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Internships in USA for Indian Students : Find Out How to Avail Them?

More than 30% of international students getting internships every year. If you are looking for internships to study in USA, you need to meet with internship guidelines for availing them.

Here in this article, we'll discuss in detail about various internships available in USA, and how to apply, as well as how to win a perfect internship for you.

Are you ready? Let begin..

Table of Contents

  1. Internship Programs Availabile

    1.1 Internship Program USA

    1.2 Virtual Internship Program USA

    1.3 Volunteer Program USA

    1.4 Trainee Program USA

  2. Paid Internships Programs

    2.1  Fashion Week Internship 

    2.2 Snowboard Training 

    2.3 Spirit Cultural Exchange Internship 

    2.4 Internship in Marketing in NYC

  3. Procedure for Finding an Internship

  4. List of the Cities

    4.1 Los Angeles

    4.2 Columbia

    4.3 New York City

    4.4 Chicago 

  5. FAQ

  6. Wrapping Up

4 Best Internship Programs in USA for Indian Students

1. Internship Program USA

Since 1967, USA has approved larger number of internships to strengthen its relationship with other countries. You should have strong communication skills to link up with individuals that possess different types of cultures, mindsets and ideas. The basic nature of this internship is to offer a quality experience to all the students who want a greater boost related to their career. The USA internship program usually helps interns to get placed in the best firms.                                                       

You can only participate in this internship program when you intern in your field of study. You can get a paid or unpaid internship. The main merit of this internship program is that your internship certification will be recognised by all the firms. You just have to pay a fee of around 1350 euros for this internship.  

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2. Virtual Internship Program USA

Nowadays, Internships are basically moved into virtual space. A virtual internship usually permits the students to gain quality experience and skills by just sitting in one place. You are not required to be present on-site to get the skills. This kind of internship is somewhat similar to the in-person internship. The virtual internship usually allows the individual to get hands-on experience on a wide range of things. This program is usually best for all individuals who truly do not have many reasons for traveling to the USA. You can also get the chance to safeguard your visa and travel cost. Moreover, you can also save time and money while working for a paramount company from the comfort of your home. 

3. Volunteer Program USA

This type of internship program provides all types of individuals the opportunity to volunteer with captivating firms in a wide range of fields. The volunteer program basically provides the students to work for the environment, society, and educational causes. These types of internships usually help individuals to gain great practical work and promote cross-culture relations. The basic duration of this specific type of internship is around 6 months. To go for this internship the student should be between 16 to 99.

Here the student will surely get the chance to work in different types of fields such as sports, media, arts, political organizations, emergency care and services. The student will definitely get the chance to gain a wide range of experience related to the specific field. 

4. Trainee Program USA

You can also go for the trainee program in the USA as it will surely increase the competitiveness in the current global market. You have the full chance to expand the full horizon through OJT in the American company. This is one program that will surely help you gain cross-cultural experience. The student soul notes that the internship program is basically crafted according to the needs of the students. To apply you just have to fill out the online request form and then you are good to go. You really need to keep in your mind that your placement services are basically crafted so that you can make the most of it.  Once your internship program is fully confirmed after that you can easily be able to attend the program without much hassle. 

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1. Fashion Week Internship 

This is one such internship that is fully related to matching the individuals with their ideal type of placement in either Los Angeles or New York. With this specific type of internship, you can easily be able to work on a great level in the fashion industry. Moreover, you do not require many certifications to get an internship on a great level. Just take out good time so that you really can take out some time to showcase your versatile internship experience. 

2. Snowboard Training 

It is crystal clear that the internship should not at all be under full stress. In some cases, you just need to take a chill. The snowboard internship is full of great adventures. It is one of the most fun and adventurous internships. However, getting this type of internship is not as easy as it may sound to you. In this type of internship, the student will surely get quality information on how they have to use the snowboard in a productive way. 

3. Spirit Cultural Exchange Internship 

Spirit cultural exchange is one of the most preferred places for students to do internships. You can totally feel free to pick out the company that can easily provide you with this type of internship. In this internship, you will get the chance to study the culture of that specific nation to a greater extent. There might be chances that you will surely feel that this can prove to be the bending back for your career. 

4. Internship in Marketing in NYC

At the time you commence applying for any type of program, the world internship usually provides comprehensive assistance and full support to provide a quality experience. You really have full-fledged support to learn new things to study on an international level. Moreover, you can also get information about the companies by visiting different types of websites. This is the best internship that can actually help the individual to get great skills in the right way.  We can easily notice that there is a great scope in the marketing area. 

