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Best Tourist Visa Consultants in Jalandhar - IBT Overseas

Each year, millions of people aim to visit different nations to spend time with their friends and family or to just enjoy the country's breathtaking scenery. To provide wings to their exploration IBT Overseas is diligently working towards getting a tourist visa in the limited time frame. IBT Overseas has the experience, adroit staff, and knowledge to help all the individuals to navigate hard visa procedure and boldly file their entire visa application. Our quality services help us hold the tag of the best tourist visa consultants in Jalandhar. So without wasting much time grab the chance to get the tourist visa of your desired country in just one week. 

Why Apply Your Tourist Visa With Us?

Still strangled in the dilemma of why to choose IBT Overseas as your tourist visa consultants in Jalandhar? If yes, then here are some points that can help you make a firm decision: 

Magnificent Consultation

We have the best staff who work with the motive to impart quality information and help the folks attain the best tourist visa.

Privacy and Safety

We are known as the best Tourist Visa Consultants in Jalandhar because we care about our client's privacy and security. 


IBT has earned a stellar reputation just because of our dedication towards our clients. We provide comprehensive information on visa processing codes and procedures.

Stamped Visas

Over the previous years, IBT has stamped over a 100+ tourist visas for international travelers. 

Affordable Services

We strive to deliver affordable tourist visa services to all our clients. 

Tourist Visa

Canada Tourist Visa 

As reliable Tourist Visa Consultants in Jalandhar, we have made the dreams of exploring Canada of many people come true. We provide quality tourist visa services that include drafting of covering letters, showcase of funds, file processing and more. Consider connecting with IBT Overseas to get the tourist visa of Canada. Our satisfied customers are delighted with the quality of our work. We assure you that our experts will help you attain the Canada tourist visa without much hindrance. 

Eligibility Criteria 

In order to be eligible for a Canada tourist visa, you will need to ensure that you satisfy all of the following requirements:

  • Applicants are required to demonstrate that they are not already seeking employment in Canada or have any plans to begin working there.

  • The applicants are required to showcase that they have no history of criminal activity and that they are prepared to comply with all of the laws of the nation.

  • Applicants are required to provide evidence that they have the financial resources to sustain themselves and their families during their stay.

  • Applicants who want to stay with friends or family members should also get letters of invitation from those individuals who are sponsoring them. They can get help from the right tourist visa consultants in Jalandhar for crafting the letter.

  • The acquisition of a temporary residence visa is obligatory for applicants hailing from specified nations.

  • Depending on the applicant's profile, there is a possibility that they may need to fulfill extra entry requirements in order to be considered.

Documents Required

In order to proceed with the application for a tourist visa to Canada, you are required to have the below mentioned documents:

  • A current and valid passport with an expiration date that is at least six months away from the present date.

  • Document that states that you have a sufficient number of links to the nation you were born in.

  • Statements from your financial institution demonstrating that you have sufficient cash to cover your living expenses during your time in Canada.

  • A letter of invitation from your relatives. For getting more information about this you can seek out help from the right tourist visa consultants in Jalandhar.

  • Certificate stating that you are medically fit to travel, in the event that you are required to have a physical examination before your trip.

Cover Letter to Canada Tourist Visa 

When applying for a tourist visa, you are required to present additional documentation, one of which is a cover letter, which is considered an essential part of the application. It is important to include the following components in that covering letter:

  • The primary motivation for making the trip to the destination

  • An explanation of how you intend to manage the costs associated with your trip, as well as evidence that you have the financial resources necessary to do so, is required.

  • Give some details about how you make your living. Connect with tourist visa consultants in Jalandhar for getting more information about this.

  • Please describe your connection with your sponsor as well as the criteria that were used to choose you as a sponsor.

  • After that provide a synopsis of your travel itinerary, including the dates and times of your primary activities that are planned to take place in Canada.

Canada Tourist Visa Fee 

The basic fee of the Canada Tourist visa usually depends on your application type. Here is the basic fee that you really need to pay for getting the tourist visa to Canada: 



Fee in CAD $

Fee in INR (If $ 1 is equal to Rs. 58)


Visitor Visa - Per Person Single or Multiple Entry Visa

$ 100

Rs. 5800


Biometric Fee Per Person

$ 85

Rs. 4930


Visitor Visa - Per family Single or Multiple Entry Visa

$ 500

Rs. 29000


Biometric Fee Per family

$ 170

Rs. 9860

Australia Tourist Visa 

If you are looking for an Australia tourist visa consultant in Jalandhar, you have landed on the right platform. IBT Overseas has been ruling the whole immigration industry for the past 13 years. We are providing quality tourist visa related services to all the folks who are planning to explore Australia. Our services have made us the go-to choice for Australian Tourist Visa Consultants in Jalandhar.

