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Study in Australia for Indian students after 12th

Australia is considered one of the notable countries among international students in terms of education. Nowadays, Indian students are so curious to move to Australia after 12th in order to get top-quality education for a bright and prolific future. Apart from that, the other things that catch the attention of students are pleasant weather, delicious food and a welcoming community. Moreover, the tuition fee is also affordable as compared to other countries such as Canada and the US. 

Well, to study in Australia, one must first have adequate knowledge of the entire process of studying in Australia after the 12th. Hold on! We have given a complete guide to studying in Australia for Indian students after the 12th. So, read this article and get details of the top courses, top universities, cost of studying, scholarship schemes, job opportunities and a lot more. We are sure that this article will help you make a firm decision that will be beneficial for you. 

Table of Contents

  1. Top Courses To Study

  2. Cost Of Study

  3. Top Universities

  4. Requirements To Study

  5. Scholarships

  6. Jobs for Indians After 12th

  7. FAQs

  8. Conclusion

Top Courses to study in Australia after 12th 

Whether you have done your 12th in Arts, Science or commerce, there are a wide range of courses in every stream you can pursue in Australia. Well, there are two options for Indian students, either they can opt for a diploma course or they can opt for an undergraduate course. However, the top courses to study in Australia after 12th are: 



Mathematics and Computing 

Statistics, Mathematics Studies, Computer Science

Arts and Design 

Foreign Language, History, Literature, Philosophy, communication and other courses related to the arts stream. 

Hospitality and Tourism  

Hotel Management and Tourism management 

Law and Business Administration 

Economics, MBA, HR, Accounting, Marketing, Commerce and Business. 


Teaching and Education Studies 

Engineering and Technology 

All Engineering streams and Mechatronics 

Health Sciences 

Nursing, Nutrition, Physiotherapy, Veterinary Sciences, Public Health and Personal Health care 

Visual and Performing Arts 

Music, Graphic Arts, Crafts, Performing Arts and Fashion Design


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Cost of study in Australia after 12th 

The annual studying cost in Australia varies depending upon which University you have chosen. Apart from it, the duration of the course has a significant role in the total cost of study in Australia. For instance, undergraduate bachelor’s courses in Australia usually last for 3 years and Engineering courses last for 4 years. Apart from it, the duration of diploma courses in Australia is 1-2 years. So, the estimate for the cost of study in different streams after the 12th is given below:  


Cost of Tuition Fee


AUD 21000 - AUD 39000 Annually


AUD 24000 - AUD 39000 Annually 


AUD 26000 - AUD 39000 Annually 


AUD 21000 - AUD 33000 Annually 

Top Universities in Australia 

The best part of studying in Australia after 12th is that every university in Australia provides top-notch education and in various streams. However, there are still some illustrious universities that are the top priority of Indian students. It is because these universities are not only notable for their quality education but also because they have achieved a top rank in the QS world rankings of 2022-2023. Here is the list of the top Australian universities, along with their QS world rankings and estimated average tuition fees:


QS World Ranking 

Average Annual Tuition Fees

Australian National University 


INR 15,50,000

University of Melbourne


INR 15,35,000 - INR 50,83,000

University of Sydney 


INR 28,14,000

University of Queensland 


INR 18,85,000

University of New South Wales 


INR 26,00,000

University of Adelaide


INR 19,37,000

University of Wollongong


INR 11,70,000

Macquarie University


INR 19,77,000


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Admission requirements to study in Australia after 12th 

There are some crucial steps required to get admission to the top universities in Australia after 12th. You must follow each and every step carefully in order to complete the entire admission process smoothly and flawlessly. Here we have mentioned every point sequentially required to study in Australia after the 12th: 

  • Do proper research or seek help from a consultant to get details of the best university and choose a course that suits your interest and educational background. 

  • Apply to at least 2-3 different universities to get an offer letter from at least one of them. 

  • Fill up the application form scrupulously and make sure to submit all the essential documents. 

  • Write a well-structured SOP to explain why you chose a particular university and study program, how it will help you develop your career and your intention to move back to your home country after the completion of your study program. 

  • Now, you have to wait until your application is reviewed by the authorities. 

  • Once you receive your offer letter, you need to pay the tuition fee. 

  • Afterward, apply for a study visa and health insurance. 

  • After getting visas, book your tickets and pack your luggage. 


If you think that you have to forget about your dream of studying in Australia because of financial constraints, let us inform you about the various scholarship schemes you can avail of. There are plenty of scholarships available for international students so that they can manage their finances and get a quality education without any hassle. So, let’s check what are these scholarship schemes: 



Amount in Australian Dollars 

Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship

Students pursuing UG course in the university are eligible 

50-100% scholarship on the total amount of tuition fees. 

Outstanding Academic Excellence Scholarship

Students pursuing Science or Engineering are eligible 

AUD 60,000

Australia Awards Scholarship 

Academic excellence and language proficiency required 

Full scholarship (100%)

Vice Chancellor Scholarship 

All the students of the university are eligible 

Full scholarship (100%)

Griffith Remarkable Scholarship

Students must have a minimum GPA of 5.5

50% scholarship 

Jobs in Australia for Indian students after 12th 

While studying in Australia, students can do part time jobs. However, after completing their study program, they can work full-time. Here are some part-time and full-time job opportunities for Indian students in Australia.

Part-time jobs in Australia 

  • Jobs in Supermarkets and departmental stores 

  • Farming related jobs

  • Sales and telemarketing

  • Jobs in restaurants and cafes. 

  • Clerical jobs 

  • Administration role in various companies 

Full-time jobs in Australia 

  • Accountant

  • Software Engineer

  • Civil Engineer

  • Graphic Design

  • Electrical Engineer

  • Nurse

  • General Physician 

  • Manager


Ques 1) What are the top courses for commerce students in Australia after 12th? 

Ans) Marketing, Economics, Accounting and Business are some of the top courses for commerce students in Australia after the 12th. 

Ques 2) What is the cost of study for Science students in Australia after the 12th? 

Ans) The annual average course of study for science students in Australia will be around AUD 21000 - AUD 39000 Annually.

Ques 3) Is SOP required to get admission to the top universities in Australia after the 12th? 

Ans) Us, you have to submit a well-written SOP explaining each and every point clearly to get admission to the top universities in Australia after the 12th. 

Ques 4) Can students do part-time jobs in Australia after the 12th? 

Ans) Yes, students can do part-time jobs in stores, restaurants, cafes or even in companies while studying in Australia. 

Final words

To recapitulate, this is the complete guide that details every piece of information  regarding top courses in Australia, top universities in Australia, the cost of studying in Australia after the 12th, the admission process, the scholarship scheme and job opportunities. We hope this blog has boosted your knowledge and you are now aware of the crucial points that are required to study in Australia after the 12th. At IBT Overseas, we have an experienced team of Australia student visa consultants that will help you in your study visa process.

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