia without work experience. Below listed are some of the benefits crafted in the bullet points: 

  • This nation without a doubt is the home of some of the best MBA institutions in the entire world. 

  • Top class Australian universities have versatile infrastructure along with the magnificent industry interface.

  • You would be astonished to note that all the MBA graduates usually earn handsome salaries after the completion of the MBA certification. 

  • Australian certification provides the chance to the student to experience rising job growth. 

Scholarships/Financial aid for MBA in Australia

As we all know, a MBA degree from Australia usually requires lots of money. Not every student who desires to study MBA without work expense can afford the institutions. 

However, now you must be thinking what is the possible solution for that. The best solution is to make your profile so strong so that you will be able to work wonders for your case. 

If you want to avail the scholarship then you really need to work on your profile. Becoming eligible for the scholarship is the basic key to study in Australia without paying hefty MBA course fees. Here we have enlisted some of the magnificent scholarship awards for your benefit: 


Scholarship Amount

MBA Student Scholarship

25% tuition fee waiver

ANU College of Business and Economics India Excellence Scholarship

Up to $6,000

South Asia Business and Law Scholarships

Up to $10,000

AGSM Global Reach Scholarship and AGSM Excellence Scholarship


UOW Postgraduate Academic Excellence Scholarship

30% tuition fee waiver

Kraft Heinz Scholarship

Up to $30,500

Adelaide MBA Scholarship

25% of tuition fee waiver

Monash MBA International Women in Leadership Scholarship

Up to $16,500 

MBA (Intensive) International Prestige Scholarships

100% tuition fee waiver

MBS Scholarships



Ques 1) Is it possible to get a great job after pursuing an MBA in Australia? 

Ans) The MBA program will surely prepare the candidates for different types of managerial roles. Yes, you will be able ro get a great job after completing an MBA from Australia. 

Ques 2) Will it be really costly to study MBA in Australia?

Ans) Absolutely not, you will be able to afford the education if you choose the public institution or the scholarship. 

Ques 3) What are a few names of the scholarships that you can easily opt for?

Ans) Some of the scholarships are Kraft Heinz Scholarship, UOW Postgraduate Academic Excellence Scholarship, ANU College of Business and Economics India Excellence Scholarship and more.

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Summing Up 

We truly hope that this blog might help you in navigating through the right information to study MBA in Australia without suitable work experience. For major guidance related to study in Australia you should hold the hand of IBT Overseas. As here you will surely be able to get the structured guidance without wasting any. IBT Overseas is leading team of Australia student visa consultants works with a motive to provide students with the right immigration solutions

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