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Why Is Edmonton The Best Study Destination?

From home to 25+ museums and one of the biggest malls in the world, Edmonton, Canada is the best choice to study. Why is it so? Well, the reasons are not just limited to the city having the best universities to study. In fact, there are a few other reasons as well that make Edmonton the best study destination.

We will start our blog with the best universities in the city and then, we will proceed with understanding the topmost reasons to study here. So, if you have plans to study in Edmonton, Canada then, this blog is going to be the best guide for you.

Table of Contents

  1. Top 9 Best Colleges In Edmonton Canada:

  2. NorQuest College Edmontons

  3. The King's University

  4. Concordia University of Edmonton

  5. Vanguard College

  6. University Of Alberta

  7. Macewan University

  8. Why study in Edmonton?

  9. Job opportunities in Edmonton

  10. Edmonton Vs Calgary

  11. FAQs

Top 9 Best Colleges In Edmonton Canada

Let’s start with the top 9 universities in Edmonton, Canada that are famous for their prominence in education all over the world.

NorQuest College Edmonton

With a massive campus area, NorQuest College Edmonton bags the first rank in our list of the top 9 colleges in Edmonton, Canada. The college, with an intent to provide career-ready training, offers 60+ programs and 400+ courses. this must have helped you in estimating the magnificence of the college. The best part is that this is a public university and you know the importance of a public university in the present scenario.

Let’s have a quick look at the best features of the university:

  • Public university
  • 60+ programs and 400+ courses
  • Learning options (Full-time, Part-time, Distance learning, Regional programs)
  • Career paths (health, business, community studies)

The King's University

Representing 16 nations through 900 students, King’s University, Edmonton has achieved prominence as one of the best universities. The college offers 90+ majors and this helps so many students find the best education that aligns with their interests. Again this is the best option for international students as this is a public university.

Explore the features of The King's University:

  • Public university
  • 90+ majors
  • Career paths (Humanities & Social Sciences, Business & Management, Natural & Computing Science, Performance and Instruction)

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)

Now, we are going to discuss a magnificent college that represents 88 countries through 2200 students. Yes, the college welcomes 2200 students from all over the world, making itself a majorly sought-after college. Technology-based learning with profound hands-on learning offered at the institute makes the students ready to do their best in their career fields.

The reasons that make the institute the best study destination:

  • Public university
  • 80+ courses at the Bachelor, Applied, and Postgraduate levels
  • 2000+ students
  • Ranked safe Canadian Campus by international students
  • Career paths (Engineering, Business, Electrical Engineering Technology, Information Systems, Design and Communications, Health Sciences and Mechanical Engineering)

Concordia University of Edmonton

If you join them, you will belong to them. It is wonderful to study at a university that feels like home. With this intent, the Concordia University of Edmonton is a small university but yet gives the big experience to you. The institute is quite famous for its athlete classes and the best assistance to the students studying over here. The institute welcomes around 2000 students every year.

For quick information about the institute, have a look at this:

  • Small institute but gives a big experience
  • 45+ majors
  • 2000+ students
  • Career paths (Arts, Science, and Management, two after-degree programs, three master's degrees, and several graduate certificates and diplomas)

Vanguard College

Since its origin in 1946, Vanguard College has been prominent for its leadership and accountability. With a focus on Research coaching, proofreading, time management help, and academic accommodations, the institute is excellent in offering the best ministry leadership. Along with that, the institute also offers the best online coaching with one-to-one access to the professors.

Go through the features of the institute:

  • 10+majors
  • 2000+ students
  • Career paths (Biblical studies, general study courses, professional study courses, Field education on campus, Field education online)

University Of Alberta

Studying at a university that has a reputation for being the fifth-largest university in Canada, the Fourth-best Canadian university, and one of the top 100 in the world.  This would be a magnificent experience and will give a massive shift to your career. The Univerity of Alberta is a magnificent college that is known for its research and career-oriented training.

What makes the University of Alberta the best?

  • 200+ undergraduate programs
  • 500+ graduate programs
  • C40,061 students from 156 countries
  • Career paths ( health, safety, wellness, technology, art 7 design, languages, and many more)

Macewan University

MacEwan University is a place where the future takes shape. The best part of studying here is that you get to learn with a pragmatic approach which helps you get ready to do well in your internships, jobs, and career. To your knowledge, it is a public undergraduate university which is going to be the best option for those who are seeking to establish a successful career here.

  • Public undergraduate university
  • 100+ courses
  • 19000+ students
  • Full-time, Part-time, Online courses available

Why study in Edmonton?

Several reasons make Edmonton the best study destination such as

  • safe environment
  • welcoming nature of the people
  • comfort of zone
  • strict rules and regulations
  • the best opportunities to earn

Job opportunities in Edmonton

Finding job opportunities in Edmonton is not a tough task as long as you are willing to work hard. From billing to salesperson in the malles, a variety of jobs are available for you. However, you have to look for the best job that you can manage to do along with studying and survival.

Get to know the best part-time job opportunities available in Edmonton, Canada:

1. Part-time driver

2. Billing

3. Assistant

4. Salesperson

5. Macdonald

6. Packaging

7. Receptionist

8. Restaurants

9. Parcel delivery

10. Work from home

Edmonton Vs Calgary

Edmonton and Calgary are popular for their quality education and opting for one of these two options could be tough. Many students often stay confused about which study destination to go ahead with. Calgary and Edmonton both have incredible universities that are strongly recognized for their authenticity. Calgary is more advanced and incredible universities but Edmonton has a huge list of the best colleges. However, considering your own needs and preferences can help you opt for the right option for you.


Ques 1) Is there any scope for digital marketing in Edmonton?

Ans) Understand that companies are always in need of Digital marketing professionals who have completed their education at a reputed university. Finding the best job digital marketing job could be tough and depends on your experience and education but the job is surely available.

Ques 2)  What is the best college in Edmonton for arts?

Ans) We genuinely ask you to do research on this. However, we believe that the University of Alberta would be the best option for you.

Ques 3) The exact amount that an Indian needs to study in Edmonton?

Ans) The cost of studying in a foreign country doesn’t only include college and study material fees. In fact, it also includes the survival expenses as well. Therefore, estimating the real amount could be tough as every university has its own fee structure. However, you need at least 30+ lacs to study in Edmonton.

Ques 4)  Is Edmonton safe for International students?

Ans) Yes, Edmonton is considered a safe location for international students but it is always wise to take safety measures.

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