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IBT: Best UK Study Visa Consultant in Chandigarh

Nowadays, most of the budding youth aim to attain education from the best universities and colleges on an international level. However, lack of guidance becomes the main reason behind their unsuccessful dream so to eradicate such situations IBT Overseas came into existence.

We are usually known as the best UK study visa consultants in Chandigarh that one sufficient platform that is efficient in solving all the queries that are becoming the huddle behind the completion of your dream.

Being one of the dominant platforms, we are genuinely devoted to building a relationship of mutual trust and bonding with all our UK study aiming students. IBT overseas provides passionate, timely, and strong immigration solutions to all our students.

Moreover, we have an experienced, energetic, and skilled group of professionals buckled up with straightforwardness and honesty to fulfill the dream of our students. Our quality visa services help us to gain the tag of the best UK study visa consultant.

Study in UK

Why Choose IBT Overseas?

Wondering what's stopping you from enlightening your future by studying in the United Kingdom? IBT Overseas can give you a productive answer in a limited duration. Underneath, are a few mentioned tip that will give you information on why IBT Overseas is considered a  top brand in a competitive market: 

  • Government-approved: IBT Overseas is approved by the state government for converting students' study in the UK dreams into reality. We hold full authentic legalization to deliver our services. 

  • Market Presence: IBT Overseas has managed to become one of the most demanding UK study visa consultants in Chandigarh which helps us to spread our wings to 100+ cities to deliver remarkable services all over India. We believe that in every corner students aspire to visit the UK to gain great knowledge. 

  • Integrity: As IBT overseas is known for its reliability and transparent work. We inform our clients about the whole visa processing code and conduct so that they can be aware of every step of the international visa.

  • Privacy & Safety: IBT Overseas is known as a dynamic visa consulting firm that has been assisting students and also keeping their information private and safe without any glitch.

  • Punctual: IBT Overseas consider time as the prime factor in making the reputation of any firm. So, here we work with great punctuality to deliver optimistic outputs to every student.

  • Visas Stamped: Without a doubt, IBT Overseas has successfully achieved the milestone of stamping 1000+ visas in the past ten years.

  • Free Counselling: IBT Overseas believes in providing proper counseling sessions to all the study abroad aiming students so that they can firmly take their decision with an air-filled with positivity. 

  • Well-experienced staff: IBT Overseas is equipped with highly talented professionals who have a positive background in visa filing and processing.

  • Remarkable Consultation: Our team is efficient enough in providing all the required information and also helps in choosing the right university with the right college. 

Our Testimonials

Uk Success Stories

Want to be the part of these success stories?

UK Study Visa

It is crystal clear that UK education opens doors, wherever you enter in the world. From prominent universities to eminent teaching staff, the UK has everything that you require to reach your potential. Lakhs of students aspire to complete their studies from world-recognized colleges and universities but lack of guidance becomes the main reason behind their shattered dreams. To help students complete their aim of studying in the UK, IBT's comes into play. We are counted as India’s pioneer education consulting platform that undertakes recruitment of students from India for 600+ universities and colleges across the globe. If you also intend to experience the world-class education system of the UK? Link with IBT Overseas as it is one of the most reliable UK study visa consultants in Chandigarh.

Why Study in UK?

Word-recognized institutions, degrees, standardized lifestyle are the three most captivating features of the UK that not only make it prominent in the whole world but also a dream place for most international students. It is predicted that British institutions not only stress skill development but also enhance the overall thinking of the individual. International students will also get the chance to experience the culture, lifestyle of the UK which can surely improve their English language skills to the finest. The United Kingdom has successfully achieved the “Best Countries for Education 2019” ranking from the most appropriate world report. Do you also dream to study in the UK? If yes, reach out to one of the best UK study visa consultant in Chandigarh.

Why UK?

Let's check out few more reasons why you should consider the UK as a suitable option to study:

  • The universities and colleges present in the UK have a plethora of study programs in over twenty-five streams. The students have full right to choose their blend in various types of academic programs. 

  • Study programs in the UK are generally shorter which helps you to enjoy the reduction of overall tuition fee and living charges.

  • The degree and diploma from the UK hold great value and are also recognized by most of the famous brands and employees around the world.

    • The United Kingdom offers you an opportunity to visit most of the historical castles and places to understand the fact why the UK has this type of rich culture. So, if you tend to study in the UK consider taking assistance from the right UK study visa consultants in Chandigarh- IBT Overseas. 

Requirements for UK Study Visa

This particular country offers a magnificent opportunity to half-a-million of students who aspire to study in the UK. If you want to select an academic program from the UK then applying for a general student visa becomes one of the basic steps. To avail general students visa students are required to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Students should generate essential documents with authentic proofs and unconditional offer letters from licensed Tier four Sponsors. 

  • Students should show evidence of funds to support their study proposal

  • The student should have a valid passport

  • Should hold confirmation of visa fees payment 

  • They should have a certificate of great bands in IELTS( English proficiency)

  • The student should have a proper health report

  • They should bring 4 passport- size photos

  • Need to show proper proof of age. 

