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Accounting Course in USA for Indian Students

Does your academic scores reflect that you are very strong in mathematics? Do you have full interest in finance and business? An accounting program in the USA will surely be a great addition to your career. 

The USA has great opportunities for students aiming to pursue accounting courses. Whether going for a bachelor’s or master's degree, considering the accounting course will surely help you rise out as a magnificent skillset holding professional. Want to attain a piece of deep knowledge about the accounting program in the USA? This blog can lead you to walk in the right direction. 

Continue reading to pull you out of the doldrums of finding the best accounting university in the USA.

Table of Contents

  1. Prime Reason For Studying

  2. Requirements

  3. List of  Universities for Accounting

  4. Available Scholarships

  5. Pre-Arrival Costing

  6. Tuition Fee for Masters

  7. Living Cost

  8. How To Apply 

  9. Salary After Accounting

  10. Conclusion

  11. FAQ

What is the prime reason for studying accounting in the USA?

We all have the sheer idea that accounting is one of the most prominent certifications that an international student can get. Moreover, obtaining the certification from the USA can easily help the individual attain a great skill set. Below mentioned are some of the best reasons that enlighten about pursuing accounting programs from the best universities in USA:

  • 17 university accounting courses in the USA are ranked world’s top position

  • Focus on research-based and practical study

  • Affordable education

  • Availability of scholarships

  • Great opportunity of learning taxes, bookkeeping, financial statements, debits, and credits from industry specialists. 

Requirements to study Accounting in the USA

If you desire to apply for the accounting program at the best universities in the USA. In that case, you really need to fulfill certain types of requirements that can actually work wonders for your whole scenario. You have to fulfill all the requirements then only you will become eligible to study accounting course in the USA. The basic requirements are:

  • Demonstration of a strong background in mathematics 

  • Availability of great scores on the English proficiency test

  • Get the average score of 752 on the GMAT exam

  • Get an average score of around 162 on the GRE exam

  • The student should have more than a 3.0 GPA in the academic field

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List of Top Universities in the USA for Accounting with requirements 

Here in this specific section, you will get wholesome detail about the best accounting universities and their requirements. If you are planning to study in your desired one then carefully study the information mentioned below: 


Minimum UG Requirement

GMAT (Average Total)

GRE (Average)

TOEFL (iBT) Scores

IELTS Scores

University of Pennsylvania

83%-86% (3.0 GPA)


Verbal and Quantitative: 156



New York University (NYU)

83%-86% (3.2 GPA)

GMAT waiver

GRE waiver



Columbia University

90%-92% (3.7 GPA)


Quantitative:167; Verbal: 160



University of Michigan

89% (3.4 GPA)


Quantitative: 159;Verbal: 149



Northwestern University

85% (3.0 GPA)


No minimum score required



Cornell University

3.42 GPA


Not required



University of Texas

87% (3.2 GPA)





Boston College

91% (3.6 GPA)





Michigan State University

85% (3.0 GPA)


Quantitative: 164; Verbal: 153



Ohio State University

91% (3.6 GPA)





Availability of scholarship in Masters in accounting in the USA

There is no denying the fact that the tuition fee for a master's in accounting is pretty high up the scale. Still, we have laid out some of the best arrangements that can help you study accounting in the best possible manner. You might have heard the name of scholarships before. Yes, you can easily be able to get a scholarship to your desired university in the USA. However, there is one case where you have to develop your profile in such a way that you become fully eligible to attain a scholarship in the USA. We have rounded up some of the popular scholarships for all the international students aiming to study in the USA: 




Scholarship Award (USD)

