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How Many Times We Can Reschedule US Visa Appointment?

If you're missed your US visa appointment. Then, you're at right place! Here, IBT Overseas research & development team sharing the past experience with students, where we helped students to reschedule the US visa appointment.

So, you're also looking to reschedule your US visa appointment, Right? Let’s just explore below...

Table of Contents

  1. What if US cancels appointment?

  2. Process of Reschedule or Change Appoitment

  3. How to know if all visa rescheduling chances used?

  4. FAQ

  5. Summing Up 

What happens if the US Consulate Cancels visa appointment?

In the event that the appointment is canceled by either the US Consulate or the US Embassy, the cancellation fee will not be returned. The implication of this is that they will not be keeping a track of the number of times the timetable was altered. As can be seen in the picture that has been taken below, the customer care team at U.S. Travel Documents has verified that they will not enforce the requirement.

At a United States Consulate or Embassy, anybody who requires a US Visa may apply to get one stamped. To submit your application for a visa to enter the United States, you will need to schedule an appointment at one of these United States consulates or embassies. 

The amount of time that you have to wait for an appointment to apply for a visa to the United States will vary depending on which country you are from and how many people are applying for visas. The United States consulates impose restrictions on the number of times a person may utilize their visa appointment fee to plan or modify an appointment. 

These restrictions are in place to prevent individuals from abusing the system and causing excessively long wait periods. This article will explain what it means to postpone your appointment for a US visa, how frequently you are permitted to do so, and how to do so depending on the country from where you are applying for a visa to the United States.                                                       

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Process of reschedule or change a US Visa appointment

The whole process of rescheduling is not that difficult as it may sound to you. On the main portal you have the option of rescheduling for the OFC appointment that can easily be available for the biometrics collection. Moreover, you can also book the visa interview appointment at the consulate. We will explain to you further how this whole process basically works. So, without waiting further let’s move further in the right way. 

You have to note that if you are scheduling the appointment for the very first time, you will surely only get the option that says “New Application/ Schedule Appointment”. After you follow this particular type of step then you will definitely be going to see the reschedule option. Once you are done with the appointment then after that you aim to reschedule or change the same. On the portal you will surely get the option of canceling, rescheduling or even requesting an emergency appointment. 

To proceed further, you really need to click on the basic option in the left hand navigation that says “reschedule appointment”. There you will also get the full information about the current appointments. If you want to reschedule your appointment then you should go for the biometrics at the OFC or for a visa interview. After rescheduling the appointment becomes successful, you will surely get a confirmation message that profoundly says” Your visa appointment has been rescheduled”. 

You also have the option of watching the history of your visa appointment by clicking on the appointment history. Consider filling the right information so that you can easily be able to move in the right directions in the structured way. 

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How would I know, if I have used all my chances for appointment rescheduling?

If you attempt to reschedule again after utilizing all of the slots that are available to you, the system will give you a notification that there has been an issue. As a result, you will be aware that the present MRV charge receipt is only good for one more attempt at rescheduling your appointment.

If you miss this appointment, you will have used up your allotted number of cancellations, and you will not be able to schedule any further appointments unless you pay an additional MRV fee. A small number of users have pointed out that the warning that says "If you cancel this appointment, then you will have" (which was displayed to them somewhere in the middle of the year 2022) is misleading because it gives the impression that you only have one more opportunity to cancel the appointment. 

Before you decide to cancel your booked visit, you need to get more information about this situation by contacting the UStravelDocs Support team.

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Ques 1) How many times can I reschedule my US visa appointment? 

Ans) You can reschedule your US visa appointment only two times. If you try to go beyond that then there might be chances of facing a ban on the profile. 

Ques 2) Will I be able to check the status of my application?

Ans) Yes, once your application is submitted then you can easily be able to check the status of your application. 

Ques 3) What is the right age to apply for the US visa?

Ans) After you are done with your schooling and providing your English proficiency proof then you can apply for the USA visa.


We think that after reading this blog you might get the sheer idea how you really need to progress in rescheduling in such a way that can easily prove to be beneficial for your case. Read as much as you can as this is the only thing that can prove to be beneficial for your case. We understand that knowing each and everything related to rescheduling the appointment can really be beneficial for you. Collect the quality information as it can work really hard for your case. At IBT Overseas, we have an experienced team of USA student visa consultants that will help you in your study visa process.

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