UK Tourist Visa 

Get your UK tourist visa in just one week with the outstanding services of IBT Overseas. Our main competence is in tourist visa filing and documentation for the UK. Thousands of visa filling cases have provided us great experience and true expertise to handle any type of difficult case. We have great expertise holding counseling staff that will not only help you in getting the tourist visa but will surely help you fulfill your dream of exploring the UK. Consider connecting with best tourist visa consultants in Jalandhar- IBT Overseas. 

USA Tourist Visa 

It's time to take the holiday and visit your near and dear ones in the USA with the USA tourist visa. IBT Overseas can assist you in getting your application and documents right and enhance your chances of getting the tourist visa in the limited duration of time. Our consultants will also help you make an outline on which destination you should consider visiting in the USA. If you hold the aspiration to visit the USA for any type of reason. In that case, consider connecting with IBT Overseas.

New Zealand Tourist Visa 

New Zealand is the first hot-spot for all the individuals who aim to explore New Zealand on a greater level. Get a New Zealand tourist visa with the full assistance of tourist visa consultants in Jalandhar - IBT Overseas. We assure you that we will provide you the quality services that include covering letter, transparent documentation and visa filling. Our travel advisers will also assist you in developing a plan for the locations in New Zealand you need to take into consideration visiting. We have tremendous expertise holding a counseling team that will not only aid you in acquiring the tourist visa, but will also help you stay there without much difficulty.

Europe Tourist Visa 

IBT Overseas provides excellent service, allowing you to get your Europe tourist visa in only one week. Our primary area of expertise is in the application process and documents required for Europe tourist visas. As we have handled hundreds of visa filing cases that have gained a wealth of knowledge and the actual skill to manage any kind of challenging situation. For the last 13 years, IBT Overseas has been the undisputed leader in the immigration market. Our versatile services make us the best Tourist Visa Consultants in Jalandhar. 

Tourist Visa


Ques 1) Who all are eligible to visit the UK? 

Ans) Check out the below mentioned points: 

  • All the applicants who are more than 18 years old can visit the UK. 
  • They should converse in English language
  • Showcase proper domination of the funds
  • The applicant should definitely score a minimum 70 points based on the immigration system. 

Ques 2) How does IBT Overseas help in getting the tourist visa? 

Ans) IBT Overseas is working hard to get the visa in the limited amount of time. IBT Overseas's experienced and knowledgeable personnel can guide any applicant through the complex visa application process. Thanks to our excellent work, we are recognised as the top Tourist Visa Consultants in Jalandhar. 

Ques 3) May I get an extension for a Canadian tourist visa?

Ans)  In order to prolong your stay in Canada while on a visiting visa, you must submit an application for guest status. If you are already in Canada, you may apply for guest status at any immigration office. While in Canada, you will need to apply for a visa before your current tourist status expires. If you come to Canada under the category of "tourist," you will typically be allowed to stay for a maximum of six months.

Ques 4) How does one apply for a Tourist Visa?

Ans) In order to get a Tourist Visa, please complete these steps:

  • Complete the Online Application for a Visa to Enter the United States as a Tourist
  • Send in your Visa application fee payment.
  • Make an appointment with the Embassy for the Visa Interview.
  • Show up on time for your visa interview at the Embassy.

Ques 5) How long are you allowed to remain in a nation if you just have a tourist visa?

Ans) There is no standard time limit; instead, it varies from nation to country. The length of time spent there might range anything from three months to one year.

Ques 6) What is the necessity of a tourist visa for traveling to another nation?

Ans) You will require a visa in order to go to any nation that does not follow a tourist visa policy that is comparable to that of your own country. A great number of nations have established visa laws and agreements that make it possible for citizens of those nations to freely travel between one another without the need for a visa.

Ques 7) How much does it take to get the tourist visa?

Ans) The amount of time it takes to obtain a visa might vary widely, depending not just on the kind of visa but also on your location. It might take anything from a few weeks to several months to complete.

Ques 8) What is the cost for getting a tourist visa?

Ans) The price of a Tourist Visa varies widely depending on the country that is providing the applicant with the opportunity to get one. For instance, the application for a tourist visa to the United States costs 170 USD.

Ques 9) When I apply for a tourist visa, how many times am I allowed to visit Australia in a given year?

Ans) With this visa, you are permitted to travel to Australia for a total of up to 12 months, during which time you may stay in the country for a maximum of three months at each stop. This visa is open to those with citizenship in a wide number of countries and regions who do not already call Australia home and who want to visit the country.

Ques 10)  How do I go about obtaining a tourist visa for Australia?

Ans) Here are some of the pointers mentioned below: 

  • Determine the specific kind of Sub-Class that you want to apply for based on the requirements that you have.
  • Please upload all of the supplemental materials that are required.
  • You may make your payment for the Visa charge online.
  • Make an appointment for the submission of your application.

Tourist Visa Consultants in Jalandhar

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    How much time a tourist visa takes?

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      Manbir Singh 15 Mar 2023 05:07 PM

      The amount of time it takes to obtain a visa might vary widely, depending not just on the kind of visa but also on your location. It might take anything from a few weeks to several months to complete.

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