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How to Immigrate to Canada and Secure Canadian PR in 2022?

Do you plan to settle in Canada in the near future? It might not be an effortless process right! There are so many way-outs to settling in Canada. We are sure that you want to know every way out as soon as possible. Don’t worry! Hold on your horses because here in this blog you will get to know the right process about how you can settle in Canada in a reliable way. As we all know that Canada is one of the second largest nations in the world according to the area. This splendid nation has a population of 31 million. It is one such nation that is successfully attracting lots of population. 

People all over the world usually visit this nation. As this nation is fully equipped with a wide range of facilities that is making this nation one of the best among all. This is one such nation that continues to accept a wide range of immigrants in near-record numbers with the help of great programs. Without further ado, let's move on to some of the best ways that you can easily migrate to Canada without any hindrance. This blog is crafted under the guidance of paramount immigration professionals. Those will guide you to land up in Canada effortlessly. 

There are many types of immigration options present in the Canadian nation. Let’s dive deep into the pool where you will get a chance to know each option in a brief manner.

  • Provincial Nominee Program

  • Canadian Experience Class

  • Federal Skilled Trades Class

  • Federal Skilled Worker

  • Quebec Immigration

  • Atlantic Immigrant Pilot Program

The immigration status of Canada

In the year 2021, despite the outbreak of the global pandemic, this nation accepted around 405,303 fresh permanent residents crossing the overall immigration target of this year.  There is no denying the fact that most of the immigrants who have got their PR are basically skilled professionals. They have received their permanent residency visa from the Canadian immigration department. There are a wide range of ways through which you can reside in Canada without much struggle. This nation's fastest express entry system alone passed around 1,14,431 invitations to fill the application for a Canadian PR visa in the year 2021. Without a doubt, this is a new record for all the express entry invitations passed in a whole year. In the coming year, Canada has a great plan to admit even more immigrants in the coming time.  

If you really aim to settle in Canada then you just have to select the above-mentioned plan and follow these steps to apply for the immigration visa using the express entry system: 

  • Step 1: Firstly, you really have to check what type of visa program you want. This way you will come to know which type of program is best according to your case. You have to perform the right due diligence as this is the best way through which you have to pick the right source. 

  • Step 2: After that, you have to check the eligibility for the specific type of program. If you select the program without keeping the eligible factor in mind then in that case you will surely not be able to get Canada PR in a constructive way. Everybody can’t be eligible for the Canadian PR, only a few of them have such a type of profile that can be counted as the eligible one. 

  • Step 3: Collect all the important documents. Suppose you are applying for Canadian PR in that case you really have to submit some kinds of documents. If you do not have any kind of document with you then surely you will not be able to get entry in Canada. You have to make sure that your profile is clean and you will be able to enter Canada without any hassle. 

  • Step 4: Form the express entry profile with authentic details. One thing that you really have to keep in your mind is that you should fill out the accurate details in the form. If your details are wrong then the embassy will surely send the refusal. Take out some time to check whether your profile is having all the right information in a constructive manner.

  • Step 5: The next step should be that you have to submit your profile in the express entry pool. There might be chances that you might not have full information about this thing. However, if you follow the right steps then you will surely be able to progress in the right way. 

  • Step 6: Then you have to wait for a limited duration of time to receive an invitation to apply.  The portal will surely open and you will get all the essential information about this specific thing. 

Is it Quite Easy to Immigrate to Canada? 

Yes, Canada opens up a great pathway to obtaining permanent residency. We can’t say that getting the PR status of Canada is so easy. You really have to work really hard if you want to live in Canada for the rest of your life. However, if you get linked up with a reliable source then you can easily reside in Canada. Nowadays, it is often seen that Canada is refusing lots of profiles due to a wide range of reasons. Even the most genuine and good profiles are also receiving refusals. There is nothing new in this but the best immigration consultant can help you get the Canada PR visa without many refusals. You just have to work on your profile and follow the right type of steps so that you can get your Canadian visa easily. 

Final Thought 

We truly think that after reading this blog you will get a rough idea about the whole Canada PR. If not, then to gain more information you can consider connecting with the best Immigration consultants in Ludhiana. This is the best source that can help you get Canadian PR without much struggle. 

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