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Is Canada Visa Closed?

Half information leads to wrong decisions. Exactly the same is going to happen if you have unclear information on the recent updates on International study permits in Canada. Respecting your right to access the accurate information, we have prepared the blog which will focus on the accurate details of the recently announced cap on incoming international students in Canada. 

A huge number of Indians planning to study in Canada are stunned by the recent announcement by Marc Miller. The Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship of Canada has announced a temporary intake cap on international students due to the escalating housing crisis and unsustainable growth in the country. 

Before you assume anything inaccurate, you should also pay attention to the following statements:

  • The intake cap on international students will limit the visa approval to around 360,000 which is again reduced to 2,92,000 according to recent updates by the Globe and Mail. 

  • The cap is just a temporary shift to the policy of the immigration of international students. 

These two statements mean that you can still receive your Canada study visa if your profile gets selected for this cap of 2,92,000. A confident and impressive visa application file along with the infallible strategy of a wise visa advisor can get you your Canada study visa acceptance.

Table of Contents

 1. How to Qualify for this Qouta of Canada Study Visa

 2. Additional Points to bear in Mind

    2.1 Post Graduate Work Permits

    2.2 Provicial Attestation Letter

 3. Process to Obtain PAL

 4. Conclusion

How To Qualify For This Quota Of Canada Study Visa?

You can qualify for the quota by:

  • Opting for the top universities or colleges in Canada that are known for strong commitments to quality education

  • Making your profile more impressive as if Canada needs your skills and knowledge

  • Acquiring the Provincial Attestation Letter

Additional Points That You Have To Bear In Mind:

So, you can receive your Canada study visa if you qualify for the cap. However, you have to bear a few following key points in your mind.

Post Graduation Work Permits (PGWP)

Besides the international student cap, the IRCC has also announced the changes in eligibility for the PGWP. Those who are studying at private colleges under curriculum licensing arrangements won’t qualify for the visa. In simple words, international students who are studying at a private college after a public college licenses its curriculum and intellectual property to the college won’t qualify for the PGWP.

In addition to this, those graduates from master's programs and short graduate-level programs can now apply for only a 3-year work permit. This means that those interested in PR have to work hard to become eligible for it within the 3-year work permit.

Provincial Attestation Letter (PAL)

A Provincial Attestation Letter could be required when you are applying for a study visa in Canada as this will ensure that you come under the international study visa cap.

Who Needs This Letter

  • Those International undergraduate students whose study permit applications were received by IRCC after 8:30 a.m., ET, on Jan 22, 2024.

  • Non-degree granting graduate programs.

  • Visiting/exchange undergraduate and course-based graduate students and ESL/FSL students who will be at UCalgary for longer than six months.

  • Any Visiting Student Researchers (VSRs) on a study permit.

  • Anyone excluding the exception list.

The Exception List

  • All international undergraduate students who have submitted a study permit application before 8:30 a.m., ET, on Jan 22, 2024.

  • Master’s or doctoral degree students, regardless of when study permit applications were submitted

  • Visiting/exchange undergraduate and course-based graduate students and ESL/FSL short-term programs under six months.

  • Any Visiting Student Researchers (VSRs) on a work permit, please visit the ISS website to determine what immigration documents you will need.

  • In-Canada study permit and work permit holders (includes study permit holders applying for an extension)

  • In-Canada family members of study permit or work permit holders.

  • Primary and secondary school students.

Process To Obtain The PAL For Receiving Your Canada Study Visa

If you are applying for a Canada study visa after January 22, 2024, you have to bear the following changes in your mind.

1. First of all, you have to receive the acceptance letter from the DLI or simply, the Designated Learning Institute.

2. Once the acceptance letter is received, you are eligible to apply for the Provincial Attestation Letter.

Note that the provinces are instructed to create requirements and procedures to apply for PAL by 31st March 2024. They will stop issuing the PAL after reaching the limit in order to keep it aligned with the cap on international students.


Your dream to study and settle in Canada can still come true with the right strategy. The genuineness and impressiveness of your visa application profile and the decisions of your visa consultant can help you get your Canada study visa approved. Therefore, don’t step back if you feel confident about your visa application profile, in fact, go ahead with the right strategy and genuine professional help.

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