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SEVIS I-901 Fee : A Step-Step-By-Definitive Guide

If you have ever heard, read or applied for a USA student visa, you will surely have heard of the SEVIS fee. What actually this fee is? Why do students need to pay this fee?

What is the process of paying this fee? What does this fee prove? A number of questions come to mind when hearing thus the term.

So, we are going to discover the answers to all these questions in this blog. So, read ahead! 

Table of Contents

  1. What is the SEVIS I-901 fee? 

  2. Is it required to pay the SEVIS Fee? 

  3. Cost of the SEVIS I-901 fee 

  4. Process to pay the SEVIS Fee 

  5. FAQs

  6. Conclusion

What is the SEVIS I-901 fee? 

Paying a SEVIS fee is the first step to applying for a USA student visa. This system is designed to maintain information of the students and exchange visitors. So, this system keeps all the details and the objective of students and exchange visitors to the country. That is why the university students want to enroll provide them with a SEVIS Number on the I-20 when they accept your admission.                                                        

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Is it required to pay the SEVIS Fee? 

Yes absolutely, if you want to get your USA study visa approved, you need to apply for the SEVIS Fee. Make sure to pay the SEVIS fee before you begin filling out the visa application form. This is because the receipts are highly required to submit along with your documents and it will take around 15 days to get your fee receipts by post. So, it is better to pay your SEVIS fee as early as possible to avoid any chaos. 

Cost of the SEVIS I-901 fee 

The SEVIS I-901 fee for F and M visa applicants is $350. However, the SEVIS I-901 fee for J visa applicants is $220. 

Process to pay the SEVIS fee 

The process to pay the SEVIS fee is simple and not complicated. You can pay the SEVIS fee on your own either online or by a bank cheque. However, the latter option will delay the payment process, so it is better to choose the first one. Here are some steps you can follow to pay the SEVIS fee: 

Step 1: Open your browser and log on to https://fmjfee.com/.

Step 2: You will see a button ‘Submit Form I-901 and Fee Payment’, click on it. 

Step 3: The form will be opened. Fill in all the details. 

Step 4: Make sure that the details you are filling must match the details in your I-20 form. 

Step 5: Select the type of delivery and enter your contact number. 

Step 6: Choose the payment method. (Paying fee by credit card is highly recommended). 

Step 7: After entering the card details, Pay an amount of $350. (Check in advance whether your card can make international transactions and have enough balance or not.)

Step 8: The receipt will be shown on the screen. Print it out. 

Step 9: Now, you can start filling out the DS 160 form.


Ques 1) Which payment methods are acceptable to pay the SEVIS fee? 

Ans) Payment by debit card or bank cheque is acceptable to pay the SEVIS fee. 

Ques 2) How much is the cost of the SEVIS Fee for F visa applicants? 

Ans) The cost of the SEVIS Fee for F visa applicants is $350. 

Ques 3) From which website we can pay the SEVIS Fee? 

Ans) You can pay the SEVIS fee from the ‘https://fmjfee.com/’ website. 


So, this is all you need to know about the SEVIS fee. We hope you don’t have any confusion in your mind regarding the SEVIS fee. However, if you find any difficulty while paying the SEVIS fee, you can seek help from the best consultants in the town. 

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