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Off Campus Part Time Jobs in the USA

Studying in the USA is everybody’s dream until it comes to expenses. Unquestionably, the cost of living and tuition fees in the USA is expensive and sometimes beyond the expectations of students. A plethora of students think that they will manage everything easily while studying in the USA. However, after moving there, they realize that managing finances is not their cup of tea without getting a job. That’s why they search hard for an off-campus part-time job. Well, you must have proper knowledge about off-campus part-time jobs, for instance, requirements, types of part-time jobs, initial salary and a lot more so that you can look for a suitable job without any hassle. To make you aware of everything, we have given a complete guide in this article that will help you get an off-campus part-time job in the USA. 

Table of Contents

  1. International students work off-campus?

  2. Top 6 Off-Campus Part-Time Jobs

    2.1 Store associate

    2.2 Call center 

    2.3 Language Translator 

    2.4 Tour guide 

    2.5 Office Administration Support 

    2.6 Babysitter 

  3. Tips to get an off-campus part-time job

  4. FAQs

  5. Conclusion 

Can international students work off-campus in the US?

Yes, international students can work off-campus in the US. They can look for paid internships or job opportunities with legal authorization. Students who have a valid F-1 immigration status are able to do a part-time job off-campus but only if they have OPT. To apply for the OPT, you have to wait for at least 9 months after enrollment. After 9 months, you can apply for it and wait until you receive your EAD (Employment Authorization Document) from USCIS. Well, the total time to do an off-campus part-time job in the USA is 20 hours per week during sessions and full-time (40 hours) during summer or winter breaks. 

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Top 6 off-campus part-time jobs in the USA 

1. Store associate

If you have good communication skills and have an interest in handling customers, you can apply for the job role of the store associate. The responsibility of a store associate is to guide and support customers and give them details of the product they want. So, proper knowledge of every product available in the store is required for this particular job role. Apart from it, it is also a store associate’s duty to keep track of the products and orders. If you have a Walmart, food shop or grocery store nearby your accommodation, it will be beneficial for you. Otherwise, you need to travel a lot if the store is far away from your accommodation. 

Average salary: $12-$13 per hour 

2. Call center 

If you have good communication abilities and a good grip on the language, a call center job is suitable for you. The best part is, you will get a chance to develop your skills on a regular basis and broaden your network. Depending upon your fate, you may get a lucrative job opportunity from this network after completion of your study program. Well, call center jobs also provide an option of working from home. If you choose it, you can easily do the work by sitting in your comfort zone. This is a great way to earn a good sum of money and focus on academic studies as well. 

Average salary: $14-$15 per hour 

3. Language Translator 

In the US, many companies deal with clients from various nations such as Korea, Japan, India, China, Spain, etc. Therefore, language translators are highly required there who have apt knowledge of the languages and can communicate with foreign clients. The major sectors where language translators are required are multinational companies, hospitals, courts and schools. If you have an interest in different languages and can speak and understand various languages, you can apply for the post of language translator.

Average salary: $20-$22 per hour 

4. Tour guide 

If you have immense knowledge of the tourist attractions of the country and are familiar with the history and culture of the country, this job is a perfect option for you. Well, international students usually apply for this job in the museums or amusement parks that are nearby their homes. This way, they don’t need to travel across the country. So, if you also have great knowledge of a museum or a park in your neighborhood, look for the vacancy of a tour guide and apply for it. 

Average Salary: $22-$23 per hour

5. Office Administration Support 

It is a common type of job in the USA where a person is required to keep a record of files and documents, deal with customers and schedule meetings. If you are able to do all these things, you can apply for it. The best part about this job is that sometimes there is no workload on the employee. So, you can utilize that time to focus on your studies. 

Average Salary: $18-$20 per hour

6. Babysitter 

If you love babies, want to play with them, take care of them and guide them, the job role of a babysitter will suit you the most. Both parents in the USA often go to work and there is no one to look after their babies. So, they require someones who can take care of their babies. So, you can approach your network to seek such an opportunity. You will get to know about numerous parents who are looking for a babysitter. You can interact with them and can take this responsibility up to you. 

Average Salary: $19-$20 per hour 

Tips to get an off-campus part-time job in the USA 

Here are some tips that will help you get an off-campus part-time job in the USA: 

1. Stay updated and ask your network whether they know of any vacant job profile that suits your interest. 

2. You can check social media platforms and online job portals regularly to know about the latest job opportunities. 

3. After finding a relevant profile, apply for it and submit your resume. 

4. Schedule the interview and appear for it. 

5. Be punctual and reach for the interview on time. 

6. Make sure to be confident about what you speak in front of the interviewer. 

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Ques 1) Can international students work off-campus in the US? 

Ans) Yes, international students can work off-campus in the US if they have valid F-1 immigration status and OPT as well. 

Ques 2) What is the job role of store associates in the USA? 

Ans) The responsibility of a store associate is to guide and support customers and give them details of the product they want.

Ques 3) What is the average salary of a part-time language translator in the USA? 

Ans) The average salary of a part-time language translator in the USA is $20-$22 per hour.

Ques 4) After how many months of the enrolment I can apply for the OPT? 

Ans) You can apply for the OPT after 9 months of enrolment. 

Ques 5) What is required after OPT to do an off-campus part-time job in the USA? 

Ans) EAD (Employment Authorization Document) is required after OPT to do an off-campus part-time job in the USA.


Some people believe that getting an off-campus part-time job is a herculean task. Well, nothing is difficult in it as you just have to do a lot of research and develop the skills required for a particular job profile to get a job easily. However, the above-mentioned job options are high paying and require less effort. You can apply for any of these posts to earn money in order to manage the cost of living while studying in the USA. 

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