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Masters in Physiotherapy in USA For Indian Students

Does your inner conscience usually provoke you to study Physiotherapy when you see a depressed and unhappy being? 

A master's in Physiotherapy certification from the USA will surely give you all possible rights and skills to treat the mental and physical parts of the human. 

This is the branch of paramedical sciences that basically works wonders in solving great types of problems of the human body. Physiotherapy will surely help you make positive changes in the lifestyle and health of the individual.

If you are planning to study physiotherapy then there is no space for any type of persuasion. Get a great nudge of knowledge by reading this whole blog!

Table of Contents

  1. Why Masters in Physiotherapy?

  2. Best Universities for Masters

  3. Cost of Masters in Physiotherapy

  4. Admission Requirements

  5. Available Scholarships

  6. Fulbright Foreign Student Program

  7. Salary After Masters

  8. Wrap Up

  9. FAQ

Why Study Masters in Physiotherapy in the USA for Indian Students?

Are you aiming to study physiotherapy in the United States? In that case, you really have to note some of the prominent reasons that can easily provoke you to form the right decision. 

Consider performing the right due diligence as this is the only thing that can assist you in a better way. Studying physiotherapy in the United States is a good decision for a variety of reasons. These are some of them:

  • Physiotherapists in the United States may make very good money, with median wages that are above average.

  • You have to note that Physiotherapists and other professionals with advanced training and skills are in more demand than ever before in the fields of therapy, mental health, and rehabilitation.

  • If you choose to pursue your education in this location, you will have access to a number of the most prestigious schools in the United States that offer master's degree programs in physiotherapy.

  • According to a survey that was published in Forbes, physiotherapists in the United States claim some of the greatest levels of work satisfaction.

  • USA’s best universities' curriculum is forward-thinking and up-to-date, with outstanding chances for research.                      

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Best Universities in the USA for Masters in Physiotherapy 

Have you shortlisted a few universities and want to know more about picking the best one? Continue reading! There are a number of schools that are worthy of consideration due to the fact that the cost of obtaining a master's degree in physiotherapy in the United States for students from India is quite low.

The following is a list of some of the most reputable universities in the United States that offer master's degree programs in physiotherapy:

Sr No.

University Name

QS Ranking 2022

Course Offered

Tuition Fee 



University of Southern California


Master of Science in Occupational Therapy

38.1 Lakhs/Yr


University of Pittsburgh


Master of Science in Clinical Exercise Physiology 

17.9 Lakhs/Yr (minimum)


Washington University in St. Louis


MSc in Physical Therapy 

40.3 Lakhs/Yr


University of Delaware


Doctor of physical therapy

42.1 Lakhs/Yr


University of Iowa


MS in Physiotherapy medicine

44 Lakhs/Yr


US Army-Baylor University


MS in physiotherapy medicine

39.5 to 53.7 Lakhs/Yr


Arcadia University


MS in physiotherapy

34 Lakhs/Yr


MGH Institute of Health Professions


Master in physical therapy

40.3 Lakhs/Yr


Northwestern University


Masters in physiotherapy

43.3 Lakhs/Yr


University of Miami


MS in physiotherapy

36.6 Lakhs/Yr


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Cost of Studying Masters in Physiotherapy in the USA

Making the confirmation of the exact value is not at all possible. We have done thorough research and then presented the estimated cost of studying master's in Physiotherapy in the USA. 

You have to plan and spend around US$50,000 on your tuition fee at a well-known university. However, the living cost will surely be around US$15,000 and the traveling expense will surely be around $700.

To provide you with more information in the right way we have made a table the right way:

Degree Level

Tuition Fee (INR)

Master of Arts for Physical Therapy

40.1 Lakhs/Yr

Master of Science in Occupational Therapy

38.1 Lakhs/Yr

Master of Science in Clinical Exercise Physiology

17.9 Lakhs/Yr (minimum)

Master of Science in Kinesiology & Exercise Science

43.3 Lakhs/Yr

Admission Requirements for Masters in Physiotherapy in the USA 

In general, the following are some of the admission requirements to take into consideration:

  • IELTS or TOEFL scores of at least 7.0/100 are required.

