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A Complete Guide for PTE Exam

We all know that students who want to move to an English-speaking country mostly prefer to take IELTS or PTE tests. Well, the majority of students are familiar with the IELTS exam but only a few know about the PTE exam. So, if you also want to know about the PTE exam, we are going to provide you with every information about the PTE exam. From the registration fee for the PTE exam to the syllabus, you will get every piece of information through this blog. So, let’s dig into the blog and read every point scrupulously. 

Table of Contents

  1. Exam Highlights 

  2. What is PTE exam? 

  3. Why take PTE exam? 

  4. Types of PTE exam

  5. Cost of PTE exam 

  6. Syllabus for PTE exam

  7. How to book exam? 

  8. FAQs

  9. Wrapping up

Exam Highlights 

Let’s have a look at the highlights of the PTE exam to get an overview: 

Exam Name


Full Form

Pearson Test of English


English Language Proficiency Test

Official Website


Exam Conducting Body 

Pearson PLC Group

Mode of exam


Accepted by

Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK and USA

Types of PTE exam

PTE Academic, PTE General, PTE Young Learners

Skills Tested 

Listening, Writing, Reading, Speaking 

PTE exam fee

14,700 INR


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What is the PTE exam? 

The PTE (Pearson Test of English) exam is an English language proficiency test that is accepted by more than 3000 universities and colleges around the world. The test is widely accepted in countries like Canada, the UK, the USA, and Australia. Unlike the IELTS exam, it is a computer-based test. 

In the PTE exam, a candidate’s English language abilities are tested on the basis of four modules that are listening, speaking, writing and reading. Students will get 3 hours to complete the four modules. The best part of taking the PTE exam is that students can receive their results within 48 hours and they don’t need to wait for 14 days to get their results. The result of the PTE exam is valid for 2 years.  

Why take the PTE exam? 

There are many reasons to choose the PTE exam to [prove your English language proficiency. Some of the reasons are given below:

  • Artificial Intelligence: The PTE exam is checked with the help of artificial intelligence. So, there is no chance of error in checking, which is a plus point of the PTE exam. You don’t need to apply for rechecking which will save time. 

  • Unbiased checking: There is no chance of partiality in the PTE exam as the checking is done by artificial intelligence and is totally unbiased. 

  • Fast Results: PTE candidates can receive their results within 48 hours and don’t need to wait unnecessarily for many days. 

  • Worldwide acceptance: PTE scores are not only accepted by universities but also by immigrants living abroad. 

  • Flexible test dates: The PTE test is conducted 363 days a year by many centers in the world. Therefore, candidates can choose a flexible date for the nearby center, which is the biggest advantage of the PTE exam. 

Types of PTE exam

So, how many types of PTE exams are there? Well, there are basically three types of PTE exams which are mentioned below: 

  • PTE Academic: PTE Academic exam is conducted every month throughout the year. So, there is high flexibility in choosing the exam date. The scores depend on the four modules which are Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. The validity of PTE Academic scores is for two years. 

  • PTE General: PTE General exam is conducted three times a year in the month of May, June and December. The test is classified into two parts such as a written test and a spoken test. The spoken test is the same as the interview. Well, in both parts, the reading, speaking, listening and writing skills of candidates are tested. So, what is special about the PTE General? PTE General scores are valid lifetime. 

  • PTE Young Learners: As clear from the name, the test is designed for students between 6-13 years of age. It is a fun test that evaluates the English language proficiency of the students through story writing, picture matching, board game, group speaking and so on. The scores of this type of PTE exam are also valid for a lifetime. 

Cost of the PTE exam 

The present cost of the PTE exam is 14,700 INR including GST. However, if you apply late for the exam or want to reschedule the test date 7 days before the exam, you need to pay extra. To reschedule the exam date, you need to pay a 25% extra fee. However, if you are late for the exam application, you need to pay 625 INR extra. You can pay the PTE exam fee online through a MasterCard, Visa and American Express Entry Card. 

Syllabus for the PTE exam

It is crucial for candidates to get familiar with the PTE syllabus to prepare themselves accordingly. So, here is the syllabus of the four modules of the PTE exam: 

Topics for Listening Module: 

1. Summarize Spoken Text

2. Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers

3. Fill in the Blanks

4. Highlight Correct Summary

5. Multiple Choice, Single Answer

6. Select Missing Word

7. Highlight Incorrect Words

8. Write from Dictation

Topics for Writing and Speaking Module: 

1. Personal Introduction

2. Read Aloud

3. Repeat Sentence

4. Describe Image

5. Re-tell Lecture

6. Answer Short Question

7. Summarize Written Text

8. Essay

Topics for reading Module: 

1. Reading & Writing: Fill in the Blanks

2. Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer

3. Re-order Paragraphs

4. Fill in the Blanks

5. Multiple Choice, Single Answer

How to book the PTE exam? 

If you want to book the PTE exam but don’t know the right procedure, then follow the steps given below carefully: 

Step 1: Visit the official website that is https://pearsonpte.com/ and create an account. 

Step 2: After creating an account, you will receive a confirmation mail on the registered email address within 48 hours. 

Step 3: Enter all the details carefully such as personal information, passport details and so on. 

Step 4: Choose the test date and test center according to your availability and convenience. 

Step 5: Now, review all the details, if you want to make any changes, you can make them before making the payment. 

Step 6: Now, make the payment through your debit card and don’t forget to take a printout of the fee receipt. You can access the application anytime by logging in to your account. 


Ques 1) What is the full form of the PTE exam? 

Ans) The full form of the PTE exam is the Pearson test of English. 

Ques 2) Can I reschedule the PTE exam date? 

Ans) Yes, you can reschedule the PTE exam date by paying a 25% extra fee. 

Ques 3) What is the validity of the PTE Academic exam? 

Ans) The validity of the PTE Academic exam is two years. 

Ques 4) What is the cost of the PTE exam? 

Ans) The cost of the PTE exam is 14,700 INR. 

Ques 5) How can I check the PTE scores? 

Ans) You will get a notification on your registered email after the declaration of the PTE result. After that, you can log in to your Pearson VUE account that you created for registering for the exam. Then, you can click on the ‘View Score Report’ to check your scores. 

Wrapping up

To wrap up, these are all the details about the PTE exam. We hope you have got some useful information through this blog and now are able to create your account, book your PTE exam and view your scores.

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