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F1 Student Visa : A Step-by-Step Definitive Guide

Many students believe that the F1 and F2 student visa process is the same. They correlate the F1 visa with F2. Well, both are different. If you want to study in Canada and you don’t have any family members already holding an F1 visa, then you are not eligible for an F2 visa. In such a case, you need to apply for an F1 student visa. So, in this blog, we are going to eliminate all your confusion regarding an F1 study visa by providing a complete guide to you. Therefore, make sure to go through each and every point meticulously. 

Table of Contents

  1. What is an F1 Student visa? 

  2. Cost for an F1 student visa 

  3. Steps to apply for F1 visa 

  4. F1 Interview Questions

  5. FAQs

  6. Wrapping Up

What is an F1 Student visa? 

An F1 visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows international students to temporarily live in the USA for a specific time period as full-time students in order to pursue higher education. With this visa, students can study at schools, colleges or institutions. 

What are the requirements for F1 Visa?

There are certain requirements students must fulfill in order to get an F1 student visa without any hassle: 

  • A candidate must be over 18 years of age. 

  • A Student must have a valid passport with a validity date. 

  • Passport-size photographs. 

  • Form I-20.

  • Confirmation page of DS-160 form. 

  • A candidate must be in legal status and must not have any case filed against him/her. 

  • A printed copy of the SEVIS fee payment. 

  • School transcripts, test scores, qualifications and certificates from the school/college. 

  • Proof of bank statements and financial funds.                                 

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The cost required for an F1 student visa 

To get an F1 student visa, you first need to get an i20 form. The SEVIS fee to get an i20 form is $350 for F1 students. Afterward, students need to pay a visa application fee which will cost around $160. The fraud protection and detection fee are $500 and a biometric entry-exit fee is $45,00. So, the total cost for an F1 student visa will be $55,00. 

Steps to apply for an F1 visa 

Here are a few steps you have to follow carefully to receive your F1 student visa. Make sure not to skip any of these steps in order to get positive outcomes in the desired time: 

Step 1: Choose a university and get accepted: The first and foremost step is to choose the university and the course you want to pursue. Make sure to choose a SEVP-approved institution. After that wait for approval from the university.

Step 2: Receive the i20 form: Now, you have to pay the SEVIS fee and the school will provide you with an i20 form after the confirmation of the fee payment. You have to show this i20 form to the officer taking your interview. 

Step 3: Complete the visa application: Once you receive an i20, now you have to complete your application form by filling in all the details carefully. To avoid errors, you can seek help from an expert. 

Step 4: Fix the visa appointment

Now, find a US consulate or embassy in your locality and schedule an appointment for an interview. After fixing an interview, prepare well for it. Make sure to boost your confidence and don’t try to give any false information while answering the questions. You can check out the various questions being asked in the F1 interview by watching the video given below: 

F1 Interview Questions

Here are a few questions that you have to prepare well for your visa interview. These are some frequently asked questions in the interview and preparing for them will help you get your F1 study visa: 

Ques 1) Why did you opt for that course? 

Ans) My aim is to become_______(your aim). Opting for this course will help me accomplish my aim. 

Ques 2) Why did you choose that university? 

Ans) I have researched a lot about various universities and I found that this university offers the top-quality education in the study program I want to pursue. That is why I chose that university. 

Ques 3) What are your father’s occupation and annual income? 

Ans) Give your personal answer. 

Ques 4) How will you arrange the tuition fees of the university? 

Ans) My father and I have sufficient funds to manage the tuition fees of the university. 


Ques 1) What is the SEVIS fee for an F1 student visa? 

Ans) The SEVIS fee for an F1 student visa is $350. 

Ques 2) Is F1 student visa temporary or permanent? 

Ans) An F1 student visa is a temporary visa that allows you to study in the USA for a specific period of time. 

Ques 3) What is the minimum age to apply for an F1 student visa? 

Ans) The minimum required age to apply for an F1 student visa is 18. 

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Wrapping Up

To wrap up, this is all the information about an F1 student visa. We hope no all your doubts are clarified. In case, you still have any queries, you can approach IBT Overseas to get answers to all your questions.

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