  • A bachelor's degree program in a relevant field typically takes between three and four years to complete.

  • A grade point average (GPA) of at least three out of a possible four. This amounts to a minimum of 65-70% and maybe much higher.

  • Scores of 290 or higher on the GRE, depending on the specific school.

  • SOP (Statement of Purpose).

Available Scholarships 

The Fulbright Foreign Student Scholarship Program is one example of a scholarship that provides complete support for postgraduate study in the United States. 

Among the many scholarships that could cover the cost of an MS in physiotherapy in the United States, there are also those that do not. Students enrolled in any master's or doctoral program are qualified to apply for this award, for instance. 

Students have the opportunity to attend prestigious colleges in the United States of America without having to worry about the financial burden of their education thanks to this program, which is accessible to candidates from 155 countries across the world.

The following is a list of a few scholarships that potential students of the program in the United States may apply for.

Fulbright Foreign Student Program

Through the Fulbright Foreign Student Program, graduate students and young professionals from other countries are given the opportunity to do research and study in the United States for a period of one year or more at universities or other appropriate institutions.

  • Award: Fully-funded

  • Eligibility is contingent upon a distinguished academic record.

  • The deadline is the same as that for the course applications.

  • Fellowship in Fours

A scholarship program that is the first of its type that will enable one hundred of the most talented students from the United States, Japan, Australia, and India to pursue their master's or doctorate degrees in the STEM fields in the United States.

Job Salary After Masters in Physiotherapy in the USA

You have to note that the graduates who have done Masters in Physiotherapy in the USA will surely have great work opportunities. An MS in Physiotherapy will surely lead to a wide range of job opportunities. The graduates have great excellence in the work opportunities in the USA. You have to note that after doing the certification from the USA you will surely get great work. 

Job Roles

Salary (USD)

Massage Therapist

40/hour USD

Nurse Assessor

39/hour USD

Disability Assessor

32/hour USD

Occupational Therapist

41/hour USD

Summing Up 

Fulfill your dream of attaining a Masters's in Physiotherapy in the USA by collecting the information. Carefully study this whole blog as here you will get the basic reasons that can easily provoke you to move further. This blog is just crafted with the assistance of the best professionals. At IBT Overseas, we have an experienced team of USA student visa consultants that will help you in your study visa process.


Ques 1) Which area of master's-level physiotherapy practice do you recommend the most?

Ans) The areas of expertise in the field of physiotherapy that are in high demand include Community Physiotherapy, Musculoskeletal Disorders, Sports Physiotherapy, Community Rehabilitation, Neurological and Psychosomatic Disorders, and others.

Ques 2) Do you think physiotherapy would be a suitable choice for a career?

Ans) Physiotherapy graduates start off with a healthy salary, which only continues to rise as they gain experience and more responsibility. There is a high level of work satisfaction available, and the need for physiotherapists who are certified, competent, and experienced has been constantly rising. 

Ques 3) What will be the salary of the Nurse Assessor after doing a Masters in Physiotherapy in the USA?

Ans) The basic salary of the Nurse Assessor will be around 39/hour USD.

Ques 4) Which of these treatments is preferable after physiotherapy?

Ans) After completing physiotherapy, you may like to investigate additional careers, such as that of a sports coach, health counselor, or physical trainer. There is also the Master of Physical Therapy and Doctor of Philosophy degrees that you might pursue.

Ques 5) Which U.S. institution do you consider to be the most reputable for its MPT program?

Ans) The Medical and Physiological Therapeutics departments of some of the United States' most prestigious institutions, including the University of Pittsburgh, the University of Iowa, Duke University, and Washington University in St. Louis. 

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