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Complete Details About Bands Required for Australia Study Visa

Are you planning to study in Australia for international education? If yes, then without a doubt, IELTS becomes one of the most important requirements above all. Yes, it is mandatory for you to appear for the IELTS exam.

However, the whole context is just not ending towards appearing. You have to even get the high bands so that you can easily be able to enter your desired university and college.

Are you curious to know the band requirement to be eligible for the Australia study visa? Here in this whole blog, we will surely provide you with the answer to every question. Just try to hitch yourself to every part of the blog so that you really don’t have to struggle in the coming time.

Table of Contents

  1. Why is IELTS essential for an Australian study Visa? 

  2. Top Australian Institutions

  3. Can I apply for study visa with 5.5?

  4. Minimum Band Requirement

  5. How can one easily achieve good bands?

  6. Foreign Students' life

  7. Why Australian universities and colleges? 

  8. FAQs

  9. Conclusion

Why IELTS is Essential for Australian Study Visa? 

As Australia is basically known as the country where most of the citizens usually converse in English. So, all the universities and colleges of Australia basically demand great English proficiency. All the students who truly aim to study in the best universities and colleges of Australia should go for IELTS exam.

The English proficiency test is a crucial part in getting an Australian student visa. You have to note that there is a wide range of universities and colleges in Australia that basically accept IELTS as the major evidence of English language proficiency. If you will not get the minimum marks in IELTS exam. It will surely become a major hurdle that can easily be able to lead you to put a stoppage on your dream of studying in Australia.                                                        

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Top Australian Institutions IELTS Scores Requirement 

Check out the below mentioned table to get the full information about the IELTS scores for the Australian universities:  

Institution’s Name

World Ranking

Minimum overall score: UG Programs

Minimum overall score : PG Programs

Australian National University




University of Melbourne


6.5 ( with 6.0 bands in each section)


University of New South Wales


6.0 ( with 5.5 bands in each section)

6.0 ( with 5.5 bands in each section)

University of Western Australia


6.5 ( with 6.0 bands in each section)

6.5 ( with 6.0 bands in each section)

University of Adelaide


6.5 ( with 6.0 bands in each section)

6.5 ( with 6.0 bands in each section)

University of Technology Sydney


6.5 to 7.5

6.5 to 7.5

The University of Canterbury


6.0 (with minimum 5.5 bands in each section)

6.5 (with minimum 6.0 bands in each section)

Central Queensland University

601 to 650

6.0 (with minimum 5.5 bands in each section)

6.5 (with minimum 6.0 bands in each section)

Southern Cross University

751 to 800

7.5 (speaking and listening: 8.0, reading and writing: 7.0)


Can I apply for an Australian study visa with 5.5 band?

Absolutely, you have the full opportunity to apply for the best colleges and universities in Australia with the IELTS 5.5 bands. So, you really have to aim above the 5.5 bands. As this is the only way through which you will be able to apply in some of the average institutions of Australia. If you study really hard then there is no going back that you will not be able to achieve great bands in the IELTS exam. 

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What is the minimum band requirement for the IELTS exam? 

The basic type of student visa that an individual would require will truly vary according to the age, degree and duration of the course. All the applicants should apply for the subclass 500 student visa to study further in Australia. It is one such subclass that allows the student to live in Australia without much hassle. The minimum band required for the IELTS exam is 5.5. If you are having less than 5.5 bands then you are not at all eligible to apply for any type of university and college in Australia. This is one such nation that follows very strict rules and regulations that binds an individual to follow everything in the right way. 

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How can one easily achieve good bands in the IELTS exam to study in Australia? 

You might be having the clear cut idea that in the current scenario every student is looking out to study in Australia. The right coaching classes for the IELTS exam can seriously help you prepare for the IELTS exam. If you have given the IELTS exam before and received fewer bands. In that case, you really have to find the right strategy that can easily assist you in how you really have to clear the IELTS exam. There is no denying the fact that this exam is equally high for getting a student visa and getting admission in the best university. 

How is the foreign students' life in Australia? 

Apart from the UK and USA, Australia is a paramount country that provides an enriching experience to all the bidding students out there. This splendid nation has a diverse culture as most of the international students prefer to study in Australia. If you are on the lookout to get the best facilities that can change your personality to the core.

So, without thinking further, do your proper research so that you will be able to gather full information about studying in Australia. Being a nation with a very low crime rate, Australia places are often considered as the nation that is safest and provides great living standards to all the students. It is also known as the cleanest country that usually teaches the students a lesson of becoming responsible citizens of society. 

Why should I study in Australian universities and colleges? 

The student should keep in mind that this nation is the third most famous destination in the entire world in terms of education. Australia has more than 1000+ universities and colleges providing outstanding courses that are usually making the Australian universities versatile in providing a world-class education system. Whether it's Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane, every city is well versed in providing world-class dictation to all the students.

From engineering, humanities, technology, healthcare to arts, you are going to get every type of course that will definitely help you rise out better in a magnificent manner. No doubt in the fact that every year lakhs of students appear for the IELTS exam to study in Australia. As per the  International Education Association of Australia, over 3.0 million of the students have successfully graduated from the best universities and colleges of Australia in the past 60 years and they are successfully making a big difference in the entire journey. 


Ques 1) What is the average IELTS score required to study in Australia?

Ans) Most universities and colleges have different types of requirements for the IELTS bands. All the students still need to score above 5.5 bands. 

Ques 2)For how long can I stay in Australia without any hindrance? 

Ans) You can easily be able to stay in Australia as long as you are not completing your course. 

Ques 3) How much time will it take to clear the IELTS exam for Australia? 

Ans) In order to clear the IELTS exam with remarkable bands the student needs to follow the practical tips. It is something that will surely help the student rise out better in the exam. 

Ques 4) Who all can easily be able to appear for the IELTS exam? 

Ans) All the students who are planning to study in Australia can easily be able to apply to appear for the IELTS exam. 

Ques 5) For how many courses I can apply for the student visa to Australia? 

Ans) You can easily be able to apply for a student visa by applying for any type of course. You can go for the vocational, English course, and university programs. 


To conclude, you have now got all the details of the band requirement for an Australian study visa. We hope you will chose the best institute as per your band score in order to attain top-quality education. In case of any queries, you can simply connect with IBT overseas to receive the best consultation and answer to all your queries. IBT Overseas is a leading team of Australia student visa consultants who help people in study visa process.

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