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How to Get Scholarship to Study Abroad after 12th?

Don't you have enough funds for studying abroad? and looking for scholarships? But, Don’t know how to get these scholarships?


Well, there are many scholarships available to study abroad. Getting all these scholarships is not a big deal if you follow the right process.

Here in this article, IBT Overseas research & development team has give the step-by-step process to get scholarship in abroad.

Let's start...

Table of Contents

  1. Process to get Scholarships

  2. Detailed Steps to get Scholarships

     2.1  Clear language proficiency test

     2.2  Appear for standardized test

     3.3  Research well

     3.4  Submit an application 

     3.5  Collect and submit documents 

  3. FAQ

  4. Final Thought

Step-by-Step Process to Get Scholarships in Abroad

Here is step-by-step process to get a scholarship in abroad: 

 1. First, clear the language proficiency test with good scores. 

 2. To prove your academic skills, you can also take a standardized test such as GRE, GMAT, etc. 

 3. Choose a course program wisely. 

 4. Choose a trustworthy scholarship.

 6. You will be asked to give original documents of financial funds and so on.

 7. After choosing a scholarship submit an application or an essay. 

 8. Finally, submit the required documents. 

 9. Wait for approval

Sometimes, due to wrong execution, scholarships not approved. You can follow the below mentioned detailed steps.

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Final Thought 

To deduce, scholarship schemes are really beneficial for Indian students who don’t have enough funds to study abroad after the 12th. We hope this blog and the tips mentioned above will help you get a lucrative scholarship with ease. At IBT Overseas, we have an experienced team of study visa consultants that will help you in your study visa process.

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