Application Deadline

Penn GSE Merit-Based Scholarship

University of Pennsylvania

International students in the first year of master's education

Not disclosed

Application not required

Master of Science in Accounting Scholarship

New York University

Master of Science in Accounting


Apply at the time of admission

MPA Merit Scholarships and Tuition waiver

University of Texas

For students applying for the MPA program, merit-based


Application not required

John School Scholarship

Cornell University



Additional applications not required

Partial Fellowship

Columbia University

Meritorious MS applicants

Not disclosed

Additional applications not required

Merit-Based Scholarship

Boston College

Meritorious Masters in Accounting students


Require indication at the time of admission

Accounting in the USA Cost 

Does the whole cost of living and studying in the USA frighten you to the core? Don’t worry we have all measured for you. The basic cost of studying accounting in the USA can basically be defined as pre-arrival, cost of living, and tuition fee. The basic estimate for every segment is just mentioned below: 

Pre-Arrival Costing 

The pre-arrival expenses usually include airfare, basic tests, visa application processing, and more. We would like to inform you that before heading out to the USA you really have to note down the pre-arrival expenses. Check out the below-mentioned table with an informed mind: 

Types of Expenses

Expenses (INR)

Visa application












Tuition Fee for Masters of Accounting in the USA

We would like to inform you that the tuition fees of the top universities are mentioned below in the form of the table. Try to get the full-fledged information about the tuition fee as it will definitely going to benefit you in choosing the best university: 


Annual Tuition Fees (INR)

University of Pennsylvania

63.69 lakhs

Columbia University

50 lakhs

Cornell University

44 lakhs

University of Michigan

42.14 lakhs

Northwestern University

58 lakhs

New York University (NYU)

45.30 lakhs

University of Texas

33.71 lakhs

Boston College

44.29 lakhs

Ohio State University

44.04 lakhs

Michigan State University

39 lakhs

What is the living cost in the USA?

The basic cost of living usually depends on one person to the other. So we are just giving you a rough figure that can easily help you survive in the USA without any hassle. 

Types of Expenses

Expenses per month (INR)

Share Rental/ Hostel




Eating Out


Public Transport


Phone bills and internet




Health Insurance in the USA

34,435- 53,566

How to apply for the Accounting course in the USA?

Before applying the student has to make it fully clear by attaining the full information by checking out the official website of the university. Try to read all the instructions in the right manner so that you don’t have to worry in the coming time. 

  • Surf the office website of the university

  • Open the admission form

  • After that, you really need to fill the entire detail without making any glitch

  • Submit the required documents

  • Submission of the passport size photo

  • Attach the statement of purpose describing your entire profile

Salary after Accounting in the USA

If you have done the accounting course in the USA then salary requirement is one of the top things to look up. For your benefit we have made a table that will definitely be going to help you get the full information about what type of salary you will get after completing the accounting program from the best universities in the USA: 

Job Roles

Annual Median Salary (INR)

Loan Officer

48.24 lakhs

Cost Estimator

49 lakhs

Purchasing Manager

51.72 lakhs

Insurance Underwriter

52.84 lakhs

Accountants and auditors

53.56 lakhs

Budget Analysts

58.23 lakhs

Financial Examiner

61.35 lakhs

Financial Analyst

65.55 lakhs 

Personal Financial Advisor

68.02 lakhs

Financial Manager

95.08 lakhs

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Looking for Accounting Course in USA? 



Your aspiration of studying accounting in the USA can only come true if you perform the right due diligence. Try to read this whole blog with your full attention as it will definitely benefit you in the coming time. All the information mentioned in this blog is fully reliable and it will demand your pure attention. So consider reading it as this can surely benefit you in the coming time. Do not let any type of stress hover over your mind for a long duration.


Ques 1) What are the different job roles that I can choose after an accounting course?

Ans: The student can choose different job roles such as Insurance Underwriter, Loan Officer, Cost Estimator, Purchasing Manager, Accountants and auditors, and Budget Analysts.

Ques 2) What are the different types of scholarships present in the USA?

Ans: Here you will get a wide range of scholarships such as Penn GSE Merit-Based Scholarship, Master of Science in Accounting Scholarships, MPA Merit Scholarships and Tuition waiver, John School Scholarship, Partial Fellowship, and Merit-Based Scholarship.

Ques 3) What is the cost of health insurance in the USA?

Ans: The overall cost of health insurance part in the USA will be around 34,435- 53,566. 

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