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Top 10 On-campus Part Time Jobs in USA

Are you worried about how will you arrange the tuition fee and other living expenses while studying in the USA? Fortunately, here is some good news for you. You can do a part-time job while studying abroad to earn well in order to manage your expenses. However, some people find off-campus jobs really hard to manage and sometimes insecure. If you also feel the same, you are again the lucky one because you can easily look for On-campus jobs in the USA. The best part is that you can work for up to 20 hours a week during the ongoing session and up to 40 hours a week during summer and winter vacations. Well, if you don’t have an idea of which type of on-campus job will suit you and how will you get that job, pay attention to every point mentioned in this blog. 

Table of Contents

  1. List of top 10 On Campus part time Jobs

    1.1 Peer Tutor 

    1.2 Library Monitor

    1.3 Tour Guide

    1.4 Academic Department Assistant 

    1.5 Barista (On-campus cafe) 

    1.6 Production Assistant 

    1.7 University Bookstore Assistant 

    1.8 Babysitter 

    1.9 Sales jobs 

    1.10 Campus Tech Support 

  2. Tips to Get On-Campus Jobs

  3. FAQ

  4. Conclusion

List of Top 10 On-campus Part Time Jobs in USA

1. Peer Tutor 

If you love to teach others and have spent your childhood teaching your friends and siblings, this on-campus job is the best option for you. Many universities in the USA offer this opportunity to students where they can apply for the designation of a peer tutor. You can locate the educational resource center of the university to apply for the position of a formal peer tutor. This way, you will get a chance to teach and assist those students who can’t find time to study after university hours. 

Average Wage: $21.30 per hour

2. Library Monitor

The responsibility of a library monitor is to supervise everything in the library and maintain a quiet atmosphere there. The major benefit of this job role is that you can also manage your own studies in the calm and learning environment of the library. This will help you earn well and score well, which is surely a great deal. 

Average Wage: $13.24 per hour

3. Tour Guide

Unquestionably, the campuses in the USA are extremely large with a specific history and unique architecture. Some students, their parents and tourists as well are keen to know about the historical background, infrastructure and design of the campus. It will really be a good opportunity for you to be a tour guide if you have an interest in guiding others about the campus in a better way. However, you must first need to be well-acquainted with the campus to apply for this job. So, make sure to get all the details of the campus before applying for this job.

Average Wage: 14.68 per hour 

4. Academic Department Assistant 

This is basically a clerical job in which you have to handle the paperwork and filing. Departments usually choose students for this job responsibility. This way, you can make good relations with the department head, professors and staff and can seek help from them whenever required without any hesitation. To know about any vacant place for this role, you can approach your Head of Department. 

Average Wage: 16.44 per hour 

5. Barista (On-campus cafe) 

This job role is the easiest for international students. Campuses usually have cafes where students eat, drink and spend their quality time. You can either apply for the role of a coffee maker, chef or servant. This way, you can avail discounts on the coffee and drinks even sometimes free drinks as well. Moreover, you will get to learn about different varieties of coffee such as espresso, mocha, tea and a lot of other drinks as well. 

Average Wage: $16.81 per hour 

6. Production Assistant 

Usually, different events are highly conducted in the universities such as annual meets, music shows, dance events, fashion shows, gathering parties and so on. Hence, a lot of backstage work is there such as wires, speakers, mics and so on.  Therefore, someone is required for backstage and technical work. If the job role is suitable for you, you can apply for this post by approaching the management staff of your university/college. 

Average Wage: $16-$17 per hour 

7. University Bookstore Assistant 

Every university has a bookstore where students come to buy books, course materials and other stationery. Hence, there is a need for an assistant who can help them in managing everything. The benefit of applying for the university bookstore assistant is that you can relish discounts on books and stationery. Well, to apply for this particular job at the university, you need to contact the bookstore manager and know if there is a vacant place for this job. 

Average Wage: $18.2 per hour

8. Babysitter 

If you think that it is only an off-campus job, then you are wrong. You can find a babysitter job on campus as well. Teachers, administrative staff, faculty members and students have children whom they can’t keep at home alone. So, they need someone from the university who can do a babysitting job. If you are comfortable with this job, you can apply for this job as well and earn money to manage your living cost. 

Average Wage: $21.45 per hour

9. Sales jobs 

If you are good at dealing with clients and have good communication skills, this job role will suit you the best. You can approach the grocery store or shopping complex of the university to know about any vacancy. This way, you can earn some extra bucks and can broaden your social network. 

Average Wage: $12-15 per hour

10. Campus Tech Support 

If you are well-aquainted with computer hardware and software and are able to do tech-related work, you can do this job while studying in the USA. It is a very crucial role because you have to manage the tech work of the entire university including the library, labs, classrooms and laboratories. Here the major benefit is, you are required only in the case of any technical problem, the rest of the time you can allocate to academic studies. 

Average Wage: $19.38 per hour

Tips to Get On-campus Part Time Jobs in USA 

If you want to get an on-campus job in the USA but want to know the exact procedure in order to put your efforts in the right place, here are some tips for you: 

1. Research well and look out for various on-campus job opportunities.

2. Contact the management to know vacant places or search well on the internet. 

3. After choosing a suitable job role, apply for it. 

4. Make sure to mention every required detail such as academic background and prior experience in your CV. 

5. If they find you suitable for the job role, you will be called for an interview. 

6. Dress well, appear for the interview, and answer every question confidently. 

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Ques 1) Is there any on-campus job role in the USA related to the tech field? 

Ans) Yes, you can apply either for a production assistant or campus tech support job because both are related to the tech field.  

Ques 2) Which on-campus job is the best for paperwork and filing? 

Ans) On-camps Academic Department Assistant is the best job for paperwork and filing. 

Ques 3) Is there any part-time teaching-related job in the USA? 

Ans) Yes, you can work as a peer tutor in your university to gain teaching experience while studying in the USA. 

Ques 4) What is the requirement for the job role of campus tour guide? 

Ans) You must be well-acquainted with the campus to apply for the job role of campus tour guide. 

Ques 5) What are the average hourly wages of a library monitor? 

Ans) The average hourly wage of a library monitor is $13.24 per hour

Final words

In the end, getting an on-campus part-time job in the USA isn’t hard. You just have to keep yourself updated to know about the vacant positions and the skills required for the job role. After that, you can apply for it. Well, if you apply for any of the above-mentioned job roles, it will help you earn well along with giving time to your studies. 

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