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Is Canada Visa Easy to Get? 7 Easiest Ways to Get Canada Visa

If you're confused, Is Canada visa easy to get? Then, you are at right place. Here. IBT Overseas research & development team clear the myth about getting visa and help people to get Canada visa.

This blog is written under the guidance of great experience holding immigration professionals. So take a cup of your cold coffee and read all the blogs without deviating your mind. This blog will clear all your misconceptions and give you 7 easiest ways to get Canada visa easily.

Table of Contents

  1. 7 Easiest Ways to Get Canada Visa

    1.1 Visitor Visa of Canada

    1.2 Canadian Permanent Residency Visa

    1.3 Canadian Student Visa

    1.4 Provincial Nominee Program Visas

    1.5 Sponsorship Family Class Visa

    1.6 LMIA Work Permit Visa

    1.7 Immigrant Visas for Canadian Businessmen

  2. FAQ

  3. Wrapping Up

7 Easiest Ways to Get Canada Visa in 2023

Here you will get 7 easiest ways to get Canada visa in  2023. These ways help you to get your Canada visa. 

1. Visitor Visa of Canada

If you have the motive to visit Canada for a short duration of time then this is the best visa for your case. We would like to inform you that the Canada visitor visa is basically termed a temporary resident visa. You can truly fill the application for this visa type with the help of the online medium. One would obviously require a visitor to explore the beautiful landscape of Canada. Now you must be thinking that it is really easy to get a visitor visa to Canada? Then we would like to inform you that yes, it is easy. 

If you qualify for the eligibility criteria without much hassle. The Canada visitor visa is not at all difficult to get if you consider progressing in the right direction. We would like to inform you that the person holding the visitor visa can stay in Canada for up to six months. You really have to note that temporary visas can be known as single-entry visas or they are also known as multiple entry visas. The multiple entry visa is basically used by the individuals who really aim to get entry into the country as many times as possible during its validity.                                                        

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2. Canadian Permanent Residency Visa

There might be a chance that you went to Canada on the basis of study. You like the place so much that you made a plan that you will surely go to live in the nation for the rest of your life. This happens with most individuals. This is one such visa through which you can easily be able to reside in Canada for the rest of your life without any hassle. You require a quality score for becoming an eligible member of the permanent residency profile. Permanent residency is not at all something that you can get so easily. If your profile is outstanding and holds great credibility. You can get the PR visa in a limited time frame. With this visa, you are accessible to work, live and study in Canada without much hindrance. 

3. Canadian Student Visa

This is one of the most demanding visas among all. If you want to stay and study in Canada then this is one of the best visas according to your case. Why struggle so much to get the visa when you can attain the right guidance from the best source. All the students from India who want to study in Canada can surely go for this type of visa, As it can help them study effortlessly in Canada. You have to carefully note that a study permit is not something that can help you enter Canada. 

Firstly, you have to apply for the best university and colleges, then get your letter of acceptance, then you become eligible to apply for a Canadian student visa. We understand there might be anonymous types of things going on in your mind. There is a specific type of procedure through which you can easily get a student visa. If you have the confidence that you can get your visa without any professional help. Then it's absolutely commendable. However, we would like to inform you that you should consider seeking help after you face the refusal. The right professional will surely help you get the visa in a limited timeframe. 

4. Provincial Nominee Program Visas

We would like to inform you that all the territories and provinces of Canada have done a basic type of agreement with the government of Canada. In which they usually nominate a wide range of immigrants who have the aspiration to settle in different provinces of Canada. All the willing Candidates have to apply for a specific province and then get a nomination visa from that specific place. 

Immigration to Canada under the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is becoming more common. Provincial immigration initiatives in Canada's various provinces sometimes lead to a fast-track procedure. PNP candidates, however, are required to remain in the provinces in which they applied after arriving in the country. And in order to be eligible, the vast majority of PNPs need a work offer from a Canadian business.

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5. Sponsorship Family Class Visa

As long as Canada's immigration policy favors family reunification, it will stay so. Immigration to Canada is possible for Canadian citizens and permanent residents. An eligible Canadian citizen or lawful permanent residence may act as the sponsor for their family member. Under the Super Visa Category, you may bring them into Canada.

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6. LMIA Work Permit Visa

Many immigrants to Canada first get a job offer in Canada, then apply for a work visa, and then move to Canada on the basis of that offer. If you really aim to get the best work permit in the Canadian nation. Then the individual should get the best job from the paramount professional employer of Canada. They have to consider going for the LMIA visa. There are several steps that you need to follow, but it may lead to Canadian citizenship.

7. Immigrant Visas for Canadian Businessmen

High net worth people who have previously owned or managed enterprises abroad are eligible for the Investor Category. They contribute to Canada's general development and prosperity by allowing experienced business professionals to invest in our economy. All the businessmen of Canada can go for the two options. They can go for the  Quebec Investor Program and then Federal Investor Program. Both of them are best and offer tax benefits. High net worth and a big investment in an authorized investment fund are required for both schemes, which are identical. Spouses and children of investors may accompany them to the United States as dependent on their visa applications. Quebec's programmes for investors and entrepreneurs, on the other hand, were unaffected.

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Ques 1) Who can apply for a Canada visitor visa?

Ans) Anyone who aims to visit Canada for a short duration of time and fulfills all the requirements can apply for a Canada Visitor visa. 

Ques 2) What is the most demanding Canada visa type? 

Ans) A Canadian student visa is the most demanding Canada visa type. Students who aim to study in a top-notch institution in Canada apply for the particular type.  

Ques 3) What is required to get a Canadian Permanent Residency visa? 

Ans) To be eligible for a Canadian Permanent Residency visa you must require a quality score and an outstanding profile. The scores depend upon your age, qualification, work experience, scores acquired in a language proficiency test and a number of other factors. 

Ques 4) For how long can a person stay in Canada with a Canada visitor visa? 

Ans) A Canada visitor visa is a temporary residency visa, so you can stay for up to 6 months in Canada with a Canada visitor visa. 

Ques 5) How can I get a Canadian work permit visa? 

Ans) To get a Canadian work permit visa, you need to get a job opportunity from a reputable company or employer in Canada. 

Wrapping Up 

We truly think that you must have got the answer “Is Canada visa easy to get?” question now. If you are looking for the right guidance. Then you can easily reach out to one of the best visa consultants, IBT Overseas. Here you will surely get all the answers to your questions. So leave your double thoughts aside and consider linking with the right platform to convert your all dreams into reality. At IBT Overseas, we have an experienced team of Canada study visa consultants that will help you in your study visa process.

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