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SAT Exam: A Step-By-Step Definitive Guide

SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) is a standardized digital test that evaluates the written, verbal and mathematical skills of candidates who want to pursue an undergraduate course abroad.

Students usually have a number of questions regarding the SAT exam such as its eligibility criteria, pattern, syllabus, exam fee, registration process and so on.

If you are also looking for the answers to these questions, you are luckily at the right place. This blog illustrates all the information about the SAT exam. 

Table of Contents

  1. SAT Exam Highlights 

  2. Why take the SAT exam? 

  3. Types of the SAT exam

  4. Eligibility Criteria 

  5. Pattern and Syllabus 

  6. Exam Registration Process 

  7. Exam Fee for Indian students 

  8. How to check SAT scores? 

  9. FAQs 

  10. Wrapping up

SAT Exam Highlights 

To get an overview of the SAT exam, check the highlights given below: 

Name of the Exam 


Full Form 

Scholastic Assessment Test

SAT Time Duration 

2 hours 14 minutes 

Accepted by 

Universities in Canada, USA, UK and Australia 

Exam conducting body 

College Board 

Exam mode 


Exam Fee 



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Why take the SAT exam? 

There are many reasons to take the SAT exam which are mentioned underneath: 

  • The foremost to take the SAT exam is the opportunity of getting a scholarship. Yes, students who clear the SAT exam with good scores can avail of scholarships to manage their fees to study abroad. 

  • SAT scores will help in getting a good job. 

  • There is no risk of negative marking in the SAT exam. 

  • SAT scores are accepted by a plethora of universities in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. 

  • SAT exam fee is less than other standardized exams such as ACT. 

  • It improves numerical knowledge and communication skills. 

Types of the SAT exam

There are basically two types of SAT exams which are given below: 

  • SAT 1: This type of exam evaluates the written, verbal and mathematical skills of the candidates and is taken by students who want to get admission o an undergraduate study program. 

  • SAT 2: This type of exam is taken by students who want to enroll in a particular course. This exam evaluates the student’s knowledge of regarding different subjects they are going to study. 

SAT Exam Eligibility Criteria 

The eligibility criteria fixed by the College Board for the SAT exam are given below: 

  • Age Limit: There is no restriction on the minimum and maximum age limit of the candidates to appear for the SAT exam. 

  • Educational Qualification: The minimum education qualification is not fixed by the College Board for the SAT exam, so there is no restriction on it. 

  • ID Proof: Candidates must have a valid passport or Adhar card to provide their identity. 

SAT Exam Pattern and Syllabus 

Students are often worried about the exam pattern and syllabus of the SAT exam. So, check the table given below to get a complete idea. 


Number of Questions 

Time Duration 



52 MCQ type questions 

65 minutes

It contains three sections that are: Reading comprehension, Sentence completions and Paragraph-length critical reading


44 questions 

35 minutes

Essay and Multiple choice questions 


44 questions 

70 minutes 

Algebra and functions, Geometry Statistics, Probability and Data Analysis 

SAT Exam Registration Process 

There are two ways through which you can register for the SAT exam. Both the methods are mentioned below and you can follow any one as per your choice: 

Steps for Online SAT Exam Registration

You can follow the below-mentioned steps to online register for the SAT exam: 

Step 1: Visit the official website of the College Board. 

Step 2: Create an account. 

Step 3: Once you create an account, you need to fill out the application form by entering the required information correctly. 

Step 4: Choose the test center and test date. 

Step 5: Upload passport-size photographs. 

Step 6: Make the payment. 

Step 7: Print the confirmation page for future reference. 

Steps for SAT exam Registration through email

You can follow the steps given below to register for the SAT exam using an email: 

Step 1: ‘The Student Registration Guide for the SAT and SAT Subject Tests’ is required to register for the SAT exam through an email. You can avail of this guide from the College Board. 

Step 2: Now, check the registration form and return envelope from this guide. 

Step 3: Send the form with the demand draft. 

Step 4: Ater that, the mail form will be directed to the regional office and your SAT exam will be booked. 

SAT Exam Fee for Indian students 

The exam fee for the SAT exam (without eassy) for Indian students is $104. Here, $55 is SAT exam fee and $49 is the regional fee for students who take the exam in India. However, the exam fee for the SAT exam (with essay) is $117. Students can choose any type of exam as per their preference and can pay the fee accordingly. 

Well, you need to pay extra in some cases such as exam cancellation, exa,m rescheduling and registering late. The additional charges are mentioned in the following table: 



Change test center


Cancel Registration


Cancel Registration Late


Late Registration 


How to check SAT scores? 

After taking the exam, you can check your SAT scores by following the steps given below: 

Step 1: Click on My Organizer. 

Step 2: Click on SAT Scores. 

Step 3: Now, click on ‘Access My Scores’. 

Step 4: Type your username and password. 

Step 5: Now, you will see a box ‘My Test Scores’. Click on it. 

Step 6: Your SAT scores will appear on the screen. 

Step 7: Now, you can send these scores to the colleges you are going to apply for. 


Ques 1) What is the full form of the SAT exam? 

Ans) The full form of the SAT is Scholastic Assessment Test.

Ques 2) What was the earlier full form of the SAT exam? 

Ans) The earlier full form of the SAT exam was Scholastic Aptitude Test. 

Ques 3) Can we reschedule the SAT exam? 

Ans) Yes, you can reschedule the SAT exam. 

Ques 4) What is the time duration of the SAT exam? 

Ans) The total time duration of the SAT exam is 3 hours. 

Ques 5) Which countries accept SAT? 

Ans) SAT is accepted by many countries including India, Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Singapore and Newzealand. 

Wrapping up

To wrap up, this was the whole information about the SAT exam. We hope you are now familiar with the SAT exam eligibility criteria, pattern, syllabus and a lot more. In addition, we hope that this article will help you register for the SAT exam on your own and check the scores later.

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