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Why You Need To Struggle For Canada Study Visa Permit In 2022?

Whether it’s the 12th pass-out student or a graduate, every individual now holds the aspiration to study in Canada. There might be some hands raising to ask the question: what is so great about studying in Canada? Why are you so crazy about studying in Canada? The answer to this question is very simple. Canada is no doubt one of the biggest platforms that not only provide quality education but it also changes the entire look and feel of the personality of the individual. 

 This nation is one of the most picked countries by most of the study abroad consultants in India and overall Asia. It has been noticed that the count of the applicants applying for the Canada study permit is increasing at a rapid rate. Every year myriads of students fill out the form of the Canada study permit. Out of many students, only a few of them convert their dream of studying in Canada into reality. 

According to the famous statement of purpose writing Company named Contentholic. The rate of receiving the refusals is rising at a rapid rate. The students who got refused to Canada are basically searching to prepare a valid and strong letter of explanation or justification letter (LOE).  There is no denying the fact that after the lockdowns the government of Canada has imposed a great restriction on international students. The rules and regulations related to the immigration sector have increased to a greater level. If you are a student who is truly aspiring to attain a study permit in Canada. Contact with best immigration advisors. 

What Is The Current Scenario In The Canadian Immigration Market?

Then you really have to pull up your socks. As it is not at all easy in the current scenario. Apart from the candidates who have got the AIP, now there are a wide range of new applicants who are just waiting to get the approval letter on their study permit. Among all the students there is a great craze of studying on an international level. It is often seen that there are a lot of students who have received the message of refusal just because they have massive backlogs. If you don’t want the message of the refusal then we advise you to make your profile as strong as possible. Then only you will be able to study in Canada without any hassle.

According to Suneet Kumar Singh, an expert in framing knowledgeable SOP(Statement of Purpose). He has shared his thought and great experience profile that in the September 2021 intake, there were thousands of rejections. The profile of the students who were aiming to get study permits were floating aimlessly. The embassy put the mark of rejection on them. As they were not able to qualify the rules and regulations pointers made by the embassy. As the intake of August is opening doors, there are a lot of students who are just trying their luck so that they can get study permits to Canada in a limited duration of time. 

Most of the Canada study visa consultants in Ludhiana have totally put the whole blame on the IRCC. As they are just overlooking the genuine profile and not picking the desirable candidates for the study permit. They are opening sharing that the candidates with outstanding scores are also receiving refusals. There might be some kind of glitch in the working structure of the Canadian embassy. However, they also explained that 95% of the cases got rejected because of the statement of the purpose.

 If the SOP will have some kind of issue then it will be normal for the embassy to reject you. So we advise you to take care of the SOP as it is the most important document of all. You really have to have full knowledge about how to craft the best SOP. If you find it extremely hard to make an impressive SOP then you really have to have quality information about how you have to make the best SOP. You also have the best hand to take the assistance of a reliable source so that you will not receive the refusal in the coming time. 

It is often noticed that most of the study abroad consultants usually ask the student to make their own SOP as it will be authentic. However, some of the students do not follow the technical rules related to the SOP. Then it becomes one of the most disturbing factors. As this can surely become one of the most described points among all. The student usually copy-pastes the SOP from the internet. This becomes one of the biggest reasons they receive a refusal. Those students who are not at all aware of plagiarism should keep in mind that a copy-paste SOP might put you in the most destructive place. The students also lack in defining all the major and minor points in the statements of SOP. 

Here is a few things that you should not do while crafting the best SOP: 

  • The content of the SOP should not be a copy of any other website

  • Meticulously explain the intent to visit Canada

  • Showcase the proper financial proofs

  • Carefully mention all the major and minor things

  • Do not score low bands in IELTS 

  • No strong ties to return back to India

  • Lack in showcasing working experience 

If you will eliminate the above points from the SOP then there is no denying the fact that you will surely be able to achieve your study permit to Canada in just one go. We truly think that the more you consider moving in the right direction the more you will be able to attain a study permit in a short time frame. In the year 2022, there are most of the cases where students are not also getting the study permit on the greater level. However, we advise you not to do that and carefully take every major and minor thing into consideration. 

Wrapping Up 

All in all, getting a study permit in Canada might turn out to be a lower case in your situation. However, this doesn’t mean that you will not be able to attain the study visa in time. Yes, you can if you connect with the best immigration consultants in Ludhiana. Carefully read every point listed below so that it can give you a rough idea about the study permit in Canada. Don’t put a hold on your study in Canada just because of one refusal. Carefully follow the path enlightened by authentic sources so it can help you reach your target destination. 

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