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Is USA safe for Indian Students? Student Safety Guidelines

"Safety is a small investment for a rich future"

As we know, safety is one of the most important concern of all living beings. Everyone wants to live and study in peaceful environment.

Undoubtedly, USA is one of the safest country to live and study for Indian students. The United States is placed on 129th rank in Global Peace Index with a score of 2.440.

However, American universities pay very close attention to the safety of students in campus. So, without delaying, let's begin the discussion about safety of international students in USA.

Table of Contents

  1. Security & Safety

  2. Is USA Safe For Females?

  3. What To Do at the Time of Emergency?

  4. Safest States in USA

  5. Tips to Live Safely

  6. FAQ

  7. Wrap Up

Does USA Offer additional Safety to International Students? 

If you are going on the part of security and safety in that case you have to note that USA is well versed in offering tight security. Here are a few pointers that will surely clear your mind in a better way:

  • You will surely find CCTV at every corner of the USA streets.

  • Most US universities usually provide full coverage of CCTV.

  • There is all-time security inside the campus.

  • The US government usually gives more preference to international students.

  • If anything happens to the student they have full authority to reach out to the professionals of the university and college.

  • There is tight security for all the students, especially the girls.                                                        

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Is USA Safe to Travel for Females? 

If you are thinking of studying in the USA alone and you are alone, you will just have to be more careful. 

However, we would like to inform you that yes it is quite safe for females.  There are most American students who live alone in the USA and they do not find any type of problem. 

So if you reside with full safety then you will surely be able to study in the USA after getting USA Study Visa without much hassle.

Here we have collected some of the basic tips that every female student should keep in mind before moving to the USA: 

  • You should always understand all the risk factors before heading out to any type of destination.

  • Always write all the destinations and find out all the important official places in that specific city so that you know what to look for when there is any risky situation. 

  • You really need connections with other types of students or locals in the university you are heading to. There are chances that this might seem a little bit scary in your case. 

  • Try to choose the accommodation that is safe and you will not at all feel any type of risk at that place. 

What Should Students Do at the Time of Emergency?

There might be some chances in which you are going to face a situation of emergency. At that moment your mind must be blank. You might not be able to take productive action. 

However, you just have to gather a little bit of courage and call on the toll-free number 911. 

This number is often used at the time of some emergency. You can use it for the fire, ambulance, and police. We have rounded up some of the measures that you have to consider when you are outside:

  • As an international student, you should always be fully aware and vigilant about your entire surroundings.  If you are feeling something off then trust your instinct and rush out of the place you feel quite uncomfortable. 

  • You need to keep in mind that you should just avoid traveling alone, especially at night time. If you think that some places are not very welcoming then you should definitely avoid going to that place. 

  • For better traveling, you really need to book a taxi before going out. As this usually works best for the case of international dwellers. 

  • You really need to protect your purse if you are having cash. As stealing is quite common in most cities. You have followed the path of prevention. As it is always better than cure.

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Which Are the Safest States in the USA? 

You must be seeking out information about the safest places to live in the USA. Don’t look out for your help anywhere else as we have collected all types of information for your help: 

  • Utah

  • Massachusetts

  • New Hampshire

  • Wyoming

  • Iowa.

  • Vermont

  • Minnesota

  • Maine

Some Useful Tips to Live Safely in the USA

  • Never Reveal Your Personal Information 

You must have heard in your childhood when your mother stated that you just don’t have to reveal you're important details in front of any stranger. You have to know that the students have to keep in mind that their emails and phone number are commonly received by scammers.

They usually take the numbers of the internationals and then use them for unfair means. So you really have to protect your information in the right way. To safeguard yourself from identity theft, try to keep your personal documents secure. 

This basically includes bank cards, identifiable information, passport, and more. Try to be fully aware of receiving some fake emails that will have the intention to harm you in the near future. 

  • Try to Be Fully Vigilant 

Yes, being vigilant is one of the important things that you really need to follow in the coming time. You need to be watchful of all the unfamiliar surroundings. 

You need to keep in mind that for international students USA officials have lots to see and do. However, with all the mind-bending things there are few things that can actually make you dislike it more. 

If you love to enjoy the experience of studying in the USA. You really need to follow all the measures of safety. 

  • Never Share Your Personal Information

International students are unlikely to be quite familiar with calls and text messages that are commonly received in the United States of America. If you really don’t want to fall for the identity threat. 

Then you need to safeguard your personal information in the right way. The more you safeguard your personal information the more you will surely be able to move in the right way. 

Keep your bank cards, passport, and identity proof in the best place so that any type of fraudster will not reach out to them. 

  • Try to Respect the Other Culture

Remaining respectful of every type of culture is one of the most important requirements. It sometimes feels that the culture of the USA is one of the biggest cultures. 

However, you really have to maintain balance for every type of culture. There is no proper compulsion for you to follow the culture of the USA. 

However, most individuals remember the USA just because of its culture. You have to keep in mind that you should not go into any type of cultural controversy in the USA. 

  • Always Safeguard Your Valuable 

This is one of the biggest tips when traveling. There is no denying the fact that the USA is quite the safest for most students. However, every country is having some bad and good parts. Similarly, this country is also having some kind of violent crime rate. 

Every country has it so you have to keep in mind how you have to stay away from this. Whenever you are traveling you have to keep in mind that you have to protect all your important and valuable things. 

  • Take a Great Lesson from the Environment 

Before you go traveling, prepare to carry out some research.  You really need to do proper due diligence on them. You have to find out the individuals living at the place are generally like what. Are they friendly to you or are they welcoming in nature or not?

There is no denying the fact that gaining detailed information is somewhat good for all types of people. If you are aiming to study in the USA then you really need to find quality information as this is something that can help you stay there without any hesitation. 


Ques 1) What are some of the safest states in the USA?

Ans: The safest states to study in the USA are Utah, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Wyoming, Iowa, Vermont, Minnesota, and Maine.

Ques 2) How to stay safe in the USA?

Ans: The safest way to study in the USA is to safeguard all the valuable items that you bring with you. You can also consider moving out for help from a reliable source if you find anything off..

Ques 3) Is it safe for Indian students to live in the USA? 

Ans: Yes, it is fully safe, you just have to keep a certain type of this in mind. You have to follow some kind of safety measures and then you are good to go. 

Wrapping Up 

Our country is absolutely safe and unsafe. So individual needs to learn the art of protecting themselves in a foreign land. Following the path of safety is always the best idea as it can surely help the individual achieve everything in the right way. We hope this blog can surely give you a major and minor idea about how you exactly have to live in the USA. At IBT Overseas, we have an experienced team of USA student visa consultants that will help you in your study visa process.

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