How to apply for a UK Study Visa (Process)

For applying for a UK Study Visa, a student is required to follow the below-given steps. The overall UK Study Visa application is carried forward within three weeks of the completed application being filed. You can also consider taking assistance from the right UK study visa consultant.

Step 1 - Firstly, candidates are required to check whether they qualify for all the visa requirements or not. They have to make sure that they have:

  • They should have a confirmed place at the chosen institution which is further known as a confirmation of acceptance for studies. 

  • They should show enough money that can cover all the course fees and entire living costs of the United Kingdom.

Step 2 - Students should keep the documents ready in proper order.

Step 3 - After that, they are required to apply online. Students need to register and generate an account on the official website for applying for a UK Study Visa. After the completion of the online application form, the students need to print out the form and sign it. Students are required to consider an online appointment calendar to book the appointment at the center of the visa application. In the end, they will receive an official email containing their application number. 

Step 4 - Students should pay the complete application fee. They can pay their fees from Standard Chartered Bank, pay online through net banking, send a demand draft to nationalized or foreign banks and pay at the visa center. These four methods are the most suitable and trusted way to complete the payment procedure. 

Step 5 - Students should visit the visa center on the fixed date. All the aspiring students need to review the entire application and then submit it with photographs & fingerprints. 

Education System in the UK

Without a doubt, The UK is widely famous because of its prominent quality of education, top-ranking institutions, and productive teaching methodology. The degree from the United Kingdom is recognized all over the world and holds great dominance. Positioning at the zenith of development and researches, the United Kingdom provides great scope to enhance critical and analytical thinking. 

Primary Education

This particular country has a truly eminent and highly evolved education system. All the confidential details are delegated to semi-autonomous regions, after that the entire system is the same. At the age of five, the Childers get admission to primary school where they finish their first and basic step of education without any hassle.

Middle Education 

After primary education, when students complete seven years then they move on to junior school where they complete their education for four years.  Apart from core subjects, they are motivated to take some extra subjects such as computer studies, music and arts too. This level not only constructs their future but also offers them great caliber to outshine in every role. 

Secondary Education

After finishing junior education students move on to a high level where they are 16 years of age. In this particular phase, the subject becomes more challenging and their marks become the main reason in the college selection. Those who pass with flying colors manage to receive vocational certificates of secondary education. After that students devote two more years to complete their advanced level school education. To study in UK without any hindrance connect with the finest UK student visa consultant.

Make your Study Visa easier with IBT Overseas

Universities in the UK

The United Kingdom is having a remarkable list of eminent institutions which truly help in illuminating the careers of a wide range of students. If you aspire to study in the UK then connecting with the best UK study visa consultants in Chandigarh might work wonders for you. Consider reading the below-mentioned universities can help you transform your dream into reality:

  • Bournemouth University

  • Bangor University

  • De Montfort University

  • Birkbeck University of London

  • De Montfort University Leicester International Pathway College (LIPC)

  • Coventry University

  • Buckinghamshire New University

  • Cardiff University

  • City University

  • Birmingham City University

  • Brunel University

  • Canterbury Christchurch University

  • Cardiff Metropolitan University

  • Cranfield University


Ques.1 What are the top 3 best colleges to study in the UK?

Ans: The University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, and Imperial College London are the three renowned universities of the UK. These universities are considered as the world's popular universities which have top scholars and students from different corners of the globe. 

Ques.2 Which is the least expensive University in the UK?

Ans: The University of West London charges an average tuition fee from students. In the 2018/19 academic year, the tuition fee of the University of West London was £12,000 for graduate and post-graduate courses. 

Ques.3 Can I study free of cost in the UK?

Ans: Yes,The University of St. Andrews gives a chance to Indian students to study free of cost in the UK by getting the benefit of a full scholarship offered by the University. It includes all undergraduate courses except medicines.

Ques.4 Can I work in the UK without sponsorship?

Ans: Yes, a recent amendment in the post-study visa permits Indian students to work without getting sponsorship. 

Ques.5 Why is the UK the best for study?

Ans: The UK is the famous country to get higher studies for Indian students. According to the World University Rankings, any course or degree you acquired from the UK will be recognized by popular employers, government bodies, and top industries. 

Ques.6 How to get PR after study in the UK?

Ans: Indian becomes a permanent resident of the UK after completing 5 years of a graduate job by applying for the ILR. A full-time job with a suitable income, good moral values, and has no criminal records open the door to getting an ILR VISA.

Ques.7 Can Indian students stay in the UK after study?

Ans: The UK post-study work visa permits Indian students to stay there in the search for work for almost 2 years after the completion of the course. You can easily be able to stay in UK under the guidance of a reliable UK study visa consultant in Chandigarh.

Ques.8  What are the best short-term certified courses to study in the UK?

Ans: Certificate Course in Finance Accounting and Taxation, PG Certification in Data Science, PG Certification in Machine Learning and NLP, PG Certificate in Blockchain Technology or PHP Certification are the few best short certified courses to study in the UK.

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