Procedure for Finding an Internship in USA?

  • There is quite a simple way to look for an internship in the USA. You really need to decide what sort of job you desire. Are you thinking of getting optimistic results from your internships? You need to keep your internship as the top priority.  

  • Before you start sorting through available internships for foreign students, you should first consider your high-duration professional objectives, your prior experience, and the skills you want to acquire.

  • Try to be specific about the company in which you want an internship. Your host organization should basically be your first concern, despite the fact that the location of your internship will be a component of your overall experience. In order to choose a firm or program. 

  • It is quite important to do proper research about the reputation of the firm, the experiences of previous workers, and the duties of the internship. You may reside in the world's most desirable location, but if the work you do during the week is uninspiring, the overall quality of your life will suffer as a result.

  • Look out for the programs basically according to the sort of work you want. When you keep Steps 1 and 2 in mind, it will be quite simple to reduce the number of possibilities. You need to find out some of the sites that can help you find the right internship. 

  • The benefits package is the second greatest thing after the actual employment itself. Check to check whether the programs you're interested in have any legal sponsorships, whether they pay participants or not, and if they provide any additional benefits, such as trips to cultural sites.

  • To get the acceptance letter you just need to find out the authentic platform. For finding the right internship, you just need to read the essential evaluations left by previous participants, and if you have any special queries, get in touch with the program directly. 

List of the Cities in USA Offering Internships

Los Angeles

We would like to inform you that the city of angels conjures up images of gridlocked traffic, Hollywood, and vibrant neighborhoods that have developed over decades as a result of the increased variety and population of immigrants. In the course of the history of cinema all over the globe, Hollywood has been the source of the vast majority of high-budget blockbusters. Since Los Angeles is basically the second most populous city in the United States, it is a magnificent destination for students from other countries who are searching for internships, particularly in the entertainment industry, but also in hospitality, culinary arts, business, and other fields.


Without a doubt, students from other nations who are basically interested in gaining work experience in the United States in the fields of law, politics, or public administration need to look no farther than the nation's capital. If you want to get the most out of your time spent learning about American politics, D.C. is unquestionably the location that you should be. The fact that you will never run out of museums, monuments, and buildings to learn about the history of the nation is another advantage of working in the vicinity of the White House as an intern.

New York City

There are lots of individuals who truly aim to visit this place as it is preferred by most individuals. The Big Apple has been a magnet for millions of hardworking people from all over the globe for as long as the city has been in existence, maybe because it has one of the most illustrious reputations of any metropolis in the United States. New York Metropolis basically continues to be a worldwide city of opportunity with innumerable employment available in finance, marketing, management, and the whole business sector. The city is known as a center for diversity and economic growth. Students from other countries may need nothing more than a quick glance in the direction of the Statue of Liberty to be reminded of the reasons why millions of immigrants who helped construct our country came to New York City's beaches.


If you are basically searching for a portly population, magnificent architects, shining lakes, and more. In that scenario, this is the right place to go for the internship. Here the international student will surely have a cozy atmosphere. Here they can actually work really hard as they can enjoy a wide range of advantages by just living in this place. In this place, you are going to find a wide range of firms that provide quality internships for the betterment of the students. 


Ques 1) What are the benefits of doing an Internship in the USA? 

Ans: There are great benefits of doing an internship in the USA such as A great chance to learn new skills that can work wonders for your career, you can easily earn a lot of money by doing internships, and Magnificent opportunities to get permanently hired in big companies and your internship will be considered all over the world.

Ques 2) What are the best cities in the USA in which you can go for an internship?

Ans: The best cities are Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Chicago, San Francisco, and New York City.

Ques 3) What are the basic reasons for going for internships in the USA?

Ans: There are many companies in the USA which usually provide quality internships to all the students. If you aim to go for an internship in the USA then this blog is just for you.

Wrapping Up

Whether you are searching for a paid internship in the best firm or submitting your form for a summer internship. Our blog has some powerful points to cover. We are sure that we have collected the important information that can actually help you attain important information. Moreover, we all know that working in the American economy can truly help us get quality money backup without much hassle. At IBT Overseas, we have an experienced team of USA student visa consultants that will help you in your study visa process.

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