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An Expert Guide To F-1 Visa Renewal

F-1 visa is for those willing to pursue Academic and Language training Courses in the USA that have a duration of at least three years. In simple words, we can say that the F-1 visa is for candidates interested in full-time academic studies in the USA.

There could come a time when your visa may expire during the duration of your course and in the movies, you must have seen the outcomes of living in the USA without a visa or with an expired visa. Hence, quick action is required to escape the worst scenario.

Remember that the US lets you stay for the purpose you have entered here which means that you have an option to renew your visa to complete your educational course. Thus, an urgency is required to renew your visa so that you can complete your education successfully and safely.

For your F-1 visa renewal, the foremost task is to collect each and every f1 visa renewal Document. Missing out on even a single document can hamper the visa renewal process. In fact, the form I-20 is the foremost document that you need for the f1-visa renewal process. That’s why it is often advised to handle it carefully.

Table of Contents

  1. Let’s Take A Quick Look At The F-1 Visa Renewal Procedure

  2. F1 Visa Renewal Documents

  3. The Total Fee Required

  4. Processing Time F1 Visa Renewal

  5. Conclusion

  6. FAQs

Let's Take a Quick Look at the F-1 Visa Renewal Procedure

Note that you can apply for visa renewal outside of the USA and applying for it at a U.S. embassy or consular office in your home country is the best suggestion.

1. Fill in the form DS-160 and print the confirmation page

2. Check if you are eligible for the  USA interview waiver or not

3. Schedule a visa with the embassy

4. Pay the fee for the visa

5. Collect all the documents

6. Prepare for the interview

Now understand the importance of documents that are necessary for the visa renewal process. The proper documents are the base for a successful F-1 visa renewal process. It is important to collect all the documents first so that you can go ahead with the visa renewal process confidently.

F1 Visa Renewal Documents

People often search for the list of F-1 Visa Renewal Documents before submitting their file. Lets discuss F1 visa renewal document one by one. 

Form I-20

It is highly important to keep your I-20 form safe as you need it throughout your stay abroad as an international student. You need the previous I-20 forms and the Current Form I-20 updated with new finances and endorsed for travel.

Valid Passport

We all know the importance of a valid passport and without it, you can’t proceed with the visa renewal process. Ensure that your passport is going to stay valid for the next six months and you can also extend the validity of your passport as well.

DS-160 form

You have to fill in the DS-160 form which will contain the basic details and the purpose of traveling. You can assess it online from the official web portal of the U.S. Department of State.

New proof of funding

One thing that you have to understand is that when you apply for a USA study visa for the first time, you show financial proof for the first year of your stay. Hence, when you are renewing your visa, you must show the new proof for funding. The funds can be of the following types:

  • Personal funds
  • Sponsor funds
  • Government or sponsoring agency
  • UCSB funding
  • All types of funding

Transcripts from your university or previous institutions

You also need transcripts from your university. In addition to this, you may also required to collect a description of your study program and your research activities in the US, a copy of your school transcripts and CV, and a letter of confirmation for your current program.

You also need proof of good behavior and for this,  you can obtain your copy of the FBI background report from local FBI field offices, or the designated post office where biometrics are done.

SEVIS I-901 receipt

You also need to show the SEVIS I-901 receipt that you have received from your First-time USA visa interview.

Intent to return to your home country

Again, as in the case of your first visa interview, you will need to show proof of compelling ties to your home country. Such as:

  • A family business to look after
  • A certificate of employment from a company
  • State that you will work for some ABC company (a STEM program)
  • Start-up

Enrollment Verification Letter

Lastly, an enrollment verification letter will confirm your enrollment in a specific term. You need to get this letter from the university where you are studying or the Global Education Office (GEO).

The Total Fee Required

Currently, the fee that you require to renew your F-1 visa is $350 ( in India Rs. 29,136.31).

Processing Time F1 Visa Renewal

The F-1 visa renewal process can take 60 days or more than that. Hence, it is important to apply for the F-1 visa renewal ASAP.


Before we conclude the topic, let us inform you that it is always wise to stay updated with the new rules and updates with the help of authentic websites. As of now, for your F-1 visa renewal, you have to follow the procedure and require the documents mentioned in the blog. Moreover, bear in mind that the experts in the US are as sincere as you are towards your studies. So, don’t hesitate to ask them for the best information.


Ques 1) Can I apply for the F-1 visa renewal from Canada?

Ans) Yes, you can apply for the  F-1 visa renewal from Canada. In fact, this is quite popular among international students in the USA. They often travel to Canada to apply for their F-1 visa renewal.

Ques 2) Where to get the DS-160 form?

Ans) You can get it from the official web portal of the U.S. Department of State.

Ques 3) Can I receive a visa denial to the Visa when I have applied for a renewal?

Ans) Yes, you can receive a visa denial after applying for the F-1 visa renewal. However, it is important to bear in mind that the authorities will provide the best support sincerely to you so that you can accomplish the purpose for which you have entered the US.

Ques 3) Can F-1 dependents work in the USA?

Ans) No, as of now, the dependents on the F-1 visa can’t get the work permit.

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